How To Change Your Attitude And Your Life

By Nicola Kirkpatrick|Updated July 11, 2022
CheckedMedically Reviewed By Heather Cashell, LCSW

One of the most difficult realizations is that if we want people and circumstances to change, we must change our perspective, how we act, and interact. We are not victims of any of these, we are victims of ourselves and our own shortcomings. Our day will turn out the way we expect it to be. If we wake up in the morning and expect a bad day, it is highly unlikely that the day will turn out better than we projected it to be. However we want our lives to be, we must envision it,and change it from inside out. We are what we project.

A Negative Attitude Can Spiral Into Overall Unhappiness

There are some fairly simple steps we can take to changing our perspective. These steps are so simple in fact, that most of us overlook them, which in turn colors the way we look at everything and everyone else.


A lack of sleep affects our attitude. If we are not getting enough sleep, our ability to think logically is compromised, which can create issues with our problem-solving abilities, communication, and even have a negative impact on our emotions. Many working adults get less than five hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

According to most studies, we need at a minimum seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. Setting our alarms for 6 and going to bed at 10 does not give us eight hours of sleep. The average person gets up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, let out the dog, or check for messages. It can take several minutes to slip back into sleep once awakened. To get eight hours of sleep, we would actually need to get in bed 10 hours before the time for which the alarm is set. Many of us are probably not getting home from work 10 hours before we have to get up again. Whatever we have to do to make more sleep a viable option, we need to do, and try to get the minimum requirements of sleep each night.


Improper diet can have a profound effect on our attitude. How we feel about ourselves, our appearance, our health has a great deal to do with how we view and interact with the world. If we are eating too much, or too little, or simply eating the wrong foods, it comes out in our attitude. We act what we eat. Think about the last time you ate too much, or ate something that upset your stomach. It is difficult to be nice, or to be productive when experiencing gastric complaints. Change how, how much, and what you eat, and the world will begin to look a whole lot brighter.


Our energy level affects our mood, and in turn how we view the world, and how the world views us. If we live a sedentary, sluggish existence, it shows in our demeanor and how we interact with others. If we are inactive in our personal lives, we are not suddenly running sprints around the office to get stuff done. More than likely we are sleeping at our desks or workstations when no one is looking. It is very easy to get labeled as lazy when we lack energy. Remember, energy begets energy. Energetic individuals meet each day as a welcome challenge, not as a chore.


We are what we project. If we do not feel physically well, we will not be mentally well. How we feel becomes how we see the world. This is not a personal attack, this is good news. We are in control of our attitudes, and once we recognize that all that we find wrong with our personal as well as professional lives is wrapped up in how we see and interact with those around us, then we have the power within to change what we think is wrong, by changing our attitudes.

A Negative Attitude Can Spiral Into Overall Unhappiness

We may need help getting there. It is not easy to change how we have been living our lives, how we have been neglecting the three essential components of our day, of sleep, diet, and exercise. Do not be disheartened. Change can come, with a little organization and dedication. The best news is, no one has to make a life change alone. There is help a click away with a qualified, licensed professional therapist who can provide support, feedback, and additional resources to get you well on your way to a new attitude, and a new life.

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