Try These Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Loved Ones

Saying goodnight is a ritual that reinforces the bond you have with those you love. And whether they are at home with you or somewhere else, you can remind them how you feel with cute ways to say goodnight. You may prefer to say goodnight in a different way each night or choose just a few of these ways to use every night. Either way, it's the ritual of sharing in the last moments of the day that strengthens your bond.

Cute ways to say goodnight to your romantic partner

Give a massage

Touch is a powerful bonding tool. Many people love a massage from their partner, and it is a relaxing way to prepare for bed. If one of you isn't into giving or receiving massages, you can also try stroking or brushing your partner's hair before bed, or cuddling. Anything that involves loving touch makes a nice way to say goodnight and show you care.

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Tell them why you appreciate them

Showing gratitude to your partner is a wonderful way to tell them goodnight. It lets them know that you have been thinking about them throughout the day and actually pay attention to the things they do for you. It can be as simple as saying, "Thank you for picking up avocados on your way home. I appreciate you."

Send a text message

If you can't be at home with your romantic partner, or you don't live together, it's still just as important to have a bedtime ritual to say goodnight. When you and your partner are in separate places, always send a goodnight text. You don't have to overcomplicate it. Tell them you love them and wish them sweet dreams.


Cute ways to say goodnight to your kids

Read a bedtime story

Bedtime stories have a long tradition as a way for parents to bond with children at bedtime. Children often love story time before bed because they know they are getting their parent's full attention during this time. And your attention is something they miss while at school or childcare, or even during the busy evenings when you're preparing dinner.

Keep Your Relationship Fresh. Find New Ways to Say Goodnight & I Love You.
Talk About Your Love Life With An Online Therapist.


Sing a song

Having a special song helps many parents and children to bond. Especially for young children, the sound of your voice is soothing. The nice thing about a special song is that your child may even choose to pass it down to their own children in the future.

Relieve their fears

Children go through various phases where a fear, whether rational or irrational, makes it difficult for them to drift to sleep. Or it causes them to wake with nightmares. You can create a ritual that helps to remind them that their fear won't come true. For instance, if your child is afraid of monsters getting in through the window or closet, label a bottle of water or vinegar as "Monster Repellent". Spray it wherever your child thinks monsters might creep in. Even if it seems silly, it can help young kids feel relaxed.


Strengthening the relationships in your life is an important priority. When you feel your bond being tested, a family or couples therapist can help mediate.

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