How Much Does BetterHelp Online Therapy Cost?

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Online therapy is a research-backed method of care that may help individuals address varied mental health-related concerns and life challenges. For millions of clients, it provides an accessible, convenient way of connecting with a licensed therapist. 

If you’re considering pursuing online therapy through BetterHelp, you may wonder, "How much does therapy cost?" One of the benefits of online therapy platforms like BetterHelp is the affordability of subscriptions. There are a few subscription prices and cost-related factors to be aware of.

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How Much Does BetterHelp Cost?

The cost of online therapy through BetterHelp may depend on therapist availability, your location, and your preferences. BetterHelp subscriptions range from $60 to $90 per week (billed every four weeks), so the monthly costs can be between $240 and $360. If you no longer seek therapy or choose to end your subscription for any other reason, you can cancel at any time. 

Although the subscription plan may be shown through the weekly price, BetterHelp does not bill you every week and instead bills for the therapy costs once a month on 4-week cycles. Full mental health services include back-and-forth messaging with your therapist, entry to group-based discussions, an online digital journal, and the option of having a weekly live session. 

When you sign up for a BetterHelp subscription, your account will not be charged for the first 4-week billing cycle until you’re matched with a licensed therapist, but it's important to note that BetterHelp pricing can vary based on your specific needs and subscription plan. BetterHelp offers convenient payment options, allowing you to connect your PayPal account or use a credit card. The platform also offers financial aid and reduced cost to those who qualify. 

What Does BetterHelp Include?

BetterHelp provides an array of benefits for those who utilize the platform. With your BetterHelp subscription, you can participate in therapy with a licensed mental health professional remotely through video, voice, or in-app messaging sessions.  

The mental health professionals who offer services on the platform are independent contractors. Your therapist will be a psychologist (Ph.D., PsyD), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), or licensed professional counselor (LPC). If you find that you and your therapist are not a good fit, you can choose to get matched with another provider at any time. 

With BetterHelp, users are also given entry to therapeutic worksheets and other educational tools that might help reinforce critical concepts between sessions. You can also reach out to your therapist anytime, day or night, through the platform’s in-app messaging service. If you have a question, forgot to mention something during a session, or want to talk, you can send your therapist a message and receive a response. 

The BetterHelp app contains a safe journal feature that allows you to write journal entries with varying prompts. You can choose whether to share these journal entries with your therapist as well as return and view previous entries when needed. 

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How Frequently Can I Participate In Therapy?

Typically, you can participate in talk therapy through BetterHelp up to four times during each four-week cycle if you choose to do so. In some circumstances, you may be able to participate in live sessions with your therapist more than four times. If you don’t require four sessions, you can choose to have fewer than four. Once you’ve matched with a mental health provider, you can talk to them to see your options. 

Is BetterHelp More Affordable Than In-Person Therapy?

The cost of therapy can differ depending on a wide range of factors. Still, online therapy can be more affordable compared to the cost of in-person therapy (particularly when paid for out of pocket). Because BetterHelp therapists might not have expenses like office space rent, employees, or similar forms of overhead, their services can be offered at a lower price. 

Without health insurance, traditional therapy sessions generally cost around $100 to $200. Given the $60-90/week subscription cost, BetterHelp can be a more affordable option. To enquire about fees, services provided, or available financial aid options, please use the contact us page or email 


Is Online Therapy Effective?

Many people considering online therapy are curious about the potential efficacy of working with a therapist remotely compared to traditional, in-person therapy. Many studies show that online therapy can effectively treat symptoms of various mental health conditions.

One of these studies, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research and led by researchers from bay area universities, explicitly focused on BetterHelp users. The researchers found that “users of BetterHelp experienced significantly reduced depression symptom severity after engaging with the platform.”

Several other studies have found online therapy to be as effective at treating various mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD as in-person therapy. Researchers at the University of Zurich found that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face treatment when it comes to managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. They specifically noted the relative cost-effectiveness of online therapy compared to in-person therapy. Additionally, a found that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy of over 90 different studies, which included almost 10,000 total participants, found that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy. 

Other Benefits Of BetterHelp

There are several reasons clients and therapists might enjoy using BetterHelp, including the following.

Ease Of Sign-Up 

Signing up for BetterHelp may feel straightforward for many. You can start the sign-up process any day of the week or time of day. To get started, you may answer a short, guided series of questions to facilitate an accurate therapeutic match. Then, you may be matched with a mental health professional that fits your preferences and can address your specific areas of concern within 48 hours.

Simple Billing 

BetterHelp takes care of billing. This process can be helpful for you and your therapist. You can be automatically billed every four weeks, and your therapist can have more time to focus on providing you with support and guidance without having to figure out billing. 

Expanded Range

BetterHelp expands the range of providers you can search for. Since you aren’t limited to individuals who work in your immediate area, connecting with a specialist may be faster through the BetterHelp platform.


BetterHelp is often flexible and convenient. You do not have to commute to sessions through online therapy; you can work with your provider to establish a schedule that works for you. 

Social Support 

The company is also deeply committed to supporting individuals and communities in need. BetterHelp has donated more than 2,500 months’ worth of therapy services to those impacted by crises or natural disasters. In 2021, BetterHelp donated over 3,000 months of therapy to various communities by working with various non-profits with diverse missions. The platform has worked with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Malala Fund and Restore Her Voice to support Afghanistan refugees, Sandy Hook Promise, and the OUT Foundation to support LGBTQIA+ athletes.

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Ready To Take Advantage Of Affordable Mental Health Care?

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Online therapy is an effective form of care that can help you address varied life challenges and mental health concerns. It can also be a more cost-effective option than in-person treatment, as evidenced by BetterHelp’s affordable subscription costs. 

If you’re ready to talk to a licensed therapist online, consider getting matched with a mental health professional through BetterHelp. With personalized support, you may take the next step in your mental health journey.

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