The Unknown Benefits Of Joining An Anonymous Chat Room

By Toni Hoy|Updated April 20, 2022
CheckedMedically Reviewed By Lisa Cooper, MSW, LCSW

Have you ever wanted to talk with someone with the purpose of saying something personal and significant, but when you draw up the nerve to speak with them about it, you can't seem to get it out? There must be a better way to talk to someone, right? Such a way is available through an anonymous chat room.

What can be Gained from Using an Anonymous Chat Room?

While it may seem odd that you could benefit in a healthy way from participating in an online chat room where no one knows who you are and you don't know who they are, there are many ways that you can.

It is one thing to hang out with your friends, but it is a completely different thing to speak to supposed strangers. When you are with your friends, they know you or they think they know you. You are only seen as a certain person and nothing more. They may have a hard time accepting new ideas that you are exploring or ways that you are interested in growing. Even if you have friends that care about you they aren't always sure how to respond when you are working on making changes that can allow you to improve yourself. In fact, some people are even threatened by the fact that their friends are doing something to grow and improve themselves. It makes them worried that they are going to be left behind.

It can also be difficult to discuss when you have something more troubling going on. Your friends may not be people that you are willing to share with. Some friends are good for surface-level issues but aren't people that you want to trust with the things that are on a deeper level. It may be because you think that they would not understand, you do not want to trouble them, you do not know if it is anything serious, or you simply do not feel close enough to them.

These are times when you can benefit from online chats where no one knows you. You are able to share your secrets and the things that are troubling you without having to worry about how it will impact your relationships with your friends or how comfortable you are interacting with them in the future.

The beauty of being anonymous is that no one knows you, which means you can have a fresh start. No one will judge you or see you. They will only hear what you have to say and respond with advice and encouragement. The best part of joining an anonymous chat room is that you will have someone to talk to, someone who is invested in you and can act as a listener and as a healer.

The benefits of an outside party

Other than the benefits above it's also helpful to get opinions and advice from people that are outside of your normal life. A person that doesn't know you can be more likely to give you honest feedback because they aren't as worried about hurting your feelings. Our friends have a tendency to tell us what they think we want to hear instead of always telling us the truth. The problem with this is sometimes we need people in our life that will be willing to tell us the hard truths even if we don't want to hear them. There are times in life when this is necessary in order to move forward.

Sharing anonymously also helps you to protect your relationships with the people that you do know. If you share something very personal, you don't have to worry that your friends are going to start to look at you differently or that they are going to be uncomfortable with you next time you get together.

Instead, you are able to share your personal situation with someone that doesn't know you, process through the information, get advice, and then go back to the other parts of your life. You don' have to worry that your friends are going to act weird around you or not know what to say to you.

What to be cautious of in online chat rooms

There are some things that you should keep in mind to protect your safety in online chat rooms. Make sure that you don't share too much personal information. While you may be getting help in a certain situation, you don't need to share information that makes it possible for people to track you down.

You also want to pay attention to who you are getting advice from. You don't want to be taking advice on a personal and important matter from someone that is purely giving you an opinion that isn't based on any education. For situations that involve your mental health, you want to make sure that you are talking to a trained therapist that is going to understand your situation and the best way to make progress that leads to recovery. Getting help from the wrong person could be detrimental to your mental health and emotional state.

There is a big difference between the advice that a trained professional gives you and the advice that any average person will give you. If you act on the wrong advice you could end up hurting yourself even further.

Where can I Join?

Nowadays, you can talk to anyone anonymously over any website, but there are only a few that offer psychiatric assistance from trained professionals about serious or minor issues you may be facing.

One such website is 7 Cups of Tea, which features three chat options: Anonymous Chat, Depression Chat, and Talk to Strangers. Their Anonymous Chats have a listener for each individual and each chat is exclusively for you. No one else will intrude on your discussions.

Depression Chat is specifically designed for those struggling with depression. If you feel you need to speak to a professional face-to-face, they are able to direct you with your nearest therapist.

Meanwhile, their Talk to Strangers option is more of a way to connect with others online. They do this because they believe anyway that we interact with each other, especially those that we genuinely connect with, can promote feelings of positivity, purpose, and happiness. These are the emotions that keep us thriving when we are in the most difficult of times. However, it might help if you read this page first.

You may also choose to use BetterHelp, which is a therapy platform that allows you to be anonymous as you interact with a counselor that is right for you through an online chat. You may choose to talk with your matched counselor by phone or video chat as well.

These chats can be performed at any time, no schedule or appointment necessary, and they are able to help any issue, not just depression.

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