How To Talk To Your Boyfriend To Improve Your Relationship

Updated October 07, 2018

Reviewer Denise Doster


We always hear that communication is the key to a happy relationship. But what is implied in that statement is good communication. It's possible to communicate often and still not feel satisfied with your relationship. So here are some tips on how to talk to your boyfriend to improve your relationship. These suggestions will help you to develop communication strategies for an open and honest conversations which allow you and your partner to grow closer.

How to talk to your boyfriend about anything

So, what does good communication entail? Everyone is different and prefers different communication styles, but there are some basic rules that apply to almost every romantic relationship.

Be honest

The number one way to improve communication within your relationship is, to be honest with your boyfriend. Your intimate partner is the person you should be able to be completely open with. And most arguments turn out much worse if one partner is withholding information. You'll find that having a small conflict upfront about a disagreement is much easier to resolve (and easier on your relationship) than waiting for the conflict to grow through a lie.


This does not mean, however, that you should state your opinions bluntly. Being honest is not the same as being mean. Remember, you're talking to someone you care about, so be kind in your word choice.

Listen without worrying about your turn

Good communication is not just about the things you say. You should sincerely listen when your boyfriend is talking to you. Rather than thinking about what you are going to say next, focus on his part of the conversation and think about what he's really communicating to you.

Pay attention to nonverbal communication

People communicate a lot of different meanings through their eyes, posture, and gestures. If your boyfriend is struggling to say something to you or you feel like you're misunderstanding him, look at his body language. It may help you decipher the message.

Also, you can pay attention to your boyfriend's body language when you are talking to him. This will help you to recognize how he's receiving your messages.


Don't assume your partner agrees with you

It's easy to start an argument because of a misunderstanding caused by false assumptions. Your boyfriend may be one of the closest people to you, but you are still two separate people. There will be times when the two of you disagree on a matter. So, if you don't want unnecessary arguments to arise, remember not to start a conversation with the assumption that your partner agrees with you on the issue at hand. Instead, ask what his opinion is on the matter before you make an inflammatory comment.


Avoid distractions while talking

When you are talking to your boyfriend, whether it is about a serious matter or not, your attention should be on him. Don't check your phone or start an involved activity while the two of you are talking. Wait, and give him all of your attention. Whatever other tasks you have to do can wait for a while.

Learning the right ways to communicate is the best thing you can do to improve your relationship. When you find communication lagging between you and your boyfriend, a couples therapist may be able to help you build better conversation strategies together.

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