Blood Type Personality: What Does Your Blood Type Personality Say About You?

Updated March 23, 2021
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Exploring Blood Type Personality

In America, some people look up a potential partner's star sign to see their compatibility. If you are not shy to admit, you may have at one time, or another sought advice from the stars. Well, for Japanese people, they do not rely on the astrological signs of personality information; rather it is their blood type personalities.

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Learn More About The Four Blood Types And Their Associated Personality Traits


After all, we all have blood running through the veins of our bodies. But have you ever thought about how your blood type and personality are connected? 

What Is Blood Type Personality?

The concept of blood type personalities might seem foreign to us; many truly believe that personality traits are inherently connected to the type of blood you are born with. Although is a fun idea, there's no proof to back it up, meaning the theory is to be viewed as more of a myth than a scientific fact. Blood types are so ingrained into Japanese culture, that it can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But those who do believe are adamant that blood type plays a significant role in determining a person's personality. You can use your type to understand your unique nature. In countries such as Japan, people are very fond of asking one's blood type. Blood typing can be a useful tool for employers to assess their potential employees, in marketing companies, and in companies dealing with dating services.

Do you know your blood type? Read on and find out more about your personality traits depending on your blood type. Also, possibly check out who would be your best match depending on their type!

Blood Types And Personality - What Can My Blood Type Personality Say About Me?

O, B, A, and AB are the four blood types in the human race and plenty of people learn theirs is when they give a blood donation. A lot of research on blood type personalities has been carried out in Japan where the majority of the people are A. The second most common blood type is B. People with AB positive are universal plasma donors. Below are the four types and their associated personality traits. You will be surprised at how accurate some of these are!


People with blood type A are clever, passionate, sensitive, and cooperative. They are loyal, patient, and they love peace. Sometimes, they may be overly sensitive about different things. For instance, they care a lot about etiquette as well as social standards. They do not like to break the set rules on etiquette or the laid down societal standards or rules. On occasions where they choose to break the rules, it’s considered a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A personalities are careful decision makers, and they take their time before they can settle on any decision. Besides, they are not good at multi-tasking, as they prefer to handle one task at a time. Blood type A are very organized, and they do not like haphazard actions. They prefer to keep everything neat and in the right place. They plan everything, and every task that they engage in is carried out with a lot of consistency and seriousness. Many people with OCD fall into this category and end up seeking help from a professional counselor who can help with their compulsive issues.

Employees with a different personality type and blood type work together at a table.


People in this category are very stubborn and are easily stressed. They have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and this makes them intense. They do not like fights, and they prefer to be in harmony with everyone, and they like to work in collaboration with others in the community. They tend to keep to themselves more so when they do not want to share their ideas or opinions. Some of the most common traits of blood type A are as follows. They are kind, shy, stubborn, attentive, composed, polite, tense, withdrawn, reliable, perfectionist, sensitive, responsible, tactful, timid, mild-mannered, anxious, earnest, reserved, and polite.

The best traits of people with type A are gentle, loyal, organized, consistent, loyal, and perfectionists. Their bad traits are, obsessive, pessimistic, overly sensitive, fastidious, stubborn, and easily stressed.

As friends, people with type A are very reliable and trustworthy. If you are in trouble, then you can rely on friends with this blood type. They do not like to show their emotions, and they keep their thoughts or feeling about things hidden from others, and they share only when comfortable.

Famous people with type A are George Bush, Adolf Hitler, Jet Li, Britney Spears, and Richard Nixon. Considering they’re all important leaders, this might be perceived as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

B Type

People with this blood type are famous for their creativity. They make their decisions very quickly, and they are not good at taking orders. When they focus on something, they put their all into it, and they are unlikely to let go even if the goal is unachievable. They have a very strong drive or desire to be the best at anything that they have set their minds to do. Nevertheless, they are poor at multi-tasking, and they are likely to neglect other important tasks and put all their focus on whatever they have set their mind on at the moment.

Learn More About The Four Blood Types And Their Associated Personality Traits


Type B people can be thoughtful and empathetic. They are good at understanding other people's point of view and do not like challenging or confronting others. People with blood type B make good and reliable friends.

They face a lot of discrimination because of their negative personalities such as selfishness and uncooperativeness at times. The society mainly focuses on the negative side of people with blood type B, even though they also have their good side. As a result, they tend to be loners, and they isolate themselves from others. People with type B may be harassed and called out for their personalities, so when they display a type B trait, it’s likely to be labeled a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some of the most common positive traits of people with type B are such as curious, relaxed, strong, adventurous, creative, passionate, active, outgoing, and cheerful. On the other hand, the negative traits are, wild, erratic, unforgiving, selfish, uncooperative, irresponsible, and unpredictable.

Bs are generally a balance of As and Os, as they are both thoughtful and ambitious. Famous people with type B are Vince Young, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jack Nicholson. People with blood type B are more compatible with fellow Bs, but they can also relate well with ABs.


Blood type AB is a mix of A and B personality types. People consider them complicated and double-sided. For instance, they can be outgoing just like Bs and shy like As. At times, people view them as having double personalities, and they keep their true personalities from strangers. It is hard for a stranger to instantly decide which personality people with type AB have until they get to know them. They are the rarest in the world.

ABs are popular and charming, and they make friends easily. When in the company of an AB personality, there can never be a dull moment. They are fun and exciting friends to have around. Small stuff does not bother AB personalities, but they are poor in handling stress.

ABs are empathetic, and they are always careful when dealing with others. They make sure that they consider other people's point of view. These people have exceptional logical and analytical skills, and they are seen as humanists.


Some of their good traits are; caring, charming, controlled, dependable, cool, composed, sociable, dream chaser, trustworthy, rational, creative, adaptable, and diplomatic. Their negative traits are such as complicated, self-centered, irresponsible, vulnerable, indecisive, forgetful, unforgiving, critical, and two-faced.

Famous people with AB are Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Chan, and John F. Kennedy.

O Personality

People with O are outgoing, go-getters, and daring. They usually set high standards for themselves, and they do all they can to achieve them. Os have excellent leadership capabilities. Little things do not concern them, and this makes them appear as selfish to people in blood group A who are overly sensitive.

People with blood group O are generous and kind-hearted. Most people love being O. O personalities adapt well to change. They are flexible and resilient and can do relatively well even in tough situations.


Some of the positive personality traits in people with O are; leadership ability, self-determined, easygoing, optimistic, calm, confident, outgoing, loyal, cautious, passionate, peaceful, resilient, independent, trendsetter, reliable, carefree, and devoted. On the centrally, they are also jealous, rude, ruthless, insensitive, unpunctual, unpredictable, cold, self-centered, workaholic, and arrogant.

Individuals with O are very enduring and strong, and that is why the Japanese call them Warriors. They are honest people and hate people who tell a lie or hide the truth. People who are O are not overly cautious about small details, as they tend to focus more on the big picture.

Famous people with O are such as Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, and Ronald Regan, John Gotti, and Gerald Ford.

Here is an easy reference guide for making compatibility decisions:



This is a fun way of understanding people. Do any of these apply to you?

Can you see how someone could equate blood types with a self fulfilling prophecy?

A Japanese Perspective on Personality and Blood Types

In the western world, most people don’t give much thought to their blood types unless they donate blood or they have a medical emergency. In Japan, if you ask someone what their “type” is, they’re likely to describe it in terms of O, A, B, or AB. It’s their way of having blood type explained.

As compared with other parts of the world, the Japanese culture and a few other Asian countries embrace some interesting ideas about the effect of someone’s blood type on their personality. While many people strongly believe that there is truth in the connection between personality types, blood types, and how people act, there is no real scientific evidence to prove it and there is no valid or reliable study about this. Many believe the Japanese’s take on personality and individual difference is more of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Takeji Furukawa was a social psychologist and a professor at Tokyo Women’s Teacher’s School who researched blood types and personality using Japanese subjects. He published a paper about this in 1927. Despite his lack of credentials, the study soon became a national conversation in Asian countries and around the world.

In another of Takeji Furukawa’s studies, he studied Japanese personality, and the like using the Formosans in Taiwan and the Ainu people of Hokkaid?. The Japanese occupied Taiwan after they invaded China in 1895 and the Taiwanese resisted and revolted, killing hundreds of Japanese. He found that just over 41% of Taiwanese samples had type O blood and assumed that their strong-willed and rebellious nature was due to O type blood in their genes. He supported his findings by reporting that slightly over 23% of the Ainu people had type O blood and they were submissive. Furukawa concluded from his Japanese subjects that Japan should strive to increase intermarriage with the Taiwanese to pare down the number of Taiwanese with type O blood. While the concept of the connection between blood type and personality took root in many eastern places, the general thought is that his results turned out to be little more than a self fulfilling prophecy.

In the western world, many people put value and worth in their star signs and horoscopes. In some Asian countries, who you truly are is based on your blood. In Japan, this theory is a topic of interest and intrigue along the same lines as astrology. Some people believe that Japanese blood type, personality, and who you are go hand-in-hand.

Judging your characteristics based on your blood is such a common self fulfilling prophecy that dating services and retail products have sprung up in response to it. People use these services and products to help them sort out individual differences. Believe it or not, there’s even a sort of discrimination and blood harassment surround this theory.

In fact, there’s an entire theory about what kind of person you are based on your biology. That theory extends into the characters that video game creators create. If you’re the type to scan the forums for a video game that’s popular with Japanese people, you’ll find that the characters are often patterned according to their definition of blood type.

If you were to believe that personality and individual differences had something to do with blood types, you wouldn’t need to donate blood to know if you have A, B, O, or AB blood. You would remember it and cite it often.

For example, people that have type O blood are confident, self-determined, strong willed, and they tend to be leaders and caretakers. They’re resilient, flexible, optimistic, and they don’t sweat the small stuff. Type O people are even-tempered and make excellent team players. They’re great communicators and they won’t crack under pressure. Blood type, diet, and other features are notable for type O people. It’s believed that they’re better able to digest their foods than other people with other types.

Unlike people with type AB blood and people with type B blood, people with type A blood tend to be peacekeepers and peacemakers, and they hate to argue. You’ll find them to be hard-working, conscientious, reserved, patient, and sensitive. They love to be orderly and organized and they may get frazzled easily. In the romance department, they like to take things slow and it takes them time to open up.

Of the A, B, O, and AB blood type profiles, people with type B blood are the creative types in the group. They’re also quite passionate and a little on the selfish side. They’re curious about things but they like to explore on their own terms. Type B people tend to be irresponsible, unforgiving, and fleeting. Other adjectives that describe type B people are self-centered, cold, unpredictable, active, outgoing, adaptable, and they’re loads of fun to be around.

The Japanese people consider people with type AB blood to be an interesting dichotomy. They can be described as critical, indecisive, and forgetful. They’re mysterious and cool and perhaps, a bit odd. They hunger for knowledge, but they tend to be realists at the same time. They’re frank and upfront so you’ll always know where you stand with them.

When you consider the blood type explained according to Japanese culture, blood harassment is a valid issue. The Japanese people have a term for blood harassment called Bura-hara and a social psychologist might tell you that it’s a huge social problem in Japan. People with type B blood tend to be picked on the most for the negative personality and individual differences in the traits associated with type B people.

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