3 Stress Anxiety Depression Test Secrets You Should Know

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In the mental health field, there are thousands of tests to check your mood, measure your anxiety and stress levels, or see if you are depressed. However, what makes any one of them different from the others? Some depression, stress, and anxiety test online were created by licensed professionals, while others could just be online quizzes with little to no clinical value. 

Remember that while online quizzes can offer interesting insight into your mental health, they are no substitution for an official diagnosis.

Are You Experiencing Symptoms Of Stress, Anxiety, Or Depression?

The following are three tips to get the most out of taking a stress, anxiety, or depression test.

Read The Questions Carefully

Even though the tests typically mention that there are no correct answers, you do not want to give the wrong impression of your situation. There are no "wrong" answers concerning emotional and mental health, but answering one of these questions dishonestly may give your therapist the idea that you may need a different course of treatment than you do in reality. However, avoiding this situation is often straightforward. Simply make sure you read each question carefully and give the test your attention and focus. That way, your answers will be honest to the best of your knowledge and ability.

Do Not Rush

Be sure you are not in a hurry. Do not just go through and check off answers to get through the test and get out of there. In many cases, especially if you are being forced to take this test for some reason, your test results can impact your next action plan. So, ensure you are relaxed and ready to spend as much time as you need to take this test.

Tell The Truth

It will not help you to lie about things. Do not just choose the answers you believe you are "supposed" to choose. This is not likely to help you or your mental health, even if you fear what your answers will look like to the therapist or are worried that your therapist will ask you difficult or intimate questions immediately. Rest assured that it's normal to go through a rapport-building phase with your counselor before discussing more personal issues.

If you are concerned about opening up to a therapist, it may comfort you to know that many people report feeling more comfortable talking to a counselor via online mediums as compared to in person. Therefore, online therapy might be the best solution for anxiety about opening up to others about very personal details.


If you take an online test and are concerned about the results, it may be time to talk to someone. An online counselor can talk you through the test results and what they might mean, and they can also offer other helpful resources. According to clinical research, online CBT effectively treats anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses quickly. Cognitive behavioral therapy works by focusing on your thought processes and changing them so that they can become more grateful and healthy. So online therapy could be a light at the end of the tunnel if you feel you are in a dark place.

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