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Success means something different to everyone. For some people it could be financial wealth. For others, it might be a nice home and a family. Yet other people define success as a rewarding career. Take a look at our article below to find out how you define success.

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Medically Reviewed By: Aaron Horn, LMFT, MA

Success Stories

A success story is when a person achieves greatness. It could be that they become rich and rise to great fortune or it could be that they make an impact on the world by starting a nonprofit organization that changes people’s lives. Success differs from person to person, so a “success story” could be anything. Perhaps, someone left a toxic relationship and successfully healed from the pain that it caused. Maybe, you adopted a sick animal and brought it back to health, or you were the first in your family to graduate with a college degree. The definition of “success” is individual because everyone starts from a different place and aims to achieve a goal that is unique to them.

Defining Success

Success means something different to each person. What you define as successful can be different from what your friends believe is succeeding. What comes to mind when you hear the word “success”? One might picture a millionaire or a CEO when they hear “success,” but the truth is that the definition of success is different for everyone. The success that you want might not be what success is to others. Maybe, you think of success as getting through the day and managing a panic attack, whereas someone else may think of success as being able to quit drinking. Another person might picture himself or herself winning an award for completing a marathon or establishing boundaries with another individual. What is easy for some may not be easy for others, and one's definition of success will be as unique as they are.

Finding Success in Therapy

Finding success in therapy is about finding ways to curb your negative thinking. If you’re working with a therapist that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), they will help you change your negative thought patterns. They can show you how you can take negative thoughts and transform them to be less maladaptive. It's important because the more that you focus on positive thinking the easier it will become for you. You can work with your BetterHelp therapist to set and be successful in your personal goals. Perhaps, you want to think about yourself more positively. Maybe you want to be a better parent to your children. Regardless of the goals you set, your BetterHelp therapist can help you get there.

Becoming a Better Communicator

Everyone has a different way of communicating. Some people struggle with boundaries. One way of finding success is to set appropriate limits with others. You might struggle with saying “no.” Maybe you’re not sure how to ask for what you want. These are all great goals to work on in therapy. Communication is the pathway to achieve these goals. Developing better communication skills is something you can learn in therapy. That might look like communicating healthy boundaries, or it might look like establishing what you want from another person. There are many ways to achieve success, but to do so, it’s important to talk to your therapist and tell them what you want to accomplish.

Online Counseling

A great place to talk about your life goals is therapy or online counseling. You deserve to be happy and achieve your dreams. With your supportive online therapist, you can talk about your goals for the future. You might be unsure of what you want to do with your life, and that’s okay too. You can brainstorm what you want to do in life with your therapist. It’s not always clear what your path is, but talking about it in therapy is one way to define your idea of success. Online counseling is a place to achieve therapeutic success. You can do this with the support of your counselor. You’re not alone, and your counselor has your back. Search the network of mental health professionals at BetterHelp and find the right fit for you.

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