Reasons To Try Online Psychiatry For Mental Health

Updated January 24, 2022
Medically Reviewed By: Denise Doster

If you are struggling, there are ways to enlist the help of a qualified therapist without even stepping outside by using online therapy.

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Online Therapy Can Be Beneficial In Helping You Go About Your Day

Is Online Psychiatry Right For You?

Online Psychiatry, Psychology, And Virtual Mental Health Treatment Options

With online therapy, you can find high-quality therapists as well as online psychiatry from your computer. Once you find a psychologist or psychiatrist that meets your needs, you can attend online sessions including live chat, phone, video, and consultations. A licensed therapist or psychiatrist can help you achieve your goals, improve your mental health, and get the help you need, whether you’re managing anxiety or depression, addiction, sleep issues, or social anxiety. The extremely helpful board-certified psychologists and licensed counselors at provide treatment for ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, relationship issues, and other mental health issues.

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Exploring Online Psychiatry, Psychology, And Therapy Options Through BetterHelp

While most of us want to be healthy, it can be difficult to know how to ask for help, or how to start treatment. A new baby, an overwhelming job, or living in a remote area can all make it difficult to receive help. You can get an online psychologist or online psychiatry doctor to provide a clinical assessment without having to leave home or work. After registering for your secure account with, you’re matched with a licensed professional (such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist) and have the option to schedule sessions for times that work for you, day or night.

Reasons To Seek Healthcare And Mental Health Psychology Treatment

The best treatment for you is one that’s accessible, whether that's with a therapist or psychiatrist via live chat, phone, text, video, or live sessions. The best therapy is with a therapist or psychiatrist who can provide what you need no matter what issues you're facing in life. 

Real BetterHelp Psychology And Therapy Reviews From Clients

"I have not been working with Andrea for long but I have found her to be compassionate and adaptable. She helped me realize that if a doctor or therapist isn't able to empathize and they are approaching my problems cynically and with indiscriminate doubt, they cannot help me. Andrea is the first person in a long time that inspired me to hope they can help and trust that they will at the very least try."
"I love working with Nancy! She's been very empowering, compassionate, and understanding. Whenever I text or call, I know she'll be there for me and that she'll provide me with an insight that will help me find my way. I've been really appreciative of these counseling services, and I am so very glad I decided to do counseling. It's an investment in one's health. I've been on psychotic meds for a whole decade and while medications numb the pain, they do not resolve it. Counseling does! I am definitely continuing to work with Nancy."

Online Therapy Can Be Beneficial In Helping You Go About Your Day

Virtual Vs. In-Person Options To Try For Mental Health Treatment

Seeing your psychiatrist or therapist's facial expressions and examining their body language can be useful, but can also be something of a deterrent if you are worried about being judged or you are afraid of others' perceptions of you. When choosing a psychiatrist or therapist in person, you are likely to be limited in your options, as you will need to find someone in your immediate area, and the therapist or psychiatrist closest to you might not engage the particular modality you're hoping to use. If you want to avoid eye contact and body language, text therapy might be perfect for you. Conversely, meeting with a therapist online affords you the ability to meet on your schedule, in the comfort of your home. You may be more comfortable divulging honestly and fully with your therapist in your home, via live chat, rather than in the standard office setting.

This form of online therapy for mental health treatment can also be more cost-effective, as you and your therapist are not required to spend money on gas, or physical office space.   

Online Psychiatrist Conclusion

Working with an online therapist can be a powerful way to strengthen mental health.

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