Eating Right: Good Foods For Depression

By: Robert Porter

Updated May 06, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Aaron Horn

When you're experiencing depression, you might wind up feeling isolated from the people that you love. The things in life that you once enjoyed start to feel like they don't even matter any longer and it's not always easy to remain hopeful.

Depression doesn't have to get the better of you, though. There are many ways that you can fight depression in order to take back your happiness. One of the ways that people have been deciding to fight depression is by changing up their diets. Eating certain foods can help you alleviate some depression symptoms, alongside talk therapy and other natural treatments like physical exercise.

There are many good foods for depression that will be beneficial to know about. If you're going through depression problems right now, then this will be good information to learn. You can learn about foods that you should be avoiding as well as foods that you should add to your shopping list. Diet alone might not be enough to get rid of depression, but it may help. Read on to learn the details.

Foods To Avoid

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that some foods need to be avoided. There are certain foods that are believed to increase the risk of experiencing depression problems. If you want to avoid issues, then you're going to need to try to cut or limit your intake of fried foods, chocolates, sugary snacks, processed meats, and refined cereals. For some people, it will come as a bit of a surprise to have to avoid so many favorite comfort foods. Some people consider these to be foods that cause depression, but it would be more accurate to call them foods that raise your risk of becoming depressed.

You can still eat these foods in small amounts but you do need to learn to limit your intake of sweets and fatty foods. It’s important to eat a balanced diet for your physical and mental health.


Good Foods For Depression

There are many foods that people consider to be beneficial for helping with depression problems. These healthy foods can reduce the risk of becoming depressed due to nutrition problems. More studies need to be done in order to figure out if a particular diet can really work as a full treatment for depression.

Don't take the foods listed here as a replacement for proper depression treatments. If you're experiencing depression, then you should speak to your doctor. They can help you establish a proper treatment plan that will help you to manage your symptoms. That being said, eating healthy has benefits.

First, you should consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. There are many vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants that can work to prevent cell damage. Finding good sources of beta-carotene, vitamin c, and vitamin e are all very beneficial. Below you'll find some of the foods that are recommended for each of these categories. All of these are good foods that help with depression by reducing your overall risks of having improper nutrition.

Good sources of beta-carotene include cantaloupe, broccoli, and carrots. If you want to add more vitamin c to your diet, then buy blueberries, broccoli, strawberries, and tomatoes the next time you're out grocery shopping. You should try to eat more nuts and seeds when you want to add more vitamin e to your diet.

Unprocessed whole grains can be helpful additions to your diet as well. You should also try to make good use of lean sources of protein such as fish, assuming you're on a diet that allows for you to eat meat. Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to build connections in your brain. Yogurt is another good source of protein as well as providing probiotic cultures which are essential to gut health.

Depression Still Needs To Be Treated

If you're currently feeling depressed, proper nutrition should be one of the first things that you change about your lifestyle. In addition to diet,


Exercise has been shown to also provide many benefits. Exercising releases positive endorphins in your brain that are similar to a natural antidepressant. Many people use exercise along with normal depression treatments to help manage their symptoms. You can pair this with your anti depression diet in order to get very good results.

Remember that going to your doctor is very important. If you don't talk to your doctor about what is going on, you'll run the risk of letting your depression issues get worse. If you're feeling depressed right now, then please don't be hesitant to reach out to professionals. They'll be more than happy to help you and you'll be able to work toward getting everything on track.

Doctors may need to prescribe antidepressant medication for your depression if you need it. You should allow the doctors to determine what the best course of action is for moving forward. Many people are able to manage their depression symptoms effectively by combining medication with natural remedies such as a good diet and exercise. It may also be good for you to consider therapy if you need to talk to someone about your issues.

Therapy Options Are Readily Available To You

You should also know that therapy options are readily available to you if you choose to reach out. Therapists can help you to get through your depression issues and they have the experience to teach you how to cope with what is going on. Learning how to live with depression problems can be very difficult. Those struggling with depression wind up having to adjust and sometimes it can throw their lives into turmoil.

Therapy is a method for you to work on depression problems in a safe environment. Your therapist will be there to listen to you and they can also provide you with important advice. Being able to have someone to speak with on a regular basis can make it much simpler to deal with depression problems. Therapy is practical for people dealing with mild depression problems and it's essential for those who struggle with severe depression issues.

You can work through the issues that are causing your depression over time. Making lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and starting to exercise will also help. This doesn't replace the need for therapy, though. If you are feeling down about life and need someone to be your ally, then call on a therapist today. You can start working toward healing and depression won't be nearly as tough to deal with.

Online Therapy Options Are Also Available

Remember that online therapy options are also available. For some people, online therapy is definitely going to be a preferable option. This is a convenient way to seek out therapy that allows you to get help without leaving home. You can speak to a therapist at a time that is convenient for you and you'll always be working with a licensed professional.


Online therapy is the same as traditional therapy except it is made to be even easier for the patient. You won't have to worry about strict office hours and it's actually more cost-effective than traditional therapy. If you need to talk to someone about your depression struggles, then online therapy is a great option to consider. There are many different types of therapy to choose from such as video chat therapy, phone therapy, and text messaging.

Being able to access a convenient option often changes things for the better. Depression is a very serious matter but you won't have to feel like you're taking it on all by yourself.

Make contact with a licensed online therapist today. You'll be able to work on your depression problems and start living a happier life. It can take time to learn how to cope with depression properly, but you'll always have a dedicated professional by your side.

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