Speaking To An Online Psychologist: Key To Better Mental Health

By Stephanie Kirby|Updated August 2, 2022

When was the last time you spoke with someone about your feelings or the thoughts on your mind? People often put other tasks and other people before their own physical and mental health needs  in our busy world. Many of us do not have time to schedule an in-person appointment with a therapist, go to the appointment, and speak to someone for an hour. Luckily, the world of therapy has moved online with online therapy to make prioritizing your mental health easier.

The Benefits of Better Mental Health

Improving your mental health has greater lasting benefits than just the ones you might immediately gain from a mental health therapy session. If you are struggling with anxiety or stress, seeing a therapist has been shown to reduce long-term medical costs associated with heart problems or viral illnesses or disease. Mental health professionals and licensed clinical social workers are able to offer traditional therapy, talk therapy, and practice psychotherapy, or provide mental health treatment on an online platform.

Many mental health issues are made more severe by substance use, such as drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs. Speaking with a therapist online about these issues and medication management may reduce reliance on substance use. Whether you have a diagnosis of a mental health disorder, engage in substance use, or find yourself in need of extra emotional support, you deserve to make your mental wellbeing a priority in your life. You also might see that working on your mental health can brighten other aspects of your life, such as chronic illness, stress management from everyday life, your relationships, career, and physical health.

Online Psychologists Have The Skills To Help You With Your Life Challenges

What Stops People From Getting The Help They Need From One Of These Professionals

Many people who would benefit from seeing an online psychologist or therapist counseling unit are not receiving the help they need. These are some common reasons people give for not seeking therapy:

  • They don't think their problems are bad enough. Many people think therapy is only for patients experiencing severe mental health conditions, such as psychosis. They don't realize that therapists are equipped to help with a full range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, and just “feeling down.” A person who doesn’t think their problem is serious enough may want to avoid the cost and hassle of scheduling an in-person appointment.
  • They don't want others to know they are getting help. Unfortunately, the persistent stigma surrounding mental health issues often prevents people from even speaking about them, let alone pursuing help. Instead of relying on trusted friends and family to understand, some people feel embarrassed or shame about having a personal “problem” and avoid asking for help. The therapeutic relationship you have with your therapist dictates that what you tell them will be kept in confidence. 
  • They have a tight schedule. Some people might want to get help with something but aren't sure how to fit a provider into their day-to-day lives. They may have challenging work schedules, struggle with finding or paying for childcare, or have other family or community obligations that make finding spare time difficult.
  • It's expensive. The cost of in-person therapy is not often covered by health insurance. Appointments can be expensive, and since more than one appointment is almost always necessary to make progress, the cost can dissuade many people from even getting started. You can try live video sessions online by signing up to speak with a licensed therapist today. 

The good news is that in-person therapy is not the only way to look after your mental health, and you can also request a doctor on demand to help you manage your symptoms. With the new technology, you can receive help from a licensed therapist in a way that works best for you. 

Online therapy is a flexible solution for mental health care. It often takes the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a common approach that empowers a person to consider and reframe their own challenges and negative thoughts with the guidance of mental health professional. CBT focuses on finding your own strengths and building your resiliency to new challenges, and it can be completed in a virtual setting just as well as in person. Online therapy has been widely researched in various studies and judged as effective; a recent study of over 1,100 participants in online CBT found that 89 percent of the participants would recommend an online therapy network to others.

You might wonder what makes online therapy so different from other therapeutic resources. In fact, it has several advantages over in-person therapy: accessibility, convenience, privacy, and cost, to name a few. For example, online therapy can be arranged around your life on a schedule that suits yours. With no need for transportation to an appointment, you can save time and hassle. The discretion of online therapy also means that you don’t need to share your mental healthcare plans with anyone, and it comes at a much lower financial cost than face-to-face therapy, too. A professor of psychiatry at the University of California-Davis recently compared online therapy to the old-fashioned “house calls” that medical doctors made decades ago: “We’re seeing people in their own environments…It actually improves the relationships we have with them.” These reviews from BetterHelp users also show what makes online therapy different and provide you with more information on this type of therapy:

Krista is exceptionally helpful and thoughtful in her role as a counselor. I appreciate her insights, how promptly she responds, and that she provides helpful exercises and videos based on the current issues we are going over. I was skeptical before, but Krista has made me a believer in online therapy!

Online Psychologists Have The Skills To Help You With Your Life Challenges

Lauren is a wonderful therapist! This is my first time using online therapy, and she has made me feel so comfortable and confident about this process. We use a mixture of chat and phone calls which works great for me. She is so easy to talk to, understanding, and supportive. I feel very thankful to have been matched with her.

What Can An Online Psychologist Help Me With?

It’s a common misconception that speaking with a licensed therapist is only for people with free time and money or who have a severe mental illness. However, you do not need to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder to feel the need to speak with someone.

Often, we do not want to burden our friends or family with our thoughts. After all, some personal issues can actually be easier to talk about with someone outside your social circle. When you talk with a therapist instead of a friend, you can address your personal situations in a safe space and enjoy your time with friends.

An online psychologist is someone you can speak to about anything on your mind. If you are stressed at work, have lost a loved one or a pet, have difficulty connecting with a partner or children or experiencing any other struggles, you may find that speaking with a licensed mental health professional helps. Although people often wait to seek help until problems become unbearable, online therapy is a quick and easy way to talk with someone about your thoughts and feelings while they are more manageable. There are also many forms of online therapy, such as couples therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, that you can choose from. 

Why An Online Psychologist May Be The Right Fit For You

Online therapy sessions can help address many issues that often keep people from seeking help from a licensed professional.

Access to online appointments is much more convenient with an online therapy platform like BetterHelp.com or Talkspace. You can talk to providers about your mental health or personal situation from anywhere with internet access: you can meet for an appointment with a child napping in the next room, on a lunch break, or even on the commute. Online therapy is all about finding a solution that works with your life.

Online therapy also neutralizes the stigma that keeps many people from seeking help with their mental health. Because you control the schedule and location of each appointment, you can also keep your use of therapy as private as you wish.

Also, the affordability of online therapy makes it possible for more people to attend to their mental health. If you don’t have to go anywhere or spend as much as you would for an in-person appointment, it is easier to address mental health issues that you might otherwise try to ignore until they worsen.

Is It Time for Me to Speak with An Online Psychologist?

Many people rely on online therapy to deal with difficult times or personal struggles. You may experience a life event or change and feel you need to speak with someone about these things, or you may deal with a long-term condition like depression, post-traumatic stress, or anxiety. Try to keep in mind that a mental health professional can provide you with an objective assessment of your mental health, as well as tools and support to improve your wellbeing. If you believe you need someone to talk to, online therapy may be your key to better mental health. You can start today.

Conclusion and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you talk with one?

You should talk to your psychologist in a way that feels comfortable to you. There's no need to use specific words or phrases and you should be able to talk to your psychologist about all of your thoughts, feelings, and problems. 

Can you talk with my psychology professional online?

You can talk to a counselor, therapist, or psychologist online with telehealth. This gives you access to the same level of care you'd receive in person, but often for a lower price and with a lot more convenience.

Can I text my therapist for free?

Crisis Text Line offers live support from trained crisis counselors for all kinds of situations. There are some other free online therapy chats available, also.

What happens when you talk with one?

When you talk to a psychologist, they listen to what you're saying and ask you questions to help you think about your life and behaviors in a new way. The therapist might take notes so they can look for larger patterns in what you're saying, and new ways to support you. A psychiatrist, which is different from a psychologist or a therapist, may administer a test to diagnose any potential mental health problems, like ADHD. 

From there, you will be given a prescription or regime to stick to that will help improve your mental health. 

Can I talk with someone online for free?

There are free online counseling services available, but they will generally be offered by volunteers or counselors, not licensed therapists or psychologists. These services are available in a pinch, but are generally not a replacement for therapy.

What should you not say when talking with my psychology professional?

You should feel comfortable saying anything to a psychologist. It's not a good idea to lie to your psychologist, because the help that they give you is based on what you tell them. If you lie to your psychologist, they might not be able to support you in the best way.

Where can I talk with someone for free?

There are many online services that offer the chance to talk to a volunteer for no charge. You might also be surprised by the people in your life who want to listen to you, and can offer helpful advice when needed.

Is 7 cups therapy free?

7 cups has chat rooms and group chats that are free. They also offer text therapy for $150 per month. Depending on the services you use, you can get free support.

Why is therapy so expensive?

There are many factors that determine the cost of therapy. One is the cost of training, education, and licensing that therapists must complete before they can begin offering therapy. Many therapists carry hefty student loan balances from their training, and need a way to repay them. Therapists also have yearly costs associated with maintaining their licenses. Additionally, with traditional, in-office therapy, a therapist must also pay rent for their office space, and all of the utilities and bills that come along with rent.

What happens if you text 741741?

You can text thw rod "brave" to 741741 to receive a response from a trained crisis counselor in a few minutes. These counselors want to help you and et you through a crisis situaiton.

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