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By William Drake|Updated October 4, 2022

How Can I Find The Right Psychology Professional Today?

If you’re having trouble finding a counseling psychologist or psychology professional near you today, you’re not alone. Learning how to find a psychiatrist or therapist can be a research project in and of itself. Finding a therapist or a psychologist near your home isn’t always easy. You want to find someone who is professional in psychology and can accommodate your mental health needs, but there are either too many choices or not enough people who meet your criteria and take your insurance. Maybe you're interested in learning more about shadowing psychology and how it applies to you. Whatever your need, the right psychologist is out there, but they may not be in your neck of the woods or as easily accessible via a directory as you might think.

Thinking “Where Can I Get Help Nearby?”

First and foremost, we commend you for beginning a journey to find help for your mental health. Starting to understand psychology today can be intimidating, and many people in different states can feel overwhelmed at this stage. Know that help is out there. This article will show you how you can find the answer to your problems as well as discuss some options for managing your wellness with mental health professionals, including telephone and online therapy.

This Guide Can Help You Find The Right Psychologist For You

Learning about what’s happening in psychology today and finding the best psychologist for you, whether in-person or not, is a process that involves some research. There are many states that offer a directory or list of mental health professionals to their residents, free of charge, that you can search for care. There are also options online, such as the "Psychology Today: find a therapist" directory. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but you’ll need to figure out what kind of therapy you want and what you can afford for therapy as a client. There are many financial options, but some therapists can be expensive. Be sure to reach out to your insurance provider to determine what types of mental health professionals it will cover.

While the process of psychology today can seem complex, it’s actually very simple. Here is some information to help you find a therapist.

Selecting the Right Person for You

Before searching for a psychologist in your local area or location, think about why you want the help of verified therapists. Do some research on the field and topics you are interested in exploring. If you're looking for mental health professionals that can help with gender affirming therapy for one of your children, your research is going to look very different than someone whose top priority is finding therapists in a convenient location. Learn what treatment methods and options are available for someone with your needs. You don’t need to know your precise diagnosis or which therapeutic method you prefer, but it will help to be clear about your needs. For example, you might need help with depression, anxiety, self-love, or relationships.

The Reasons to Look for Help

When it comes to the practice of psychology today, maybe you want specific tools like techniques for handling OCD or support while you’re coping with trauma from a relationship. Perhaps you’re trying to find a provider who can help you with an anxiety management plan. Alternatively, you could be struggling with substance use and need to see a psychologist who can help you while you’re on the road to sobriety. These are all valid reasons to seek therapy, and you can find a unique therapist for each situation.

Then again, maybe you have no idea what you need when it comes to the topic of psychology today. Something may be “just wrong,” even though you can’t put it into words. That’s okay, too. That's what mental health professionals are for. 

There are so many treatment options therapists offer that are available for all people no matter what your symptoms, problems, or conditions are, there is a treatment option and help available. People have many reasons to see a psychologist. From personal concerns, family issues, and work-life balance, therapy, and counseling today provide a wide variety of support services for managing your mental health. Make a list of your symptoms or write down what you’re experiencing. Even a little bit of information about the background of psychology can help you narrow the field as you begin your search for someone.

Once you’re clear on your needs, you might find the right person to help you immediately. If so, that’s great! Sometimes, however, it’s not that easy.

When You Can’t Discover What You’re Looking For, What Do You Do?

Remember that U2 song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”? Maybe Bono was talking about love, but we can apply that to finding a professional practicing clinical psychologist today, too. Finding a good counselor can be hard. If you can’t find a therapist with appropriate credentials for your situation, don’t give up. You deserve to get the treatment you want and need. This is your life. If you want to get better, it’s worth taking the time to find the right support instead of settling for something that doesn’t feel right.

Let’s say you’re looking to find a therapist that practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Even though you’re sure you can find someone nearby, you can’t find anyone when you search your insurance network. Similarly, you look online and have no luck. You begin to get frustrated with your repeated attempts to find a therapist. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right mental health provider or find a therapist who is a good fit for you. What do you do next?

How Do You Start Looking For One?

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, you may need to broaden the scope of your search and consider new options when it comes to finding the best services for mental health today. An online location directory of therapists in your area can be a great place to start if you're looking for help. 

Online support groups are an effective way to connect with therapists if there are none near you or your location. These are one of the many convenient options that psychologists provide people living with mental health issues.

If you’re willing to meet someone who has less experience and there's a university near your location, you could work with a psychology graduate student in training. As a bonus, their rates are generally more affordable and explained more clearly than a licensed psychologist or other mental health professionals. You might also want to consider a service like 7 Cups of Tea, which offers a listening service with volunteer members and support groups. The field of psychology includes options like these free peer-to-peer counseling services that make it possible to get support regardless of income.

It’s important to note that volunteer members in support groups and practicing students in psychology today are not officially recognized as psychologists, therapists, or mental health professionals. Hands-on clinical experience is a major part of the requirements for becoming licensed to practice psychology. Students in some states must have up to two thousand hours of clinical practice hours before they become eligible for a license. Suppose you’re specifically looking for someone who is licensed as a psychologist but can’t seem to find anyone near you or your location, an online therapy directory may be your best option. We’ll talk about that more at the end of this article.

Copayments And Deductibles

After you find a therapist in a proper location, you still have a little more work to do. When it comes to taking care of your mental health, some health insurance plans provide benefits for behavioral health services. At this point, you need to contact your insurance company and confirm if they will cover treatment with this individual. You may also need to ask the mental health provider how they handle insurance claims and the verified diagnosis they will use to bill you. You don’t want to start seeing a psychologist who creates a financial problem for you down the road.

For example, you might think you can afford $150 a session now, but what will happen if you can’t pay your bills in a couple of months? That wouldn’t be a sustainable situation, so it’s ideal when it comes to psychology today to find a psychologist who works with your insurance plan—or find a therapist who you can afford to pay on your own if needed. Once again, an online directory of therapists who accept insurance is a great list to start with. 

Keep in mind that some insurance plans have high deductibles related to services for psychology today. That means you might have to pay out of pocket until you hit your deductible, and only then will your insurance start covering therapy. That’s a lot of money, so be sure to understand what it means for your budget.

Online Help

This Guide Can Help You Find The Right Psychologist For You

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, you can’t locate a psychologist near you. What do you do then? If you want to get quality mental health treatment, consider becoming one of thousands of people who use online therapy.

Some are wary of online therapy, but there’s no reason to be suspicious. Researchers recently conducted a meta-analysis of online therapy studies. Compiling the results of over 90 different investigations, they found that online therapy had about the same effect and success on people as traditional face-to-face options. If you are struggling to find a psychologist near you, then chances are your needs can be met with a list of online options.

Online treatment works for clients who have busy schedules or live in remote areas and don't want to travel to a distant location; the psychologist you speak with does not need to be near you or based in your location if it is online. Verified, online therapists also tend to be more affordable when compared to most insurance co-pays for therapy sessions. If you’re curious about working with an online therapist, read reviews from others on their BetterHelp counselors below.

Counselor Reviews

“Michelle Petty is one of the most competent psychologists I have encountered, and her care puts her in her own league. I am now receiving the help I have been searching for, and I never thought it would be online. BetterHelp is lucky to have her.”

“I highly recommend Brian White as a good listener, a competent professional, and a caring person. In our two months so far, he has offered me a balanced combination of a patient, listening ear while also offering solid, practical info (from current psychology) and insight that gets me thinking more productively during the time between our sessions. My time talking with Brian has really helped me to develop skills that reduce the anxiety I was feeling in the beginning.”


Finding a therapist directory in your location can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. BetterHelp is a convenient and affordable option for online therapy. If you can’t find a psychologist near you or close to your exact location, take the first step here.

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