The benefits of taking a “How well do you know your spouse” quiz

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Marriage can require continual communication, mutual respect, and long-term effort. In addition, people often change throughout the years, which can cause compatibility concerns for some couples. While you may assume you know everything about your spouse, some of their preferences may have changed. 

To keep the spark alive and to continue a connection with your partner, it might be fun and insightful to take a "How well do you know your spouse" quiz. Taking a quiz can be a light-hearted, quirky way to ask the questions you may have forgotten or felt too uncomfortable to ask. 

Are you and your spouse growing apart?

Benefits of taking a quiz with your spouse or partner

There are multiple "Am I In Love? quizzes" and marriage quizzes online. There are questions to ask your significant other and questions intended to assess how well you know your partner. Relationship experts create some with specific purposes in mind, while others might be silly or for fun. Below are a few potential benefits of these types of quizzes. 

A quiz may prevent you from taking your spouse for granted

Some couples may expect a level of familiarity from marriage. However, being with someone who continues to explore life and keeps the relationship fresh and interesting can be valuable. Reminding yourself that your partner has a vibrant life, personal opinions, and new interests can help you stay interested in how they might grow and change. A quiz can show you what may have changed about your spouse if you've been together for years. 

A quiz can teach you how to show love and appreciation

Learning about your partner's wants and needs can give you a better idea of how to show love, affection, and appreciation. For example, a quiz on the five love languages can show you what love language your partner would prefer when receiving and giving love. It can also clear up miscommunications about what "love" means to each of you.

A quiz may strengthen your friendship

Many married partners consider themselves friends as well as partners. Understanding your partner's likes, dislikes, desires, beliefs, fears, and dreams can help that friendship grow. As your platonic friends may change over time, your spouse can too. 

A quiz may lead to new hobbies 

Spending quality time together can help your relationship grow. One way to spend time together is to take up a hobby. A quiz can help you identify areas of interest that you and your partner haven't known with each other yet.  

A quiz might spice up your sex life

You may have sexual likes, dislikes, or fantasies you don't know how to discuss with your partner. A quiz can be a fun way to learn more about what your partner likes in the bedroom, potentially leading to a more fulfilling physical relationship. 

A quiz may help you explore your dreams together

Many individuals have favorite restaurants, TV shows, and weekend getaways. Having consistency in activities can be comforting for some. However, it may also cause boredom and complacency. By learning more about your spouse, you may grow closer through trying new activities together. In addition, you can explore each other's dreams and find ways to help each other achieve them. 


"How well do you know your spouse" quizzes

There are hundreds of quizzes available online to help you find out how well you know your partner. Consider the quizzes below, keep an open mind, and communicate healthily with your partner about the results. 

21 questions to test how well you know your partner

The 21 questions quiz is not scored online. Instead, you and your partner can take the quiz together and discuss the answers. The questions are created to bring up positive and negative feelings that allow you to be vulnerable with each other. Be prepared to have profound discussions and try to take this quiz when you have time and a quiet space to do so. 

Love Quiz: Do you know your partner?

The Gottman Institute created a quiz called the "Love Quiz," scored online. The Gottman Institute was founded by Doctors John and Julie Gottman, a couple trained in psychology and marital therapy. The quiz asks you to answer honestly to find out the strengths and areas of growth in your marriage. If you don't know many answers, you can use the questions as a guide to improve your connection with your spouse. 

Discover your partner's hidden sexual fantasies

The sexual fantasies quiz can help spouses find new intimate activities and interests. The quiz is taken by both partners, with questions asking which sexual activities you would be comfortable with. After both partners take the quiz, they receive results on which activities are compatible.

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages is a book by Dr. Gary Chapman, a famed pastor and marriage expert, exploring the five ways people may experience love. By taking the quiz, you might notice areas where you and your partner are similar and different in how you show love. You might have different love languages if you often disagree about what "love" means. 

How well do you and your significant other know each other?

This Buzzfeed quiz tests you and your partner to see who gets a higher score. You can both take the quiz and see who wins. If you and your partner are looking for a fun quiz instead of a serious one, you might enjoy this quiz. 

Are you and your spouse growing apart?

Relationship support options 

If you take a relationship quiz and find that you may have known less about your partner than you thought, you're not alone. In addition, support is available if you're struggling to connect with your partner. You don't have to feel on the brink of divorce to reach out for guidance, and many couples talk to a licensed marriage therapist to discuss their goals for the future, love languages, and differences. 

One of the most popular and successful forms of couples therapy is emotionally focused couples therapy (EFCT). EFCT helps couples recognize and cope with their emotions rather than avoid them. It may also help couples learn to communicate better.

According to a meta-analysis, with EFCT, 90% of couples significantly improved their relationship, and 70% to 75% of couples no longer met the criteria of "relationship distress."  A 19-year systematic review of EFCT found that the study "strongly suggests" that EFCT can improve marital satisfaction sustained after services end. 

If you and your partner are busy, have conflicting schedules, or don't want to spend money on traditional couples therapy, you can also try an online therapy platform, like BetterHelp for individuals or Regain for couples. Online counseling may offer a broad choice of professional counselors, including those specializing in couples therapy options like EFCT. 

Studies have found that couples often prefer online therapy. In one study, participants reported feeling that a videoconference therapy format allowed them a greater connection with their therapist.


Relationships and individuals can grow and change over time. At times, those changes can be complex. A relationship quiz may be a fun way to open up about needs and wants that may be difficult to discuss. However, these quizzes are not a replacement for professional advice. If you're seeking further support, consider reaching out to a licensed therapist for guidance.
Marriage can come with complex challenges
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