Taking A Chance On Love: The Potential Risks And Rewards

By: Robert Porter

Updated October 08, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Rashonda Douthit , LCSW

Taking a chance on love is something that is almost indescribable. When you love someone else with every fiber of your being, it has the potential to make you feel fulfilled and happy.

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Relationships are important for your well-being and everyone needs to have others who they rely on. Romantic relationships are just another part of life. At the same time, pursuing a romantic relationship is not without its risks.

There is always a chance that a relationship is going to go poorly. It may start out well enough, but there is always the chance that you can get hurt. Is the possibility of having your heart broken enough to make you stay away from getting romantically involved with someone? It really shouldn't be.

This article is going to take a look at the potential risks and rewards that go along with taking a chance on love. Taking chances on love might prove to be very beneficial to your overall happiness. If you feel a desire to share your life with someone, it makes sense to reach out to try to find a romantic connection. After looking at the benefits and weighing the risks, you can decide whether or not you want to go for it.

Taking A Chance On Love

It's important to understand just how much more fulfilling life can be when you're taking a chance on love. Being able to enjoy having someone in your life will make you that much happier. Aside from this, a romantic partnership can wind up leading to many important life events. Your current  relationship might lead you to start a family and have children together.

Love can lead you down a new path in life that you might not have ever thought was possible. Being able to raise a family and have someone to share your life with is a very great thing. Not everyone wants that, though. Even if you're just interested in having a partner to share the highs and lows of life with, you'll be able to find someone who has similar desires by taking a chance on love.

When you're able to share your passions and desires with another person fully, it really can be fulfilling. You can also support one another and be there during difficult times. Having someone to lift you up when you're feeling down is a part of love. It's also very satisfying to support your partner in life and then to see them accomplish important life goals. Love can be about building something beautiful together while understanding that nothing is perfect.

Physical Intimacy And Loneliness

Physical intimacy is something that people desire as well. Everyone has needs and you want to be able to find someone with whom you can connect on both an emotional and a physical level. If you're currently feeling lonely due to not having a romantic partner, then you should know that taking a chance on love can help to quell this loneliness.

Being able to have a partner to simply spend time with may make your life better. Those who have experienced love often note how much they miss the physical connection when they aren't in a relationship. This isn't entirely related to sex. Being able to cuddle up with your partner and watch a movie or having someone to hold when you're feeling down about work can really enrich your life.

Being able to enjoy physical intimacy with another person and having that connection is one of the great rewards of taking a chance on love. It isn't the only reason, but it's certainly one of them. Try not to be afraid to take your shot if you're feeling lonely. There are many beautiful people out there who are looking for the exact same things that you are. You just have to find someone with whom you can connect on the right levels.

Disagreements Will Occur

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Disagreements are likely to occur between two lovers from time to time. It's rare to find a couple that gets along 100% of the time. Most people who are willing when it comes to taking a chance on love are going to differ in certain ways and they may be irritable about certain things. Knowing this, you should expect that any relationship is going to have its ups and downs.

Going through problematic periods in a relationship can really test your patience. Even when you love someone dearly, it can be tough to hold onto that love when they're getting on your nerves. You might wind up going through some very rough patches if you can't learn to communicate effectively. Relationship counseling can help with this.

One of the risks of falling in love is that arguments may happen. Arguing with someone you love can feel horrible, too. No one wants to be put in a situation where someone who means the world to them is suddenly their enemy. That's why it's so crucial to try to work out any issues before things get too bad.

As long as you understand that no relationship is truly perfect, you shouldn't want to shy away from love because of this. Severe anger issues and abusive situations should be avoided, of course. If you are experiencing physical trouble with your relationship, the National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE). But, you can't have the unrealistic expectation that all relationships are going to be smooth sailing no matter what. Even the best relationships might have to navigate through tumultuous waters occasionally.

The Potential For Heartbreak

The potential for heartbreak is one of the reasons why some people avoid taking a chance on love. Some people wind up giving up on love completely after having one or several bad experiences. Loving someone means being vulnerable. If your heart belongs to someone else and they decide to crush it, moving on won't initially be easy.

Heartbreak is a serious risk and it can hurt when someone does something wrong to you in a relationship. If your partner cheats on you, it is likely to make it more difficult to trust others in the future. People close to you can hurt you. No one wants to be put in this position by someone they hold dear

It is important to understand that everything in life involves risk, aside from taking a chance on love. When you wake up in the morning, you never truly know what the day is going to bring. There is a risk you could get hurt walking down your driveway to grab your mail. Worrying about things that can go wrong should not prevent you from trying to live your life to the fullest. No one ever found happiness by cutting themselves off from others completely and choosing to ignore their desires.

Love is worth the effort, even if it hurts sometimes. There might be times when you'll feel like you wish you'd never met your (current or former) partner, but there will also be beautiful moments. It's also possible that a relationship will work out in the long-term. This can lead to something like a beautiful marriage, children, and many of the other positive things mentioned above. You just have to muster the courage to risk having your heart broken in order to reap the potential rewards.

Depression And Anxiety

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It is true that depression can result from a broken heart. Relationships that go bad can wind up causing harm. You might wind up feeling completely crushed if something goes awry with the person you truly loved. This doesn't mean that it isn't worth taking a chance on love.

Depression is something that impacts many people and it can be difficult to get through on your own. When you're feeling down due to circumstances in life, you should consider talking to a mental health professional in order to get things back on track. It might not be easy to guide yourself down a positive path all by yourself. Feeling anxious about breaking up with someone can make it hard to think straight—but the objective perspective of a licensed professional can help.

This is why many people seek therapy when they're going through a tough time. Romantic relationships are important parts of life. If you aren’t expecting them, break ups are pretty much always shocking. If you're having trouble picking yourself back up after going through heartache, you should be aware that there are experts who can help.

Taking A Chance On Love 

Online Therapy Is There For You

If you do wind up having your heart broken and feel depressed as a result, don't be afraid to reach out for help. Online therapists are ready to assist. Licensed therapists can help with effective treatments for depression, anxiety, and many other concerns. If you're feeling heartbroken due to a romantic relationship ending—or for any other reason—you’ll always have online therapists on your side.

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, simply leaving the house can be difficult. Online therapy provides a means by which you can easily and conveniently access mental health support. Online counseling works. Among the community of psychologists and mental health practitioners, it is widely considered to provide similar outcomes to face-to-face treatments in most cases.

BetterHelp provides you with numerous ways by which you can get in touch with your therapist. For example, you can choose to communicate with your therapist via video, phone, text messaging, and live chat. You'll be matched with a counselor who understands what you're going through and can help you move on. Taking a chance on love is a big decision. A therapist can help walk you through some things to consider and give you actionable advice. Read what others have to say about their experiences with BetterHelp.

“Libby has been wonderful in guiding me and my partner through our difficulties and listening and providing feedback or asking questions that allow us to move forward and work through our differences. We really appreciate her and her work and for taking the time to help us.”

“Pam is amazing, she’s been my favorite counselor of the counselors I’ve had! She spends time going through the things that are of most worry or importance to me and helps challenge me in ways that make me a better person and partner.”

The fear of rejection or losing someone you love shouldn't keep you from loving. You can regain your strength and start feeling better again with the help of a licensed therapist. If you've had a tough time finding love due to baggage from a prior relationship, therapists can help with that too. It is possible to find love and happiness. Get in touch with a therapist today.

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