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In the medical and psychological field, testing is everything. If the doctors suspect you have a disease, they will run some tests to confirm or deny their suspicions. The psychologist may take brain tests or other mental tests to determine whether or not you have a mental disorder.

Then there are the personality tests. Some are just for fun, while others are legitimate looks into your personality and what makes you tick. These article detail the different tests doctors and psychologists give in order to determine what diseases you may have, as well as personality tests that can make you learn more about yourself.

What Is An Emotional Intelligence Test Used For?

Emotional intelligence is what we use to determine how we feel and how others are feeling. It’s akin to empathy, but it’s about being able to identify each specifically. It was...

What Is The Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test And How Is It Used?

All of us want to know how intelligent we are. Whether for bragging rights, to get a good measure of our abilities, or find the areas we need to improve, we look for intelligence...

The Introvert Vs. Extrovert Personality Test And Why You Should Care

Humanity loves to divide behaviors into binaries, almost like a tribe. One such division is the introverted and extroverted personality types. You probably have heard someone...

Where To Find A Free Mental Health Test And Do You Need One?

Mental health tests come in many forms, from the free quiz style you’ll see on Facebook to those administered by a professional healthcare provider. Chances are you’re looking...

Will An Anxiety Test Help And Should You Take One?

We all deal with anxiety at some point and whether you’re looking to take a test to figure out just whether you’re stressed enough to need help or just to see where you rank...

If you want to learn about yourself, an online counselor may give you tests. These come in the form of questions, scenarios, and sometimes medical tests to help you figure more about yourself. If you don’t need a counselor, you can also find legitimate tests online to help you figure out what personality type you or, or if you may have a mental condition. Of course, these are no substitutes for professional analysis.
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