What Is A Twin Flame? The Connection To Your Other Half

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Even Soulmates Need Counseling Sometimes

Soulmates get plenty of attention. They are heavily featured in novels, poetry, and other forms of media. It’s no surprise we often wonder if there is someone out there in the world whom we might be destined for, whether as a life partner or a best friend. Would this be a soulmate or a twin flame, though? And what’s the difference?

A More Destiny-Driven, Overwhelming Form Of Love Than Soulmates

Maybe you're already with someone whom you are always in perfect sync with. Most people use the term "soulmate" as opposed to "twin flame" to describe the peak of a romantic relationship and the ultimate find with regard to love and romance. A twin flame, however, might be even closer than a soulmate.

What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the cousin of a soulmate. While a soulmate is typically thought of as a romantic partner, a twin flame can come from all walks of life and can embody many different types of relationships. Because twin flames are not necessarily compatible for romance, they are not considered soulmates. Instead, they’re considered two halves of a whole. Thus, intimacy and connection come as naturally as breathing between two twin flames.

How Are Twin Flames Different From Soulmates?

While the notion of soulmates is backed by at least two different mythological origin stories, twin flames are not a product of mythology. Instead, twin flames are a spiritual concept, wherein they represent two parts of one soul in separate bodies, or a literal “soulmate”. These two parts do not have to come together to be a whole, healthy person in every life, according to the lore.

Twin flames are said to be created when a person reaches transcendence or a higher way of living.The consequence of transcendence is to have your soul rendered in two, and one half is transposed into a body outside of your own. This is not a punishment, but a natural consequence.

Twin Flames And Love Signs

The most powerful sign of a twin flame’s unconditional love is longing. You will experience an intense longing for your twin flame, even when the two of you have connected-and perhaps even while the two of you are together. Because you are a single soul split into two, you will crave oneness and unity with your twin flame. This unity can only be reached through continual growth in all aspects of your life and is considered a spiritual longing, or soul longing.

The Magnetic Pull Between Soulmates

Feeling a strong, magnetic pull toward a person may also indicate that you've found a twin flame connection. Being two halves of one whole and existing to create unity and wholeness in one another means that being apart from each other can be difficult, or even painful. If you have not yet met your twin flame, you will feel yourself moving in the direction of this person, without realizing it or knowing why. Once you do meet your twin flame, though, the pull is undeniable, and you will likely continue to feel an attraction, a closeness, and a sense of magnetism even if you have gone your separate ways for a time.

Finally, you will feel an incredible sense of intuition toward your twin flame. You might find yourself doing or thinking the same things at the same time. You may even have the same dreams. You might know things about your twin flame that they haven't told you such as when they are struggling, suffering, or experiencing euphoria. Your connection allows you to have a window into their emotional state.

Are Twin Flames Always Romantic?

No. The most important aspect of a twin flame is a connection.

In friendship twin flame relationships, though, the two of you are likely to be inseparable and have a bond that may seem to be a step above friendship, even without romance involved. The two of you may be likened to being siblings when your bond is observed by outsiders, as it will be powerful, intense, and unbreakable. Therefore, when you meet your twin flame, you will likely be fully aware of it, considering the connection might be so strong and powerful.

How Long Does A Twin Flame Last?

Unlike soulmates, twin flame relationships do not necessarily last a lifetime. Operating under the notion that the two of you are literally two halves of a single soul, your connection will be enduring, but your relationship may not be. For some, the relationship with your twin flame is designed to teach you something or elevate you to a higher place in your life. Twin flames might come along right as you need them, and step into your life in a time of great conflict or great change. They can help ease the transition into a new way of living or being. 

In romantic connections, twin flames can stand the test of time and can be incredible partners. Because the two of you will have a powerful connection, you may find that creating trust and intimacy is far easier in these relationships than in other relationships you may have come across. That kind of fast, magnetic attraction and trust is difficult to let go of, so twin flames may do whatever it takes to make sure they retain their relationship.

Why Reject A Twin Flame?

It is important to note that a twin flame is considered to literally be your other half. This means that despite an intense connection, you might feel the impulse to get away from or reject your twin flame if you do not have a deep and abiding love for yourself. All too often, people are quick to dislike the negative traits they possess mirrored in those around them. This will be magnified in your twin flame, as the two of you are two halves of one whole.

This is part of what makes twin flames so important to some. These connections are designed to help you grow and become a better version of yourself. If you reject yourself, this rejection can reveal work you have to do in order to lead a better, more fulfilled life.

The Purpose Of Twin Flames

What is the purpose of your flame? Because twin flame relationships elevate you and push you to grow, these relationships are considered pivotal to the growth and progression of the human race as a whole. Thus, they are encouraged and supported by numerous spiritual leaders. Trying to find your twin flame-and being able to maintain the relationship requires a lot of maturity on the part of both partners. It may be both the most rewarding relationship you will ever have and the most difficult.

Twin flames are supposed to be examples of how love should look. They may take numerous lifetimes to finally come together and stay together in a strong, mature relationship. But if this is achieved, the flame bond will influence and inspire everyone around them.

Love And Growth

Twin flames are similar to soulmates in that they afford you a powerful connection and a feeling that you are not alone in the world. They differ from soulmates, however, in that twin flames are said to be enduring, passing through various lifetimes and changes. Twin flame connections are forged from spiritual bonds, as twin flames are said to literally be two halves of a single soul that must eventually be reunited.

Even Soulmates Need Counseling Sometimes

A therapist might be able to help you work through your past and any trauma you might have experienced for your own health and growth. Still, proponents of twin flames suggest that this form of growth and striving toward health is actually an integral part of working toward reuniting with your twin flame. Because twin flames can trigger a radical change in their communities or even the world, they must have some semblance of mental and spiritual health. The responsibility of acting as agents of change is vast, and overcoming the challenges that arise with a twin flame pairing may require patience, maturity, and determination. These are qualities that may be lacking in people who are not emotionally, mentally, or spiritually healthy. A twin flame is not merely a connection, but a way of returning to the core of who you are.


Couple and family therapy is one option for twin flames who may be struggling in their relationship. However, because of the potential for intense conflict and powerful emotions between the two, attending therapy sessions in person may be problematic. Online therapy may be a viable alternative in these instances. 

Online therapy has promising implications for couples counseling. A recent study showed that therapy delivered in digital settings has benefits for both therapists and clients.  In particular, study participants were observed as similarly comfortable and competent in working through conflict as couples in traditional therapy settings. 

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