Quizzes About Love To Reveal Your True Feelings For Someone

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It may be hard at times to navigate your love life and fully grasp how you feel about someone. You might know that they’re a true friend to you and that you have feelings of affection for them, but how do you know that it has truly crossed over into the realm of romantic love?

One potential way to explore your feelings is by taking a quiz. You may also choose to explore some of our love test questions at the end of this article.

Want to understand your feelings for someone

Types of love quizzes

Relationship quizzes and surveys that tell you whether you might be in love with someone are often popular online. "Am I in love quizzes" may have gone viral on social media or exist to offer insight to those browsing the web.

Often, a “do I love him” quiz aims to help you think about how you genuinely feel for a person you might love and whether they are the right person for you. However, online quizzes are not a substitute for professional advice or counsel from an expert such as a mental health counselor.

The "Love or Lust" quiz

Many “love or lust” quizzes may try to assist you in figuring out whether you love a person. You may ask, “But what if I already know that I have strong feelings for them?”

It can be tricky to guess whether what you’re feeling for someone is love or simple physical attraction—especially if you’ve been friends for a long time, you are already dating, or there’s sex involved in the relationship. Some may be excited by the idea of falling in love with someone, while for others, it can cause feelings of doubt, to the point where they are scared of what will become of their existing relationship dynamic. 

If you find yourself feeling similar uncertainty, you might find support from a “love or lust” quiz. These are quizzes that may already take into account some level of infatuation. The questions attempt to ascertain whether your interest in someone is merely physical or if there is a true love connection.

These quizzes may have questions that ask you to think about whether you like spending time with someone and whether you feel emotional intimacy between you and them. In some cases, individuals may find themselves in relationships that are based purely on physical attraction, which is often called lust.

It can be normal to feel only lust for someone. However, you may wonder if there’s also an element of love or intimacy in the connection. A love or lust quiz may offer some insight into your feelings.

The "Love Style" Quiz

A “love style” quiz may ask you questions having to do with what your courtship rituals are. For instance, they might ask whether you would prefer to take someone to a museum, a movie, or a cute new restaurant for a first date. They might ask you about your dream anniversary celebration, or what your previous partners have done to show you affection and make you smile. After you answer the questions, the quiz may give you a “love style” or assign certain traits to you based on your answers. This can give you insight into how your ideal partner would treat you, among other relationship preferences.

The conclusions of the quiz might be that you’re an old-fashioned romantic at heart, that your love style is intellectually based, or that you’re more interested in the merely physical aspect of dating.

Love quiz examples

If you want to take a quiz to find out whether what you feel is the real deal, or to just see what other popular categories are available, you may consider trying a popular quiz site, such as the following:

Many online quizzes are free and quick to take, including relationship and even marriage quizzes. They may be more for fun than for learning scientific facts about yourself or your relationship. You may find value in them without thinking of them as the ultimate authority on whether you love someone.

Many of these quizzes offer multiple-choice options to pick from. Given the questions, some of these quizzes may be more intended for young adults or teens. For example, some quizzes are geared toward figuring out whether someone has a high school crush, while others are intended to learn more about your intimacy with a partner or spouse.

Questions you may find in a love quiz

Love quizzes often include a bunch of questions; below are a few of the most common ones you might see. You are encouraged to reflect on and carefully consider your answer to each one.

Can you envision a future with this person?

Although it can be challenging to think about spending forever with someone, especially if you haven’t known them for very long, this question may arrive quickly at the heart of whether you love someone. You might have feelings for someone in your life or have a physical attraction to them, but can you envision spending the rest of your life with them? Can you picture a time five or 10 years down the road when you will still want them to play a central role in your life?

If the answer is yes, then you may love the person. If the answer is no, or you are lukewarm or indifferent, then love might not be the best word for what you feel. For many people, feelings that aren’t likely to last fall more into a different emotional category, such as lust, friendship, or sensuality.

Do you trust this person implicitly?

Love and trust can often go hand in hand, so it may be smart to consider whether you would be comfortable sharing challenges, thoughts, and vulnerabilities with someone. If you have doubts about whether you can trust someone, you may question whether love is the best term to describe what you feel for them. When two people love each other, they may be able to tell each other anything without fear of judgment.

Want to understand your feelings for someone

Does this person make you feel like a better version of yourself?

In many cases, love may make individuals feel like they have grown or learned something because of the person they care about. If you love someone, you may want to make an effort to be a better person for them. They might do the same thing for you. Love can mean accepting each other’s flaws. However, growing together may show more potential for success, according to studies.

Some of the most rewarding relationships may challenge us and encourage us to grow. Does the person in your life make you feel that way? Do you feel supported knowing that this person is in your corner and has your back? Do you feel like you can accomplish anything with them as the backbone of your support network? If your answer to these questions is no, then love might not be what you feel for them.

Love quizzes can be fun but non-essential

Answering these questions or those found in one of the hundreds of online quizzes is often fun and could give you a better understanding of how you feel about someone. However, the results may not be irrefutable proof that you love or don’t love somebody who has come into your life.

You may choose to instead take your own opinion into consideration. Take all your experiences into account and ask yourself how this person makes you feel. If the answer is not apparent immediately, you might need to give it a little more time. You may feel more confident over time. If you’re still confused, you may ask a friend or family member for advice.

Gaining professional insight

At times, people decide that speaking to a family member or friend isn’t enough. If you’re experiencing anxiety due to confusing feelings toward someone in your life, you may want to consider speaking to a professional therapist. 

Studies show that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for anxiety and depression, which can be common when someone is experiencing difficulty with a relationship. Online therapy can provide insight without any bias related to you or the person in your life. Aside from providing an objective person to listen to you, online therapy allows you to receive help without having to find a therapist’s office that’s close enough to travel to, which can prove challenging when you live in an area with few therapist offices.

If you wish to discuss a perplexing relationship, you may find support through an online therapy platform such as BetterHelp.


Online love quizzes may be a fun and exciting way to learn more about your feelings for someone. However, if you’re hoping to gain professional or expert insight, you may consider reaching out to an online counselor instead.
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