How To Get Rid Of Emotions You Don’t Want

Wondering how to get rid of emotions you don't want? Sometimes when we feel certain emotions that make us uncomfortable, we feel like we would do anything to escape them.

How many times have you wished that you could get rid of anger, frustration, sadness, or anxiety? I wish I could tell you it was that simple.

Not All Emotions Are Good. There Are Ways to Get Rid of The Bad Feelings.
You Can Work On Your Wellbeing in Online Therapy


The truth is that all our emotions are there for a reason. Even if an emotion feels 'bad' to us, it is usually there to tell us something. Sometimes the best way to 'get rid' of emotions that we don't want is by switching our perspective so they don't seem so bad anymore.

How to Get Rid of Emotions in a Healthy Way:

  1. Speak to a Therapist

A therapist can help you understand your emotions and the things that trigger them. By learning to label and understand your emotions, you can learn to tune in to them.

Regularly tuning in to your emotions is good because it helps you become aware of warning signs that predict these negative emotions so you can cope accordingly.

These days there are many ways that you can reach out to a counselor or therapist. You can get a recommendation from a doctor or look up a counselor online. You can even sign up for an online counseling service like Better Help and share unlimited messages with a counsellor that can provide for your individual needs.


The important thing is that you find a therapist or counselor who is licensed, who answers your questions, and whom you are comfortable talking to.

  1. Find What Makes You Feel Good

Doing the same things all the time means that nothing is going to change. If you want your emotions to change YOU need to change in some way. Start to notice what things leave you feeling great and energized or what leaves you feeling negative and drained.

Fit more of the things into your week that make you feel great.

Spend more time around people who make you happy and lift you up. Take up a hobby or start a self-care routine. These things will help you start to replace 'negative' emotions with better ones.

Not All Emotions Are Good. There Are Ways to Get Rid of The Bad Feelings.
You Can Work On Your Wellbeing in Online Therapy


Exercise is another great outlet for your emotions that helps promote a healthy mind and body. If you currently have an inactive lifestyle, choosing a regular exercise activity like walking, running, yoga, or weightlifting could help boost your mood and fight negative emotions.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is another great way to foster positivity. It helps you find a sense of calm that also compliments the other techniques we've been talking about. Through meditation, you can learn to balance your emotions and deal with them in a more effective way.

You can choose to seek out an experienced meditation teacher or even use an app like Headspace to learn techniques for beginners. Like a counselor, meditation can help you become more in tune with your emotions as they arise and shift.


Meditation will teach you to focus and learn not to hold on to thoughts and feelings as they pass. Has a thought ever caught your attention and suddenly you were overthinking, worrying, and overcome by anxiety? These thoughts start to get less overwhelming as you learn that you don't need to react to them, that they just naturally come and go.


You may not be able to get rid of emotions but with counseling, mindfulness, and/or meditation practice you can change your relationship with your emotions. Acknowledging that you have some work to do is the first step.

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