How To Make Someone Feel Bad Like They Did To Me

When someone wrongs you, or makes you feel bad, it is hard not to wish that karma will get them back. Depending on how angry you are at this person, you might even be plotting your own revenge.

Why do people treat others so horribly? Why do we hold on to toxic grudges that just cause ourselves more harm than the people we are angry at?

Expressing Your Feelings Can Feel Hard, But it Takes Practice And Effort.
Online Therapy is a Great Way to Manage Your Feelings.


If a certain someone always makes you feel miserable, sad, or angry, should you do anything about it? Is it better to shrug it off and move on, or should you address your negative feelings head on?

How to Make Someone Feel Bad Like They Did to Me

Make them realize their actions were wrong

One of the best ways to 'get even' with someone who did you wrong is to make them realize how their actions have affected you. In the best-case scenario, this person will see the wrong in their actions and not do the same thing to you or anyone else in the future.

There is a chance that the person you confront will not understand or agree that their actions were wrong. In this case, you might have to agree to disagree, but at least you had the chance to air your feelings.


Hopefully, speaking your mind in a respectful way will help dissipate the negative feelings you have been holding on to. If not, there are still some other ways that you can clear out this negative energy.


It's possible that the thing this person did to you is unforgiveable. You might feel that to save your pride, you need to retaliate.

We don't recommend hurting anyone, emotionally or physically, so the best thing to do here is sit with that feeling. Think about how retaliating will make you feel. Will it put you on the same level as the person you dislike if you do something to make them feel the same way they made you feel?

Expressing Your Feelings Can Feel Hard, But it Takes Practice And Effort.
Online Therapy is a Great Way to Manage Your Feelings.


Seek Closure Through Counseling

If you decide that you want to let go of the negative thing that happened to you, you might notice that it isn't easy to do alone. A counselor can help you process the event that made you feel like getting back at someone and help you come to terms with it.

Once you have faced the event and how it made you feel, a BetterHelp counselor can help you begin letting it go and come to terms with the negative feelings you have been holding on to. Your feelings about that other person may never change completely, but you can learn to eventually let go of your grudge for the sake of your own happiness.


The feeling that we need to get back at someone who did us wrong can be poisonous, affecting our thoughts and actions in a negative and unhealthy way. It can be easier to hold on to a grudge than to forgive.


The best thing to do is work through those feelings and if you absolutely need to confront someone, try to keep it respectful by showing them how their actions made you feel or how their choices have had a negative impact on you.

If you are struggling to overcome a difficult time in your life resulting from someone's actions, turning to a counselor is one way to work through the problem. A counselor can help you see past your feelings and thoughts about the situation and analyses the deeper things going on in your life.

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