How I Was Able To Feel Back To My Old Self Again - Andrea

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Recently, I was having a lot of anxiety and depression that was pretty much consuming my entire life. I felt drab and very sad and it was really hard to smile and have fun. I felt like I was under a dark cloud constantly. I had a lot of regret and feelings of sadness.

I decided to seek out support and Googled "help with anxiety," and BetterHelp popped up. I poked around the website a bit and figured it was certainly worth a try.

BetterHelp was the first online counseling service I have ever used. I enjoyed face-to-face counseling in college, but I did not feel as though it was super effective. It was hard to find time to get in for appointments, and sometimes I felt self-conscious about talking about things face to face. I wouldn't say I wasn't dissatisfied, but I had heard about online and wanted to try it.

Once I realized that I could message my counselor in addition to having regular phone sessions, I felt it was a much better value than paying for face-to-face counseling. Plus, I felt like it was there when I needed it. A lot of times an anxiety attack can happen at 2AM and I wanted to write down what I was feeling. Also, I could use the app on my phone anywhere/anytime to write down my feelings.

I started working with my counselor, Kristin, on BetterHelp in winter of 2017 and she helped me through some difficult times. I paused counseling in June of 2017 and I recently reached back out to deal with a few small things that had popped up.

BetterHelp has made a huge difference in my life. After I was done working with Kristin in June of 2017, I felt back like my old self again. She taught me things to keep in my mind when the obsessive/bad thoughts come in. She taught me to put myself first in my thoughts and not to dwell on the past. She gave me a lot of tips and tricks that greatly improved my thinking and coping with anxious thoughts.

I also loved being able to speak with an objective third-party person that is really on my side and wanted to help me work through things. She really taught me that at the end of the day, I need to be happy, and she gave me tips on how to accomplish that in my own mind. To let things go. To not dwell.

After working with Kristin, I feel like my old self again. I am happy, have dreams, and I smile. My mind is at peace. I do yoga now and love to be mindful and fill my mind with peace and love. I really credit BetterHelp to helping me through my troubles. Kristin was a great counselor. I would highly recommend to anyone who is feeling down in the dumps and needs someone to discuss with that this is going to be non-judgmental and work for your peace of mind.

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