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When it comes to online love quizzes, there seems to be something available for just about anything you can imagine, including "Am I in Love" quizzes and those exploring first dates. There’s a quiz to find out just about anything related to your love life.

You have likely encountered a wide variety of online love quizzes while browsing the internet. You may have noticed a friend posting their reaction to love test results on social media, showing their romantic relationship insights or “true love” relationship predictions. You may have even gotten curious in the past and taken some online quizzes, but what are their accuracy and effectiveness when it comes to understanding your emotional connection to and feelings toward a love interest? Are they giving you a real result or a best guess?

Are you in love?

When it comes to online love, compatibility, or personality quizzes, there are several factors you can use to determine their validity and accuracy. While online love quizzes are not typically the most reliable indicator of romantic love or long-term romantic relationships, they can be a cute, fun, and helpful way to explore your feelings and emotions for someone.

In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of online love quizzes and how they may inform the universal human experience of love. 

Should I try an online "am I in love" online quiz?

If you have found yourself wondering whether or not you’re in love with someone, you may have considered starting a quiz on compatibility or a related topic. There are several ways to decide if such a quiz would be helpful in the process of evaluating your true emotions.

Online love quizzes are often offered at no cost through a wide variety of social media sites, blogs, and online therapy-based websites around the world. While every relationship is unique, these love quizzes may ask you some insightful questions that could give you some idea of what your feelings are.

It is important to remember that most love quizzes offered online are not typically backed by science. Most commonly, these quizzes are created by individuals or non-professionals who have personal experience in love and relationships. Though, this does not mean all online love quizzes are for naught. Some recent online quizzes and apps that claim to produce results backed by research have emerged. Depending on your thoughts and emotions, a general online love quiz could be helpful in a situation where you aren’t sure whether or not you’re in love.

If you are someone seeking more formal guidance, a licensed online therapist may be a good alternative to an online quiz. Although they may not help you in the same way, there is absolutely no harm in giving both a try!

Where can I find an online love quiz? 

When you decide whether or not an online love quiz is suitable for you, the next step may be finding a quiz that fits your situation. Depending on your criteria, a simple Google search can be a great place to start. You can try typing “Am I falling in love quiz” or “Do I love him quiz” into your favorite search engine, then browse through quiz results from there and focus on quizzes that match your needs.

There are a host of websites that feature countless relationship and personality quizzes. You can find one you like and narrow down your results by using a specific site’s search feature. Astrology-based websites that take into account your star sign and apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are great resources for finding fun, light-hearted love and compatibility quizzes that claim to measure passion to spend time with friends or by yourself.

If you are hoping to find an online love quiz with more tangible results, this particular personality test is backed by research done on the suggested taxonomy of the “Big Five” personality traits in applied psychology. To utilize this as a love or compatibility test, compare your results to that of the person for whom you are exploring your feelings.

Additionally, a free mobile app developed by a professor of psychology purports its ability to “evaluate romantic relationships with stunning accuracy” by utilizing a combination of social feedback and scientific algorithms.

Will I find answers in an online questionnaire? 

The effectiveness of online love quizzes boils down to your thoughts and feelings. Some quizzes claim to offer results based on science, while many others provide opinion-based answers. If you have trouble exploring your inner thoughts and feelings, an online love quiz may help prompt you with relationship-based questions to ask yourself.

Depending on the outcome you seek, it is helpful to do your research when participating in online quizzes. While many love quizzes can claim to offer answers or give you hope, it can be beneficial to remember that every situation is unique. Any online quiz results will likely serve best as a guideline rather than a definitive indicator of your personal feelings. 

Benefits of online therapy for those in long-term romantic relationships

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are questioning your feelings of love toward a crush or a partner or aren’t sure what you feel after a first date, there are several virtual help options available to try to help you make sense of everything outside of online love quizzes. 

For example, online therapy could be a way to better explore the question of whether or not you are in love and even deeper questions about intimacy. With an online therapist, you can have a conversation about your situation with a licensed professional. While the questions you have may feel overwhelming, therapy can be beneficial. Guidance from a licensed therapist is more likely to be individualized and catered to your needs, whereas online quizzes are largely impersonal. 

Research on the effectiveness of online therapy for love and relationships

If you are contemplating your desire or attraction toward your current partner or are feeling a little sad about where your relationship stands, research has shown that online couples therapy can be equally as effective as in-person therapy. Often, couples find that guidance from a qualified and unbiased counselor can better help them determine their feelings on whether the relationship has a future. If this sounds like you and your partner, online couples therapy may be an option to consider.

If you are not in a position to approach someone for couples counseling, individual online therapy can still help. Similar to couples therapy, individual online therapy has shown to be equally as effective as in-person cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in regards to treating symptoms of anxiety that may be brought on by relationship trouble. 


Primarily, the accuracy and efficiency of online love quizzes are not things that should necessarily be relied upon (though they may be good for a laugh). While a few options claim to be backed by a body of science and research, it can be best to take the results of any online compatibility or relationship quiz with a grain of salt, as every dating relationship is unique, and each person's life course differs.

While online quizzes may not offer definitive answers, they can still be a good way to discover certain questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are or are not in love at this point in your life. The process of seeking online quizzes could potentially help you with self reflection and determining if individual or couples therapy could be helpful in your situation. Overall, it is up to you to decide whether to take the results of an online quiz into account when determining if you are truly in love. Quiz results may not be signs that your relationship is good or bad, but they can help you ask the right questions.

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