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Bedtime routines aren’t just for children—many adults might enjoy the comforting monotony and experience that a routine can offer, leading up to the conclusion of a sweet “good night” from a loved one. Doing so can even lead to a better night’s sleep and help you to fall asleep. While bedtime routines typically consist of personal hygiene and relaxation methods, taking the time to say a special good night to your child, partner or pet can be a fantastic addition to any nighttime ritual. 

Saying good night 

Though it may seem like a small gesture, the act of saying good night or sleep tight can foster a meaningful bond and create lasting memories for many. In this article, we will explore many different endearing ways you can show your love with a good night wish before falling asleep, including some of the best good night messages.

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Good night messages

Sometimes, the most simplistic good night messages are the most memorable for those we love.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of cute ideas you can use to show your love to your loved ones before bed. 

Coordinate your bedtime rituals

Whether with your child or your partner, getting ready for bed together can be a great way to say good night with your actions. Additionally, it can be helpful in the matters of setting a healthy sleep schedule and getting a good night’s sleep.
Brushing your teeth together, having a soothing cup of tea together, or reading before bed with your loved one can also be an intimate way to “say good night” in a tangible, action-oriented way.

Tuck your loved one in before they fall asleep

If you have children, you might already tuck them into bed at night— as this gesture can serve as a great way to show love long after childhood. However, if you and your partner or you and your child tend to go to bed at different times, you might ask them if they’d like to be tucked in. You can pull the blanket up over them, and maybe even give them a little kiss on the forehead.

It may seem juvenile to some—however, to others, it can serve as a loving, comforting gesture and a very cute way to say good night.

Send a text like “sweet dreams” or “sleep tight”

If you are not able to be with the one you love at night, sending a sweet good night text message can be a great way to show that you care. Something as simple as a personalized “sweet dreams or good night; sleep tight” or “dream sweet dreams” message can remind your loved one that you are thinking about them before bed, preparing them to have a night in which they feel loved and cared for.

Romantic good night messages:

  • “Good night, my love. I hope you get a great night’s sleep and have lovely dreams.”
  • “I hope you get a good night’s rest, sleeping beauty.”
  • “Get a wonderful night’s sleep, and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow morning.”
  • “I’m sending warm hugs on this wonderful night. May you get plenty of restful sleep and start the day tomorrow feeling great.”
  • “I feel lonely tonight, but thinking of your warm hugs is just the thing to help me get some peaceful sleep. I hope you have the sweetest dreams.”
  • “When you sleep tonight, I foresee many lovely dreams coming your way.”
  • “Have a lovely night and good sleep, and may all your dreams be happy and bright.”

If romantic messages aren’t your style, you can always try for funny good night messages instead. Even a simple, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” can show you care. And if you’re speaking to a friend rather than a loved one, saying, “Good night, friend,” can suffice.

Get your loved one a special pillow or sleep item

Another way to show love when you aren’t able to go to sleep alongside your loved one is to get them a special pillow or sleeping item to keep beside them. Even a white noise machine that makes good night noises like waves crashing on the beach or an air purifier that provides good night air may be appropriate. This can be a helpful way to show your love to a side sleeper who tends to hug something as they sleep or to show love to those whose love languages may be gift-oriented. For a child, light-up good night stars that stick to the ceiling to resemble the night sky can be a fun gift. 

Leave a bedside note 

If your loved one heads to bed, before you finish your day, leaving a good night note on their pillow or on a bedside table, can be a sweet way to show your love and say good night. If you are able to, you might choose to make the bed up for them or leave a small trinket or treat along with your good night note.  

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Impactful good night messages

Though it may seem small or insignificant, the act of saying good night to someone you love can help create a strong, lasting bond, especially with young children or romantic partners. Developing a bedtime routine with a good night message for these family members can serve as a helpful aid in their overall growth and bonding process with you. Along with the health benefits of doing things like brushing teeth and getting a good night’s sleep, bedtime routines can help people to feel safe and loved, at ease in the rhythm of their evening wind-down.

While saying good night to your partner does not necessarily reap the same benefits of a full bedtime routine, showing love and kindness on a consistent basis can aid in maintaining lasting intimacy. Oftentimes, little moments (such as a cute good night) can be what we value most in our relationships.  

Supplementing messages with online therapy 
Maintaining relationships of any kind can often be difficult. If you are having a difficult time showing your love to those you care for, a therapist or licensed counselor may be able to help. 
Learning to show love in a healthy way can often leave a person feeling vulnerable. Online therapy may serve as a helpful option for those looking to learn to show love in a safe, comfortable way in the person’s home or safe space, possibly empowering them to be more vulnerable and growth-oriented in their therapeutic experience.
Is online therapy effective?
According to analyses spearheaded by the National Center for Health Research, online therapy has been scientifically suggested to be an equivalent option to help treat symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses. 
It is not uncommon for untreated symptoms of mental illness to negatively affect romantic or familial relationships for some. Effective talk therapy, or virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can lead to the development of healthier relationships overall. 
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When it comes to the cutest way of saying good night, the best option is generally the one that works for you and your loved one. You might experiment with various good night messages you’ve heard, or come up with your own cute bedtime routine with your child or partner. If you’re looking to deepen your bonds and connections with loved ones, online therapy may help. BetterHelp can connect you with an online therapist in your area of need. Take the first step toward building stronger connections with your loved ones and reach out to BetterHelp today.
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