Becoming A Better Communicator With The Help of My BetterHelp Counselor - Kelsey

By Nicole Beasley |Updated July 28, 2022

Having A Hard Time Finding Therapy Near You?

I first learned of BetterHelp when I saw an advertisement online for it. I've attended in-person counseling twice in the past, but was dissatisfied with both experiences. BetterHelp caught my eye because I liked the idea of being able to write to a counselor instead of just talk to one. I have a hard time verbalizing, especially my emotions. It is much easier for me express myself with written word. I thought this would be far more beneficial to try versus seeking an in-person counselor again.

When I previously attended in-person counseling, there were a lot of times that I did not feel comfortable enough to verbalize what I wanted to say or how I was feeling to my counselor. When I finally did open-up, I felt as if the counselor would try to shift that topic of conversation to something else I may have brought up previously that was, to me, completely unrelated. It took a lot for me to open-up about some of these topics so to have them overlooked was frustrating.

Therefore, I decided to sign up for BetterHelp, and am so grateful I did! I have been working with my counselor, Alexandra, on BetterHelp for just over three months. She suggests different action-based plans. This helps me to feel as though I am doing something to truly work towards being at a better place with my situation. I am not solely relying on an internal change; which is exactly what I need. There are still internal changes that I need to work on and by doing these external action-based suggestions, it is making it easier for me. I have learned to be patient with myself and not let my anxieties get so out of control.

I did try two other counselors on BetterHelp before being matched with Alexandra. I did not mesh with either of them and decided to request a new counselor. I like the flexibility on BetterHelp of being able to "try again" so easily if a counselor does not end up working out for you. It is important that you find a counselor that you are comfortable with and like working with. It is a much more complex process with in-person counseling to try and find one that works best for you. This was the main reason that I did not continue in-person counseling.

Overall, I have discovered a lot about myself during my time with BetterHelp and I am still learning more. It is going to be a struggle for a long time to get where I need to be but it is no longer constant. I am continuously learning new ways to make productive and helpful changes in my everyday life.

I am also learning to be a better communicator. A lot of the issues I had in my relationship stemmed from this one issue. I was never expressing myself. Those unexpressed emotions would turn into anger and erupt, causing further issue in the relationship. I am learning to handle control (or feeling a lack of it), and I am learning how to cope thanks to Alexandra's support on BetterHelp.

Learn Effective Communication Skills Through BetterHelp

There are programs available to become a better communicator. Programs and videos to learn new communication skills can prove helpful. Another very beneficial, personalized option to help you learn to communicate effectively is therapy through BetterHelp. A licensed mental health professional can help you develop healthy ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and communicating.

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