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You too can chart a course for a happier and healthier life

When I first signed up for BetterHelp about five months ago, I was struggling with co-dependent relationships. I kept finding myself in relationships with women who were emotionally abusive, unfaithful, and would end up leaving me. I therefore signed up after a breakup because I was in so much emotional pain. However, since working with my counselor, Michelle, on BetterHelp, my improvement is night and day. I went from feeling intolerable amounts of emotional pain to generally feeling healthy, strong, confident, and positive.

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Michelle has showed me how to accept my current situation and forgive myself for being there. She also showed me how to process the pain I was feeling—scream into a pillow, cry, punch my bed, whatever it takes—really feel it then let it go. She helped me understand why I kept repeating these bad relationship patterns and supported me through addressing the root causes. She taught me to be thankful for the lessons and to allow myself to move on and strive for better relationships. I learned how to chart a course for a healthier and happier future, and how to walk that path with strength and positivity. Aligning myself with those types of good thoughts and intentions got me some surprising results early on in our sessions. I got closure with the girl, started attracting and being attracted to healthier women, and got promoted at work.

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Because of all that Michelle has taught me, I am so grateful I stumbled across a Facebook ad for BetterHelp five months ago. I've seen other counselors in the past before Michelle through my benefits program at work. They first referred me to an online counselor. I would email her and she would email back in a day or two. She and I did not gel in the way that Michelle and I do—I found she didn't really understand me or have a good grasp on my problem, and her counseling was not helpful. From there they escalated me to an in-person counselor. I only saw her twice and never went back. She was good—she knew exactly what I was dealing with, and how to resolve it. However, she showed no empathy, and honestly made me feel embarrassed that I was struggling with these issues. I recall she also spent our first session having me fill out paperwork, and then after only 10 minutes or so of actual counseling, she said our time was up and rushed me out. After her, I tried another online counselor who I had better luck with. She helped me through a previous breakup at that time and showed me the root causes of the pattern that I needed to address. But once I felt better about the breakup, I moved on without doing the work to address the root causes. So a few years later, I wound up back in the same situation, which brought me to BetterHelp.

The main components that drew me into BetterHelp were the price and flexibility. I work 50 to 60 hours a week, and have a hard time committing to appointments, so the online format is perfect for me. I like that I can book a call with Michelle if I need one, but she is also there if I just need to message her or vent about something. I feel that the advantage to in-person counseling is the obvious human touch it gives, but I can get that with Michelle through a video or phone call if I need to. It's the best of both worlds. And the price tag makes long-term counseling affordable—BetterHelp costs a fraction of what other people charge.

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You too can chart a course for a happier and healthier life

Overall, thanks to Michelle's support on BetterHelp, I improved my self-confidence, and got into a healthier and more positive frame of mind which I have been able to sustain so far for a few months. Compared to where I was five months ago—hopeless, heartbroken, in pain, etc.—this is a huge accomplishment, I'd say!

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