Try These Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Loved Ones

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Saying goodnight is a common ritual in many homes that reinforces your bond with those you love. Whether the people you love live with you or elsewhere, you can remind them how you feel with several cute ways to say goodnight. You may prefer to say goodnight differently each night or choose a few suggestions as signature phrases. 

Cute ways to say goodnight to your romantic partner

Below are some common ways to say goodnight to your romantic partner that may be considered “cute.” 

Give a massage

Touch can be a powerful bonding tool when consensual. Some people enjoy getting a massage from their partner, which can also be a relaxing way to prepare for sleep. If one of you isn't into giving or receiving massages, you can also try stroking or brushing your partner's hair before bed or cuddling. Any physical affection that causes a sense of affection and love can be a positive way to connect. 

Touch, as a form of achieving healing and well-being, has scientific and biological roots. According to neuroscientist Edmund Rolls, touch activates the part of the brain linked to a sense of reward and compassion. In addition to signaling safety and trust, touch has various physical effects on the body, calming the cardiovascular system and releasing oxytocin, which plays a role in social bonding and is often called the “love hormone.” 

In one study, participants in an fMRI brain scanner were blasted with a loud white noise. They responded by showing signs of stress and threat. However, those with a romantic partner stroking their arm while this happened didn’t respond similarly. This study shows the possible benefits of touch therapy, as well. While touch may seem like a simple gesture, it is one of the foundational ways humans can connect with and appreciate one another.

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Tell them why you appreciate them

Showing gratitude to your partner is another way to tell them goodnight. Expressing how you are grateful for their presence in your life lets them know that you have been thinking about them throughout the day and pay attention to what they do for you. You might say goodnight in this way through the following phrases:
  • "Thank you for picking up avocados on your way home. I appreciate you."

  • “I loved our time together today. Thank you!” 

  • “Every day with you is so beautiful.” 

  • “I am so glad I am your partner.” 

  • “Thank you for being my best friend and my rock.” 

  • “Thank you for loving me.” 

  • “I’m so grateful for our family.” 

It could also be helpful to express your appreciation in your partner’s love language. Love languages include acts of service, physical touch, quality time, gifts, and words of affirmation. Using their love language when you say goodnight can be a quick way to show love. For example, if your partner’s love language is physical touch or acts of service, you might say goodnight with a hug or perhaps draw a bath for them.

Send a text message

If you can't be at home with your romantic partner or don't live together, having a bedtime ritual to say goodnight may still be meaningful. Consider sending a goodnight text when you and your partner are in separate places. You don't have to overcomplicate it necessarily. Tell them you love them and wish them sweet dreams.

You might encounter various opinions online or in your personal life about how often you “should” be sending a goodnight text and whether you should send one daily. Try not to worry about the expectations of others. Find what is comfortable and natural for your relationship and your partner, and go forward from there, even if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

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Cute ways to say goodnight to your kids

If you want to say goodnight to your children, consider the following cute ideas. 

Read a bedtime story

Bedtime stories are an ancient tradition parents can use to bond with children at bedtime. Children often love story time before bed because they know they are getting their parent's full attention during this time. In addition, they may miss your attention while at school, during childcare, or in the busy evenings when you're preparing dinner.

There are many benefits to reading to your children, both in terms of your relationship with them and their development as people. Reading to children helps in their social, emotional, and character development. One study linked reading to decreased aggression, hyperactivity, and attention difficulties.

The author of the same study included that was in part because children learned to express their feelings better, which can be a critical skill for humans. Expressing emotions allows individuals to connect with others better, control behaviors, and be less volatile with emotional expression. 

Sing a song

Having a special song to sing together may help parents and children bond. For young children, the sound of your voice can be incredibly soothing. In addition, if you teach your child a special song, they may someday choose to pass it down to their children as an adult, if applicable. Singing to children, especially young children, can also aid development and assist them to think in words and grow their vocabulary.

Relieve their fears

Children go through various phases where fear, whether rational or irrational, can make it difficult to drift to sleep. Fears may also sometimes cause them to wake up with nightmares. You can create a ritual that helps to remind them that their fear won't come true. For instance, if your child fears monsters getting in through the window or closet, label a bottle of water or vinegar as "Monster Repellent." Spray it wherever your child thinks monsters might creep in. Even if it seems silly, it may help young kids feel relaxed.

Ask questions

Asking your children about their favorite part of their day can help them reflect on their positive experiences and recall information. Asking them what they are excited about in preparation for the following day or week can help them end the day positively and get them excited and prepared for the future. 

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Talk to a professional 

Strengthening the relationships in your life can be crucial. However, relationships can come with conflict and struggle in some cases. If this is true for you, you might consider speaking to a marriage and family therapist. 

Some families or couples may struggle to find the time or resources to attend in-person therapy. In these cases, you might benefit from talking to a professional online through a platform like BetterHelp for individuals or ReGain for couples. Online therapy, especially online cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), can also be as effective as a therapy session in a traditional office.

Studies show online therapy can be more effective for many clients in symptom reduction for mental health conditions and challenges, as well as in improving quality of life and offering cost-effectiveness compared to in-person therapy. 


There are so many ways to communicate love and affection for someone in your life. Whether you’re looking to say goodnight to a partner, friend, family member, child, or another loved one, consider the above options to get started. If you’re struggling in your relationships with your loved ones, you might also consider therapy with an online or in-person therapist for further guidance and support.
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