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How I’ve learned to use mindfulness to get through a breakup and be a better person – Ghita

I recently found myself in the middle of an especially difficult time in my life where I was dealing with a breakup and also having to move out of the country due to some visa issues. I knew I needed to talk to someone, but couldn’t afford to go to in-person counseling as I stopped working and...

How BetterHelp rebuilt my trust in the therapeutic process – Kevin

Prior to BetterHelp, I had sought out in person counseling services and one other online app, but had negative experiences with both. The in person therapist I was seeing kept raising their prices, and was not very helpful or supportive. The online counseling app I was using...

How I’ve learned to live and be happy again despite traumatic experiences – Laura

After having not only one, but two poor experiences with in-person counseling, I completely lost faith that I could ever get the help I needed. I was apprehensive to give counseling yet another try, but came across BetterHelp and decided to give this new form of counseling a go. This was one of the.

Overcoming my anxiety and recovering from a secret kept over 45 years – Laurie

Like so many others, my anxiety always prevented me from seeking out face-to-face therapy. I could never imagine sitting down with someone and opening up about myself and what I have been through. I was very skeptical at first when a friend sent me the website for BetterHelp, but having...

Dealing with the guilt of turning in my abuser – Lisa

When I first saw BetterHelp on Facebook, it was just something I sent to friends who refused to go to regular face-to-face counseling. But then something particular traumatic happened in my life — I began the prosecution process for my childhood sexual abuser — and I decided I needed...

The help I needed with a big life decision – Ryan

BetterHelp and my counselor, Sheilah, have helped me navigate through a tough decision making process regarding my career path. Life had opened two huge windows of opportunity for me, and I needed advice as I was having difficulty knowing what it was that I really wanted. I couldn’t find...

These are just a few of the success stories that our clients have shared with us about the online counseling services we offer.
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