Benefits Of Couples Counseling Pre-Marriage

By: Toni Hoy

Updated February 24, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Laura Angers


You have set your wedding date and are preparing for a life with your future husband or wife. You are happy with your significant other, but there are still some issues that need sorted out. And then, you will discover more things about the other person post-wedding day. You could think everything is going great, but there are still ways that you can strengthen your relationship before you walk down the aisle. Couples counseling pre-marriage could have immense benefits for you and your future betrothed.

Some relationship issues that have already arisen or may have yet to pop up are: Beliefs/values, decision making within the relationship, relationship roles, finances, communication, affection, children, other family relationships, spending time together and more. A couples counselor or therapist will provide advice, activities, and exercises that allow the couple to talk about themselves as individuals and as a couple.

Here are some benefits of couples counseling pre-marriage:

It Takes The Stigma Away From Couples Counseling.


Many of us think couples only go to couples counseling because there are massive issues within their relationships and that they're on the brink of divorce. That stigma does not apply to most people who attend couples counseling sessions. Many couples want to strengthen the things they do well and learn about themselves individually to be their best possible selves for their partner. While couples counseling may uncover some underlying issues, the counselor's purpose is to help the couple approach reality - together.

You Will Build Your Communication Skills.


Chances are, you and your partner already communicate. But, do you communicate well? A couples counselor will help you work through your own personalities, realized issues and bottled issues. This is a safe space, with a counselor's experience and guidance, to talk with your partner about what is frustrating, loving, resentful and more in your relationship. Being able to communicate well is a foundation of a happy, long marriage - even when communicating is challenging because of the subject matter.

You Will Notice Problems Early On In A Couples Counseling Session.


If you are still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship, something that doesn't bother you know could bother you later on. For example, your future husband could leave dishes in the sink. On the opposite end, he may be frustrated with you because you leave your shoe collection by the front door. Start working through issues early on to persevere your relationship. Don't wait until the problems are so concrete that you refrain from talking, having sex, doing things together, etc.


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