A "Do I Love Him" Quiz That Will Reveal Your True Feelings

By: Steven Finkelstein

Updated February 17, 2020

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Sometimes it can be hard

to understand

the way you feel about someone. You might know that they're a true friend to you and that you have feelings of affection for them, but how do you know that it has truly crossed over into the realm of love? One way to determine how you feel about the man in your life is by taking a "Do I Love Him" quiz. There are many of them online, and you can also take our simple one at the end of this article that consists of a few short questions.

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"Am I In-Love With Him" Quizzes

Quizzes and surveys that tell you whether or not you're in love with the man in your life have proliferated lately. Part of the reason is that online or via social media, they can be seen as convenient ways to take up a little of your time if you're trying to get through the day. That doesn't mean that they don't have their value, though. You might find some of them to be better than others, but the general idea is that they're trying to get you to think about what your genuine feelings are for the man whom you are dating.

The "Love Or Lust" Quiz

Most of these quizzes try to get you to figure out whether you love a person, but what if you already know that you have strong feelings for him? Then you might find a variation of this theme in the form of a "Love or Lust" quiz. These are quizzes that already take into account some level of infatuation with the man in your life. What the questions are attempting to ascertain is whether your interest in him is merely physical or if there is a deeper connection there.

These quizzes usually have questions on them that try to get you to think about whether you like spending time with someone, and you feel like there is emotional intimacy between the two of you. There are always relationships that are going to be based purely on physical attraction. Most people would agree that sort of arrangement is not one where love factors in, at least not as the word is traditionally defined.

There's nothing wrong with those sorts of relationships, but it's not a bad idea to take one of these quizzes so you can have straight in your mind exactly what your priorities are as it relates to the person in question. Chances are you're not going to want to partner with them long term or spend the rest of your life with them if you're not connecting on an emotional level.

The "Love Style" Quiz

These are quizzes that have a slightly different intention behind them. The "Love Style" quiz asks you questions having to do with what your courtship rituals are. For instance, they might ask you whether you would prefer to take someone to a museum on a first date, a movie, or a strip club. The questions are meant to be a little provocative, and when you answer them, in the end, the quiz will tell you about what your dating or love style is, based on the answers you gave.

The conclusions might be that you're an old-fashioned romantic at heart, that your love style is intellectually-based, or maybe that you're more interested in the merely physical aspect of dating and you're not so much looking to connect emotionally at all.

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Some Of The Better "Am I In-Love With Him" Quizzes

If you want to get started now and take a quiz on love, consider checking out quizony.com - it's free, and it doesn't take very long. You're supposed to answer the questions without taking a long time to think about them, and the quiz stresses at the beginning that it's not based on any particular scientific metric. That's going to be the case with virtually all of these quizzes. They've been posted online for their entertainment value, and you shouldn't think of them as the ultimate authority or the last word on whether you love someone or not.

A few more "Am I in Love with Him" quizzes can be found on allthetests.com. These are also multiple choice, as is the case with the vast majority of love tests that you'll find online. It seems based on the questions like some of these particular quizzes might be intended for younger women or girls, so that's a factor that you might wish to consider. Some of these sorts of things seem more geared toward figuring out whether you have a high school crush, while others are intended for fully grown adult women.

A Few Others

You can find some more love quizzes on proprofs.com, buzzfeed.com, and psychcentral.com. With any of them, the intention is the same, as is the tone. The questions are mostly flirty and light, the sort of insubstantial fare that passes the time and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Our Own "Do I Love Him" Quiz

It's now time for our unofficial version of a "Do I Love Him" quiz. There are just five questions, and you are encouraged to reflect on and consider your answer to each query strongly.

Can You Envision A Future With Him?

This question quickly gets to the heart of whether you love someone or not. You might have feelings for a man in your life, or you might have a physical attraction to him, but can you envision a time five or ten years down the road when you will still want him to play a central role in your life? If the answer is yes, then it seems likely that you love him. If the answer is no, then love might not be the best word for what you feel. Part of love is the expectation of the relationship continuing. For most people, feelings that aren't likely to last fall more into the category of lust than they do love.

Do You Trust Him, Implicitly?

Love and trust go hand in hand. If you can't completely trust someone, then it doesn't seem likely that you're genuinely in love with them. You always want to be able to tell the person in your life anything, and you don't want your confidence to be betrayed.

It goes the other way as well. Do you believe him every time he says something to you? If you feel like there are times when he's not entirely truthful, then it can be hard to love him. Love means that both of you should be one-hundred-percent able to tell each other anything, and there will be no judgment or fear that either of you is being untruthful.

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Is He There For You In Any Situation?

The man in your life should be your rock. He should be steadfast, and he should not be a "fair weather" person. He should be there for you if you're sick, if your dog dies, or if you're feeling blue and you need someone to cheer you up. There is that line that is sometimes attributed to Marilyn Monroe, "If you can't deal with me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best." This is true as it relates to love. If you can't count on the man in your life to be there with you through thick and thin, good and bad times, then can you say that you love him?

Can You Envision Being With Anyone Else?

Sometimes people are indeed polyamorous, having multiple loves in their life. However, most individuals are monogamous in their relationships, or there is at least the expectation of monogamy. Can you envision yourself being with anyone else besides the man who is currently in your life?

If there are some other potential candidates, then it doesn't seem likely that you love him, or at least you're not head-over-heels in love yet. If a time comes when there are no other viable candidates, and you think of the man you are with as your one and only, forsaking all others, then that feeling is probably love.

Does He Make You A Better Person?

This question might be the most important of the five. The love between two people is supposed to improve both of you. If you love someone, then you should strive to make yourself a better person for them, and you should expect them to do the same thing for you. Love is not complacent; it is about self-improvement. Yes, you should love each other just the way that each of you are, but the desire to make yourself better for someone is a motivation that should come from within.

The best loves are those that challenge us and encourage us to grow. Does the man in your life make you feel that way? Do you feel invincible knowing that he is in your corner and has your back? Do you feel like you can accomplish anything with him as the backbone of your support network? If your answer to these questions was no, then love might not be quite what you feel for him.

Love Quizzes Are Fun but not Essential

Taking our version of a "love quiz" or one of the hundreds of others that are online is fun to do and could potentially give you a better understanding of how you feel about someone. However, it is best not to take any of them as irrefutable proof that you love or don't love somebody that you're dating or who has come into your life.

Ultimately, you should trust your feelings on this matter. Take all of your worldly experience into account and ask yourself the honest question of how this person makes you feel. If the answer is not apparent immediately, then you might need to give it a little more time. Inevitably, you will come to understand how you feel.

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Love is probably the most powerful of human emotions, so if that is indeed what you are experiencing, a time will come that you understand that and acknowledge it regardless of how many tests and quizzes you take. When love comes to you, it will be a wonderful and magical thing, and it will enrich your life.

If you're in a romantic entanglement or you wish to discuss a relationship that is perplexing you, you can speak to one of our mental health professionals at BetterHelp. They'll be glad to discuss some options with you and offer some advice.

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