Does Love At First Sight Really Exist?

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You’ve probably seen movies where someone falls in love at the mere sight of a certain person and this is a key plot point throughout the film. There are also many people who have claimed to have fallen in love with their partners at first sight. Does love at first sight exist, or is something else being mistaken for love when people are claiming to have fallen in love so fast?

It’s hard to tell how someone else is truly feeling inside. Most people would agree that love is a more complex emotion that requires a certain level of attachment beyond initial attraction. It’s certainly possible to be intrigued by someone when you first see them and you might even be enamored with them due to their looks or some other intangible quality that they have. Saying that someone is in love with someone after simply glancing at them does seem like a bit much to swallow.

Love And Attraction Are Two Different Things

Is It Really True Love?

It’s really important to understand that love and attraction are two different things. They aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, but you can be attracted to someone on a deep level without being in love with them. There are also situations where love is present and the physical attraction is a barrier that two people need to overcome. The important thing to know is that feeling those butterflies in your stomach due to being attracted to someone that you just meant isn’t necessarily an indicator that you’re in love. Love at first sight of potential romantic partners can turn into a healthy relationship on the same page beyond the instant attraction of love at first sight. The instant attraction of love at first sight leads to relationship success for some but not all.

Being enamored with someone that you find to be attractive is perfectly normal with that love at first sight feeling. Often, love at first sight realizes that there is more than being physically attractive in the same way. There are many situations where people run into each other at a grocery store, a crowded room, a club, or the gym and there seems to be a mutual attraction with love at first sight. There can be an immediate reaction in that first meeting where you feel love in a person’s eyes. Some of these encounters will also lead to a one-sided attraction. These moments could blossom into something more but that doesn’t mean that you’re in love during this moment in time.

What Is Love At First Sight?

Love at first sight, as it’s shown in the movies or television, is a phenomenon where two people fall in love the moment that they lock eyes. It is beyond scientific evidence or complete surveys. It’s like they somehow know that they’re meant to be together and their chance meeting is like some sort of cosmic event that was always supposed to occur. They are instantly attracted to one another and experience love for the new person from their first meeting. If this all sounds really grandiose, that’s because it is. These love at first sight plots in movies, television shows, and books are often very dramatic.

They might have some basis in reality, though. Even if you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s easy to believe in infatuation at first sight. People can meet and become really interested in one another due to a chance encounter. No one is disputing that these encounters happen and that they can be meaningful. It’s just not necessarily true that they are indicative of actual love between two people. There is more to a lasting relationship and good match than physical attraction. Red flags against a long term relationship might soon pop up with other research beyond a first glance.

In order to understand whether love at first sight exists at all, you have to get into the nature of love itself. How does someone define the love that they feel for another person? Was love always there or did it grow over time into what it is today? If you ask two different people you might very well get two different answers. Most experts say that love is something that is deeper than what could be experienced during a brief initial meeting. Experienced love often takes time beyond a first date. Psychology today dictates that experiencing love to its fullest extent happens to take time across the world. In a sense, falling in love may happen in an instant, but staying in love is a long course.

The Bond Of Love Is Something Truly Special

The bond of experiencing love is something that is truly special and it should be appreciated. Science cannot quite describe the process of falling in love. Love is something that people work on over time and it’s something that you have to nourish in order to keep it alive. It isn’t something that’s always going to be easy and it might not solve all of your problems nor bring total rest. Experiencing love can be really difficult and it can even hurt sometimes. Despite all of this, it’s one of the best experiences that you’ll ever have in this world.

To say that love could bloom between two people so fast that a mere glance in each other’s direction was enough to establish a love connection is probably incorrect. Knowing how deep of an emotion love is and all of the weight that goes along with that word makes it clear that love at first sight is mostly the stuff of fairy tales. This doesn’t mean that your grandparents are lying to you when they said they fell in love at first sight, though. It simply means that they’re likely mislabeling what they felt upon their initial meeting. What happened can be a matter of story, and men and women appreciate sweet stories about relationships.

Infatuation At First Sight Can Lead To Love

Infatuation is a powerful emotion that can lead people to explore whether or not there could be love between them according to basic science and psychology today. Have you ever met someone at the grocery store and started up a conversation? It’s possible that you might have felt a bit of a connection there and that you really hit it off during your few moments of getting to know one another. This could lead to exchanging phone numbers and an eventual date.

Many relationships start out this way and some people might say that this is love at first sight with both men and women. Most experts would argue that this is infatuation at first sight that leads to love over time. Does this really matter? Depending on your perspective, the difference might not be important. For the sake of answering the question of whether love at first sight exists, it’s crucial to consider this topic from every angle among many different relationships. Falling in love is different for everyone.

Remember that feelings of attraction and being curious about someone are not the same as love. If you understand this, then you’re going to be able to see why people like to make the distinction between love at first sight and infatuation at first sight. Knowing that to experience love might wind up being the end result of these encounters can complicate things in some people’s heads, but it’s different from being in love the moment you lock eyes. You just want to get to know a person and see where things go, even if you are hopeful that love could develop.

Understanding Your Feelings Isn’t Always Easy

Is It Really True Love?

Emotions are very complex and it isn’t always going to be easy to understand your feelings. Even the most advance science struggles to pinpoint all emotional complexity in a relationship. Some people struggle to figure out whether they’re in love or how they’re supposed to tell others that they’re feeling like they’re in love with them. It’s not unusual at all for emotions to overwhelm you from time to time. If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression due to issues that are related to love, then you need to have people that you can talk to.

This is why so many people need a support system in place to help them come to terms with what’s going on in their own heads when they fall in love. Having friends and family to talk to about things does make a big difference. Sometimes you might need another person’s perspective in order to determine if you’re in love with someone. It’s also beneficial to have people who can keep you in check if your feelings for someone start to get in the way of your own happiness.

It was mentioned earlier that love has the potential to be very painful. Spending time getting to know someone can feel amazing and you might want to develop this connection further in order to give love a chance. There’s always going to be the chance that things won’t work out and that could lead to you getting hurt. You shouldn’t let this keep you from attempting to find the love of your life, as you have to take your shot in order to find true happiness.

Just know that when life is tough and when your love life has you feeling down, there are people that you can turn to for help. Speaking with a therapist about what is going on is one of the best ways to cope with things. There are many convenient options that you can take advantage of, so don’t think that you need to try to go through these struggles alone.

Speaking About Things With An Online Therapist Can Help

Take the time to talk about what’s going on with your life with an online therapist if you’re in need. Online therapy is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get help when you’re feeling down. If you’re going through bouts of depression or anxiety issues, then these therapists will always be there to help. Whether you’re feeling lovelorn with a current partner or if you simply need some advice about how to proceed in life, these online therapists will be happy to be there for you.

This is a great way to get help when you’re going through tough times in life due to how online therapy is. This type of therapy allows you to speak to a licensed therapist at any time. You don’t need to wait for regular office hours and you don’t have to worry about leaving your home to get help. You’re always going to be able to speak to someone when you’re having a bad day so you’re never going to have to feel alone.

There are even many different therapy types that you can make use of when you sign up for online therapy. You can choose to chat with your therapist using video chat, text messaging, e-mail, or traditional phone calls. Whatever option appeals to you the most is going to work out just fine. Don’t hesitate to contact the online therapists today if you’re feeling like you could use some help. Love isn’t always going to be easy but it’s going to feel better to know what you have someone in your corner who cares.

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