Selection Of The Best Loneliness Art

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Mental Health Concerns Can Produce Complex Feelings

Loneliness as a theme can be found in all forms of art. Here is a selection of the best loneliness images, fine art and loneliness pencil drawings.

"Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets, and makes night air smell better." - Henry Rollins.
Avinash Weerasekera
Loneliness - breaking chains
Carlos Saenz de Tejada
A Sad Girl
Caspar David Friedrich
Abbey Among Oak Trees
Cloister Cemetery in the Snow
The Cemetery Entrance
Wanderer above the sea of fog
Woman at sunset or sunrise
Woman at the Window

Clara Lieu

Clara Lieu
Digging Passage
Self Portrait
She notes...
Sometimes Life is Unfair

Dmitri Maximov
Dmitri Maximov1
Dmitri Maximov2
Dmitri Maximov3
Utter Loneliness1
Utter Loneliness2
Utter Loneliness3

Edvard Munch

Summer on the Shore

Self Portrait
The Lonely Ones
The Modern Eye
Weeping Nude
Egon Schiele
Seated Woman with Leg Drawn Up Sorrow
Fan Yaping
Fan Yaping1
Fan Yaping2
Fan Yaping3

Igor Vitomirov
Abstraction #10
Forest Girl
Forest Girl #2
Lonely Man
Man on The Road
Winter Morning
Joseph Valco
Blue Sadness
Liu Yuanshou
Liu Yaunshou1
Liu Yuanshou10
Margarita Georgiadis
Into the Drained Pool
Risking Enchantment

The Cloud Seed The Path

Veronica Beyrs

Fiesta Loneliness Survivor

Veronica Beyrs1

Veronica Beyrs2


Vilhelm Hammershøi

An Old Woman
Interior Stragegade
The Tall Window
Tree Trunks
With Piano and Woman in Black
Woman by the Window - inspired by Vilhelm H

Zin Lim

Allegro no 4
Figure D01
Figure D02
Figure D30
Nomad 2
Nomad 6

Loneliness by Mehrdadart
Lonely Girl on a Bus
Movement by Mirjam Appelhof
Old Man and the Sea by Simona Timofei

Pneuma by MisterTrece
The Power of Loneliness by Nurkhalar
Loneliness by Todor Ignatov
Loneliness by Varun Tandon
Woman in a Field of Wheat by Matthew Henry
Black and white shot of lonely person by Jeremy Cai
Woman Behind Window by Milada Vigerova
Woman walks through cold desert in Verona by Alessio Lin
Mannequin on the Ground by Edu Lauton

If Loneliness Gets Too Much

Mental Health Concerns Can Produce Complex Feelings

Research has shown that loneliness and a sense of disconnect from others is the leading cause of deep unhappiness in life. If you feel that your loneliness is affecting your moods and ability to function, you may want to consider getting help. If you so do with betterHelp, you will receive assistance online, in the privacy of your own home and at a time that suits you best. Our counselor and therapists are qualified and trained to deal with any challenging situation.

Loneliness can come to a person's life regardless of age - children, adolescents, middle-aged persons, and the elderly. It is a feeling, not a fact. It is a feeling of isolation, sadness, and withdrawal. If not addressed, it can lead to depression. Not everyone who is depressed feels loneliness, but everyone who feels loneliness will eventually experience depression. It is imperative that loneliness and isolation be addressed so that healing can take place before deep depression sets in.

Loneliness can only be attacked by the person who feels alone. You will have to initiate the actions yourself. There are many ways to engage with others and get back into the thick of life and living. The first thing to do is realize that you are lonely and that you want to change the situation. If you look for obstacles and problems, you will find them. Be optimistic.

A plan Of Action: Recognize the kind of loneliness you are feeling. There is acute loneliness that is brought on by losing a loved one, moving to a new city, starting a new job. You know there will be a period of adjustment to your new situation, and the loneliness you feel is temporary. The other kind of loneliness is when you find yourself isolated from your friends and family. You have to make a conscious effort to meet people - find others who have similar interests, join a group, take up a hobby that requires the interaction of others, sign up for lessons, or volunteer your services to a club or organization.

Reach Out: Loneliness can make you believe that you are a loser or an outcast. Loneliness will lead to isolation, and this is an unhealthy situation. Reach out to your family, a counselor, a medical doctor, or a co-worker. Put your trust in someone else and be honest. The chance that you will be rejected or ridiculed is highly unlikely. You are more likely to be met with understanding and compassion. Be willing to take advice. You have to be brave and make the first move.

Find Comfort In Religion: Not everyone can find comfort in religion. However, you will find people who are willing to talk to you and welcome you. Churches, synagogues, and other religious communities offer many opportunities for social interactions. Just feeling like you belong is enough to start on a path to end your isolation.

Join A Group: Find a group of like-minded people. If you like reading, join a book club that meets regularly. Is there a hobby or a language you would like to learn? Check out various adult classes in your area. You will find people to converse with, go for coffee together, and perhaps make an acquaintance into a friend. Be committed to attending regularly. You may have to force yourself at first, but it will be easier the longer you do it.

Do A Self-Analysis: Are you a negative thinker? Are you too serious? This could be the reason others are not drawn to you. Can you have fun and be light-hearted? Do you expect too much from others? Are you hard to get along with? Do you find you are always arguing? Sometimes it is a good idea to step back and analyze your personality traits. Be honest with yourself. Decide what traits you want to change to be more appealing to others and then work on that trait.

Count Your Blessings: Take stock of what you have and what you can be thankful for. Think of someone you know who is in a worse position than you. Can you do something for someone else instead of dwelling on your feelings of loneliness? You can get a lot of satisfaction from helping someone who may be in distress or dire need. Can you befriend an elderly person who is isolated from their family? Do you know of someone who lost their job?

Be Aware Of Your Health: Having an unhealthy attitude toward food is a sure way of falling into negative behaviors, such as bulimia, anorexia, overeating. Trying to hide those unhealthy attitudes will increase your isolation from others. Make sure you are eating sensibly. Have regular medical checkups. Exercise every day for 30 minutes if you have to break up the exercise into two 15-minute sessions.

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