Getting To Know Yourself: True Happiness Comes From Within

Hierarchy of Self-Actualization:

Aspiring towards self-actualization is an incredible goal in that it takes a certain level of awareness to identify what you want from what you need. This is the overarching aspiration to maximize your potential, being the best self that you can possibly be, all the while continuing to strive to improve. Abraham Maslow conceived and outlined this concept in his book Motivation and Personality, discussing what he believed to be some of the key characteristics of self-actualized people.


Traits of Self-Actualized People:

These people find motivation in the potential for growth, not through a satisfaction of needs. Once you get to the point where you aren't needing certain things to get through life, you have more mental capacity to develop into a stronger and more earnest version of yourself. They aren't threatened or afraid of the unknown, or can accept it and embrace it in the face of their fear. They are those who have learned to accept themselves holistically, perceiving themselves as how they want to b while they work to change things about themselves such as bad habits or deficits. They enjoy the moment at hand for its own sake, enjoying their existence in itself, and not just as a means to an end.


Be Yourself:

Unintentionally and inherently unconventional, self-actualized people accept that the world in which they live in cannot understand their minute characteristics. To achieve greater self-actualization, one must learn how to "let go" of the small things. Finding your purpose in life can be a bumpy road. Many people may craft their life choices based on what their family might think, even if this isn't always true. You might want certain things, but don't pursue them because you know that your parents or someone else important in your life will disapprove. Choosing yourself not only means making self-care a priority; sometimes difficult decisions must be made.

Happiness Comes From Within:

Talking with a mental health professional may be a good step to take in order to identify how you are progressing, in what ways you could improve, and any other insight an outside perspective can provide. Professionals have partnered with this interface known as BetterHelp, to get assistance for people more affordably and even remotely. This is allowing quality care to reach further than it has before and open a door in a wall that some encounter when seeking help.


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