At First Sight: How Long Does It Take to Fall In Love?

You may have experienced a moment of longing for someone and the following question occurred to you: how long does it take to fall in love? Surely, falling for someone cannot be so instantaneous. Most are surprised that it's, in fact, can take as simple as a second to fall in love.

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Actually, according to Devon Loomis in her article "How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?", the time in which one falls in love depends on how open one's mind is to developing and committing to a long-lasting relationship.

How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?

Love at first sight is possible, if both partners were as open with their minds, hearts, and sexual urges as the other. It would take more time for a person to fall for someone if they are not feeling as confident or serious about the relationship than the other. In some of those cases, the relationships may not even last.


It is best not to base your relationship on first impressions, however, because most people have discovered that it takes a few weeks to fall in love. During this time, you are not only taking in appearances, but you are also learning more about each other and finding common ground.

Your relationship is becoming more stable, which allows you to feel more comfortable with your partner and enables you to fall in love. This may not seem as romantic as love at first sight, but it is the most logical and effective in establishing a lasting relationship.

How to Fall in Love

The best way to fall in love with someone is to build a relationship with them. This relationship can start off as friendly or casual, sometimes neither of you will be aware of the other's feelings or intentions. However, the more that you learn about the other, the more comfortable you are with them.

Falling in Love is One of The Best Feelings. Find Real Love in Your Life.
Talk About Your Love Life With An Online Therapist.


Through time you can familiarize yourself with each other's faces, which can develop a trusting and joyous feeling when you lay eyes on each other, thus a "love at first sight" moment somewhere in the beginning of the relationship, which can be just as powerful as the "first sight".

Having Difficulties Falling in Love?

If you find that you are struggling to build a meaningful relationship or you feel that you are incapable of falling in love, then it may be wise to speak with a professional at BetterHelp.

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