Sex Quotes For Him That Will Help With Dating

There have been some great sex quotes for him over the years and while some of these lines are funny or crude, they also illustrate important lessons in dating, attraction and having the proper state of mind when approaching someone you like. Consider several quotes and the important lessons they teach.

Humor And Sex Have A Connection. It's Okay to Find The Fun in Your Sex Life
You Can Discuss Your Sex Life With An Online Therapist


3 Sex Quotes for Him

  1. "Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal

This is a great illustration, reminding men that for women, sex is always an emotional experience. They have to feel the attraction and they have to feel that this man is far above the others, because of the experience he gave her. Emotionally doesn't always mean sentimentally. Emotional attachment can also be fun, laughter, excitement, mystery, and other intense emotions. This is why most men fail…they go for attraction or attitude but never quite stir up the emotions or the "reason", like Billy suggests.

  1. "There's nothing better than good sex, but bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex." - Billy Joel

Thanks for the reminder, Billy, and it's a lesson worth remembering in dating-especially if you're lonely enough to think about suffering just for sex. Too many men out there are so desperate for intimacy that they are willing to suffer abuse, or neglect, or just a miserable time dating someone they're not compatible with. The real question is why would you endure such unpleasant memories just for "bad sex" - and copulating with someone you don't even like all that much?


Sex is best served when you're emotionally involved with each other and when physical and mental attraction is mutual. This allows for better and more intimate communication, which enhances the experience. Bad sex is a bad experience altogether; embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes even hurtful. Considering the heartache, hurt feelings and disappointment that often results from sex between former friends, it may be worth it to stop sleeping around so indiscriminately. After all, there is something mysterious and alluring about a man so confident in himself that he doesn't need to score with every woman he meets.

  1. "To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth - I count that something of a miracle." - Henry Miller

We like Henry Miller's quote because it emphasizes the importance of cherishing the moment. Too many men today are impatient-not just to have sex, but to rush sex along when a couple finally becomes intimate. Western civilization (particularly in the United States) has always put an unhealthy emphasis on "fast" and "hard" sex, which ignores one of the greatest pleasures of romance and dating - sensual touching, caressing, kissing and experimenting with giving and receiving pleasure. Sex shouldn't be a tally of total "wins" - and not only because it's crude, but also because you can't possibly be enjoying sex to its fullest if you're getting laid five times a night. Really good sex lasts hours!

Humor And Sex Have A Connection. It's Okay to Find The Fun in Your Sex Life
You Can Discuss Your Sex Life With An Online Therapist


In conclusion, these sex quotes for him illustrate the importance of taking your time in dating-making sure your partner's emotions are involved in the experience, taking your time with pleasure, and always mindful of the fact that good communication fuels sex and gives real life to relationships. For more information on dating and relationships, please chat with our counselors at We can give you customized advice at any time!

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