When Marrying For Money Is Right: How To Marry Rich

Some People Choose to Marry Rich For Financial Security in Their Lives
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People come in many varieties, yet marriage is often described as a one-size fits all arrangement. The truth is there are also many different options for marriage. The only aspect that is required by all marriages is mutual consent. If the parties involved in a marriage agree to the type of union they are forming, then it can be a successful and happy marriage, even if it doesn't fit the standard ideal of falling madly in love first. An option that is not discussed often is marrying for money, and there is no shame in learning how to marry rich.

Alternative types of marriage

One of the myths about modern marriage is that your spouse should fulfill all the various roles you need in your life, and that is simply not possible for one person to do alone. You need other people and other types of relationships with friends and family. That means a successful marriage actually requires you to determine which role or roles you intend your spouse to fill in your life.

Defining that role starts your marriage off with both of you knowing the expectations. Alternative marriage agreements take these expectations into account and allow partners to agree at the outset what each person is getting from the marriage agreement. Marrying for money, also called a safety marriage, is one such type of alternative marriage agreement. The people in these relationships may not have a whirlwind romance, but they go into the situation knowing that's not what they expect. In the end, they are quite happy with their decisions because what they have meets their expectations.

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How to marry rich

The key to a successful financially-based marriage is for each partner to be honest about why they are going into the relationship. You should make sure that this is the type of relationship you want by analyzing your values. Are you looking for long-term security? That's of course a concern for most people, and all marriages-even those based on romance-are also financial unions.

One thing to understand is that in order to marry rich, you have to also have something to offer your spouse. Because they are offering something quite valuable-financial security-marrying rich may mean you are in a position of lesser power in your marriage. What you may be asked to offer your wealthy spouse is your time toward their priorities. The first step to marrying rich and keeping that marriage is to accept that you will have to provide some non-monetary value.

Some People Choose to Marry Rich For Financial Security in Their Lives
Talk About Your Relationship Issues in Online Therapy

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Once you accept that these are your priorities, finding a rich partner is much the same as finding any other partner. But instead of looking for them in places that cater to your interests, you will make yourself known in places that cater to the rich. Attending charity events or working at upscale locations can help.

To learn more about what goes into a successful marriage of any kind, you can talk to a professional.

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