How To Seduce Your Wife And Be Romantic

If you've fallen in a sexual rut lately, it is may be time to start to re-learning how to seduce your wife and bring back the spark in your marriage. According to some marital sex statistics, there are a few surprising patterns among committed partners-and it's not all doom and gloom. Did you know, for example, that the average couple has sex 58-68 times per year, which is only slightly more than unmarried people?

Want More Intimacy in Your Marriage? This is a Common Problem For Couples
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Over 75 percent of married women have orgasms, which is far more than the single population. However, only 48 percent of women want regular sex after the first four years. Adding to the peculiarity of this phenomenon is that couples who stay married longer become more likely to return to regular sexual activity. There's a strong possibility that once a couple survives the 4-7-year itch, activity may pick up again…that is, if both partners really want it.

Want to Seduce Your Wife? Put Forth Effort

The secret to enjoying a fuller sex life after marriage is for the husband to take the initiative and evoke sexual feelings in his wife. Since women respond to an emotional connection, his goal would be to give her a special "story" (or a compelling reason for making love), one that makes her feel desired, loved and wanted.


The story can be as simple as a romantic dinner, where the husband gets all dressed up and takes her to a fun place to reminisce about old memories, or something kinkier, like sending her erotic texts throughout the day. The husband in both of these scenarios is trying to win her affection, chasing her, and not taking the sex he has "waiting at home" for granted.

Making a successful night calls for planning more foreplay time and for conversation. Once things progress to physical touching, extend foreplay by an hour or even hours-avoiding penetration and sexual climax, so that you can both concentrate on sensation, on the moment, and on emotional connection beyond physical release. The key is in getting your wife excited and anticipating what will happen next. Make the scene unpredictable but always positive.

According to research quoted by the Health Research Funding organization, the most common causes for a sexless marriage included hurt feelings about the past, one partner constantly turning the other down, too busy, or too neglectful, breakdown of communication, lack of trust, anxiety, and other pressures of family, such as children, money or career.

In this case, what frequently helps is to start reconnecting as individuals and throw the sexual routine out the window. Instead, focus on sharing intimate sexual thoughts and sensual feelings, and then find a compromise that you both mutually find appealing. Seduction is not about strategy, as it's more about knowing your partner and then catching them by surprise, reminding them of the attraction that exists and has always existed between you two. Seduction of your spouse is a reminder that the love you have together is still red-hot and that you are willing to chase her, as always, being the dashing romantic you are.

Want More Intimacy in Your Marriage? This is a Common Problem For Couples
Talk About Your Love Life With An Online Therapist.


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