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By Sarah Fader

Updated June 05, 2019

Reviewer Whitney White, MS. CMHC, NCC., LPC

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"I'm searching for a psychologist near me because I want to work on my mental health." Is that a thought that you've had? If it is, you're not alone. Finding a therapist or psychologist near your home isn't easy. You want to find someone who is professional and can accommodate your mental health needs. Maybe you want to do trauma therapy, or you're interested in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). These are things that some psychologists specialize in, and you may not be able to find those clinicians in your area. It's not that you're bad at searching, but you might not have those individuals available to you where you live.

Before you make a determination one way or the other, first make sure you are precise as to what kind of mental health provider you're looking for so you can find that person. The right psychologist for your needs is out there, but they may not be in your neck of the woods.

Finding the Right Psychologist for You

It's great that you're motivated to start therapy and you want to get better, but don't take the first therapist you find. Let's take a step even further back. Don't start your search for a psychologist before planning it. Also, before searching for a psychologist in your local area, you need to decide what you're finding treatment for. Is it that you want to find ways to learn about emotional regulation, techniques for OCD, or trauma and recovery? Maybe you're looking for a couple's therapist. You want to see a therapist who can work with you and your partner. You can work with a couple's therapist to heal your relationship. There are so many treatment options and reasons to see a psychologist. Prior to even engaging in the search, it's important to figure out what you're looking for so you're not wasting your time. Start by thinking about what you need treatment for, and then make a list.

Maybe you're trying to find a provider who can help you with an anxiety management plan. Perhaps you struggle with panic attacks and need a psychologist who can work on how to deal with your sudden attacks. Maybe you're struggling with substance abuse and need to see a psychologist who can help you while you're on the road to sobriety. You might be looking for a mental health provider who can support you while working through issues with ADHD and impulse control. You might need some assistance with exposure therapy. These are all valid reasons to seek therapy. However, what happens when you have trouble finding a provider who can treat your condition?

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When You Can't Find What You're Looking For, What Do You Do?

Remember that U2 song "I still haven't found what I'm looking for?" I'm sure Bono was talking about love, but we can definitely apply that to finding a therapist. Finding a good psychologist is hard. But when you can't find the kind of therapist you're seeking, don't give up. You deserve to get the treatment that you want and need. This is your life, and if you want to get better, you need to start by getting the right treatment for your mental health needs. Let's say that you're looking for a psychologist that practices Cognitive Behavior Therapy. You think "there must be a psychologist near me who does CBT." You search your insurance provider's booklet, but you can't find one. You look online, and you can't find a provider online. You begin to get frustrated. It's not easy to find who you're looking for when it comes to mental health treatment sometimes. You want to see an expert in the field, and that's not always easy, especially if you just moved to the area. What do you do next?

How Do You Start Looking?

First, you've decided that you want to see a particular kind of therapist. You need to consider the options. Maybe you don't want to look for a psychologist near you because you'd instead pursue online therapy. Perhaps you'd like to find someone who practices psychoanalysis. Some clinics train graduate students in psychoanalysis. If you're interested in pursuing psychoanalysis, you might consider registering with a psychoanalytic clinic and seeing one of the graduate students at the clinic. Once you're matched with a graduate student, you're also helping someone learn their craft. They may have a sliding scale fee, or you may not have to pay anything at all. If your insurance covers mental health treatment, they may have a behavioral health plan, which is a great thing. These plans allow people a certain amount of sessions per year. It's essential to find out what your mental health benefits are so you can use them!

Copayments and Deductibles

After you locate your psychologist of choice, that's not the end of the search. You need to contact your insurance company. The psychologist who practices the type of mental health treatment you're searching for may seem like a perfect fit. However, you also need to consider if the mental health provider accepts your insurance. You don't want to start seeing a therapist who creates a financial problem for you down the road. You might think you can afford $150 a session, and then after a couple of months, you can't afford to buy groceries or pay rent. That wouldn't be a sustainable situation, and it would cause you less distress if you can manage to find a therapist who takes your insurance - that would be the best situation.

However, it's not that easy. You may find a provider who accepts your insurance, but they're not located in your area. And you're not finding a 'psychologist near me' either. Another issue to consider is the insurance deductibles. Some insurance plans have high deductibles. You might have to pay $2000 over time before you can start getting your insurance to start covering therapy. That's a lot of money, and it will take a lot of time before the insurance kicks in and starts benefiting you.

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Online Therapy

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, you can't locate a psychologist near you - and it's not like you did anything wrong. What do you do now? If you can't find a psychologist near you and you want to get quality mental health treatment, consider online therapy. Online counseling is an excellent form of therapy where you can see a mental health professional in the privacy of your home. Online treatment works for people who have busy schedules or live in remote areas. There are so many reasons to choose online counseling. Some people prefer seeing an online therapist rather than going to see a therapist in their office. Some people like the intimacy that online therapy provides them. Rather than sitting in a therapist's office and shifting uncomfortably on a couch, you can video chat, text or call your therapist. The best part is you're not searching for a psychologist anymore. You've found one! Now, you can find the best online therapist for you. No more looking for a psychologist near you. Search the network of online mental health professionals here at BetterHelp and find the best fit for you!

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