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It can be challenging to make a significant life decision on your own. Whether you're struggling with your mental health or need validation and support, talking to a licensed therapist may be one way to come to a conclusion. Therapists are often trained in the skills to support you as you make decisions that best serve you. Clients like Ryan talk about their experiences in therapy to help others feel motivated to reach out for support.

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Ryan’s experience with online therapy

The following is an honest account written by a BetterHelp client named Ryan: 

"BetterHelp and my counselor, Sheilah, have helped me navigate a challenging decision-making process regarding my career path. 

Life had opened two vast windows of opportunity for me, and I needed advice as I was having difficulty knowing what I wanted. I couldn't find anyone who could understand and view my predicament from an impartial perspective, so I was delighted to come across BetterHelp on my Facebook page.

My first experience with counseling was in high school when I sought support and guidance for family, friend, and school-related issues. So, I decided to take that first big step and open up to someone. Because I was in high school at the time, it was much more convenient to see someone face-to-face than it is with my busy schedule now.

When I signed up for BetterHelp more recently, I was relieved to find it offered the support I needed from a counselor and the convenience of checking in whenever I was available. I had a hectic weekly schedule, so I could no longer manage to schedule face-to-face counseling appointments.

I have been working with Sheilah on BetterHelp for about four weeks, and I can confidently say that I am a lot less anxious about my career path now than when I first signed up. I had been growing restless the weeks before signing up, and I am much better off now than I was before. 

Sheilah helped me understand that whenever making big life decisions, sometimes you must listen to your heart and follow it. I learned that life doesn't stop for anyone. While you can sit there and think for days about what you want from life, time will continue to move forward, even if you haven't. I also learned that my mentality plays a massive role in my decisions. I can make better choices for myself by maintaining a positive outlook without regretting the opportunity cost.

My most significant achievement due to my counseling with BetterHelp is developing a renewed strength in my faith. Not many people understand the importance of faith in one's life, but my counselor gave me the affirmation I needed to move forward. Whether you're looking for faith in yourself, others, or God, having faith in your life can be as important as having food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe for many people. 

Thanks to BetterHelp, my faith is stronger than ever, and life is looking excellent!"

Counseling options 

Online therapy may be more convenient for clients like Ryan than traditional in-person models. Through platforms like BetterHelp, you can switch your counselor anytime to find a match and specify your preferences for a therapist upon signing up. In addition, you can write to your therapist at any moment using messaging and choose between phone, video, or live chat sessions for your weekly appointment with your counselor. 

For many clients, online therapy works. It treats the symptoms of a whole series of mental illnesses, according to various clinical studies. In addition, researchers have found it more cost-effective than in-person options. 


Stories like Ryan's show how online therapy and therapy, in general, can change lives. If you seek support to make a significant decision, connect with a faith-based counselor, or talk to a professional about your feelings, consider signing up to speak to a therapist. You're not alone, and thousands of professionals are available to support you, no matter which avenue of support you choose.
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