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Prior to joining BetterHelp, I had never received any type of counseling before. There have been times in my past when I have experienced depressing feelings due to bad experiences with certain people or situations. However, I have always managed to eventually pick myself up and move on with the help of my friends. I've also always had a high level of discomfort speaking to 'strangers' (which is what a counselor would be) about my issues face to face. I have never come to a point where I have even felt the urgent need to confess my feelings to someone I haven't been familiar with.

However, for the first time ever, I was not able to come out of a really depressing situation by myself. I was feeling really bad and saw no other solution than to actually talk to an expert about my issues because the feelings surpassed anything I was able to handle myself or with the help of those around me. I came across an ad for BetterHelp and decided it's time to speak to an expert. Knowing that BetterHelp was really inexpensive and I didn't have to face the person or leave the comfort of my own home to go to therapy were definitely pros.

I had been depressed and lost, coming out of a relationship, and I didn't know how to handle life, somehow. I was having panic attacks about how my future is going to look like in regard to my financial independence. I still haven't figured everything out, yet with the counseling I have gotten to a point where I realize how to take it one step after another and try not to worry as much about it, which is something I still struggle with at times, but it has been getting progressively better.

Since I began working with my counselor, I have improved on taking things with much less pressure and stress, or at least I try to. It is always going to be hard for me, taking things with ease, since I am simply not that kind of person. I have to reflect on what I have already accomplished in life and be proud of it, knowing I can only learn through my past mistakes and take them into consideration for the near future. Stressing myself out about things is only going to give me anxiety and is not going to contribute to my current problem solving.

My counselor helped me with discussing my current situation and thinking about it in a different way than I was on my own. Thinking about it more objectively and seeing it from a different, more reasonable point of view helped me a lot. Even just discussing my problems out loud made me realize what I was doing wrong and how I was going about some things wrongly.

My biggest achievement is just being less stressed about certain situations and taking them with more of an ease. I now know that I am capable of doing anything and that the right time will come for everything when I put the effort in it. And even if it doesn't, everything happens for a reason.

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