Talkspace Vs. BetterHelp: Similarities Vs. Differences

Medically reviewed by Melissa Guarnaccia, LCSW
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When the topic of online therapy arises, Talkspace is often one of the options discussed. Talkspace generally has a variety of plans and mental health services to choose from and can be a bit more expensive than similar online therapy platforms like BetterHelp. In addition, therapist availability on Talkspace is more limited and therapists usually take two days off each week, and the majority of communication between therapist and client typically takes place through in-app messaging rather than live therapy sessions. Meanwhile, BetterHelp therapists can be available as often as seven days per week, and there are usually options to connect with your therapist through video and audio in a live video session, or in-app messaging. Both Talkspace and BetterHelp can be effective ways to address mental health concerns through online therapy and can be found in the app store on a computer or mobile device.

See below for the comparison of features on BetterHelp and Talkspace:



Number of therapists30,000+Not specified
Therapist QualificationsLCSW, LPC, LMFT, PsyDLCSW, LMFT, LPCC, or PhD in Clinical Psychology.
Messaging7 days per week5 days per week
Live Chat or Text Therapy SessionsYesYes, may be an additional cost
Phone SessionsYesYes, may be an additional cost
Live Video SessionsYesYes
Live Sessions Length Limit45 minute sessions45 minute sessions
Sessions Booking

Choose availability based on a calendar, no confirmation needed

Choose availability based on a calendar,therapist confirmation  required

Matching To Therapist Options

Matching algorithm or choose your therapist from a list - change at any time

Matched by algorithm

Digital WorksheetsYesNo
Interactive Group Sessions

Yes, 1 included per week plus more available at extra cost


Self-Help Content4,000+ articles and mental health resourcesBlog content
Showing "Therapy Timeline"No Track progress in app
Psychiatry Option or Medication Management No


App Store Rating4.84.8
Google Play Store Rating4.64.4
Payment Commitment

Month-by-month default with option to change to week-by-week or quarter-by-quarter

Month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter, or semi-annually
Monthly Cost

$260 to $400, Depends on location and includes a weekly live therapy session

$400 per month, costs may vary

Billed Weekly or Monthly


Both available

Financial Aid Plan OptionsYesNo
Payment OptionsCredit card, PayPalCredit card
Accepts Insurance

Options available

Some FSA/HSA providers, some employers, some EAPs, some universities

Options available

Some insurance plans, FSA/HSA providers, employers, EAPs, universities

Counseling options available

Individual, Couples therapy, Teen counseling

Individual, Couples therapy, Teen therapy, Psychiatry/Psychiatric care

Breaking down Talkspace vs. BetterHelp

For those looking to find a therapist or online therapy services, a session with Talkspace or BetterHelp might be the answer. Talkspace and BetterHelp online therapy reviews generally agree that both options have a simple sign-up process and can be worthwhile to be matched with a therapist if you need mental health care. There's usually an initial psychiatric evaluation to identify your mental health needs, followed by regular sessions with your therapist. Online therapy can be helpful for those with a mental health disorder, as well as those with general challenges or mental health concerns.

Reading a BetterHelp or Talkspace review or evaluation can help you decide which is right for you. Both BetterHelp and Talkspace have thousands of mental health professionals to choose from. BetterHelp also offers a teen therapy site called for teenagers struggling with their mental health.

Cost and pricing comparison

While the Talkspace website generally has different plans to choose from, the most popular subscription is usually the messaging therapy or premium service that TalkSpace offers, which typically allows a patient to be prescribed medication and, after the initial prescription, offers medication management through Talkspace psychiatry and psychiatric nurse practitioners. One unique thing about Talkspace may be that it offers psychiatry services, unlike other platforms. This means that through Talkspace you may be prescribed a mental health medication that you can pick up at a local pharmacy. It also offers one live session in a safe virtual Talkspace therapy room each week, or four live therapy sessions per month, through the Talkspace app. Insurance may cover Talkspace services, on average, basic messaging therapy without live video sessions is about $260 a month, but with a three-month commitment, Talkspace offers a 20% discount for therapy sessions without live chat or video.

It can be possible to connect with a therapist online.

With BetterHelp, your monthly sessions are generally included in the cost. It can be important to note that Talkspace costs are often a bit more expensive than other online options. To see a full breakdown of pricing, you may visit each site or app. You may also qualify for employee assistance programs through your employer, which may be helpful to know about before signing up. 

Talkspace offers a basic unlimited messaging therapy plan for $65 a week. It generally allows for unlimited messaging therapy, but no live video sessions or phone sessions with your therapist. You can use the Talkspace platform to video chat and text your therapist based on your monthly plan. Therapists are available to chat with you via the platform five days a week. With BetterHelp, therapists typically have the option to respond seven days per week outside of regular live sessions.

Some may think online therapy is not as effective as offline forms of mental health therapy because Talkspace online therapy providers primarily communicate via text. However, online therapy sessions can be effective, even without speaking face-to-face. BetterHelp and TalkSpace are both considered some of the best online therapy services available.

Benefits for both platforms

Online therapy with Talkspace therapists can be a wonderful therapy service that may empower you to work with a counselor who is right for you. For example, if you get paired with a counselor who isn’t a good fit, both Talkspace and BetterHelp usually allow you to switch therapists at any time to improve your clinical experience.

Overall experience for Talkspace and BetterHelp

Participating in mental health counseling online can be helpful for people who work split shifts or graveyard shifts, as well as for people who have difficult schedules and those who don’t live near therapists or don’t have reliable transportation to a therapist’s office.

Many licensed therapists may be available most times of the day or night for sessions, and you may be able to find a professional who’s willing to work with your schedule.


Drawbacks to Talkspace and BetterHelp

The biggest issue may be that online therapy, like other forms of therapy, usually takes time to see the effects you're hoping for. If you like immediate results, you may begin to feel that using the app is a waste of time. However, managing your expectations and understanding that healing can be a nonlinear process can be helpful.

In addition, being paired with a therapist whose views or advice don’t resonate with you can be challenging, but the opportunity to switch to another mental health professional for services is often available.

There are also therapist evaluation surveys on Talkspace, which you may have to do once a month to evaluate how your mental health treatment and experience are going. This kind of survey may be helpful for some. However, the potential downside is that they can be intrusive and impersonal.

Talkspace vs. BetterHelp platforms: Final notes

With both BetterHelp and Talkspace, you may find that you’re initially paired with a therapist who isn’t the best match for you. However, having the option to switch to a different mental health professional typically means that you do not have to stick with someone who doesn’t seem to be able to help you in the way you’d like. It can be important to note that you may wish to give each professional a fair chance by trying a few sessions with them before passing judgment or deciding to switch. 

One thing you may note is that BetterHelp’s therapists can be available as often as seven days per week, while Talkspace’s therapists typically take two days off per week, and these days off can vary. You may wish to speak with your therapist about your scheduling preferences during your initial intake session. BetterHelp offers the opportunity to schedule all sessions on your schedule.

Whether you choose BetterHelp or Talkspace, it can be crucial to realize that you may not receive immediate replies from your therapist unless you are in a scheduled session. Although you may have the capability to send messages anytime, this does not necessarily mean that your mental health professional is obligated or able to respond 24/7. 

Interested in giving online therapy a try?

Online therapy can be an excellent option for those who aren’t comfortable with a face-to-face traditional therapy session or don’t have in-office therapy. It can also be helpful for people living with symptoms of anxiety who may find it challenging to visit a new location and speak to a new therapist in person. Getting the help you deserve from the comfort of your home can be convenient, reachable, and affordable. With BetterHelp you can find a wide array of mental health professionals including a licensed clinical social worker, a family therapist,  a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a licensed professional clinical counselor. 

As this study explains, online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy for treating a variety of mental health conditions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for professional support if you feel you’d benefit from it. If you’re struggling with finances, you may also qualify for financial aid to use BetterHelp or another online therapy platform, like ReGain for couples therapy.

Getty/Vadym Pastukh
It can be possible to connect with a therapist online.


While BetterHelp and Talkspace can both be valid options for improving your mental health through online therapy, the two platforms can have a few differences. For instance, Talkspace usually focuses on in-app messaging between therapist and client, while BetterHelp generally allows for video chats, audio calls, and in-app messaging. Talkspace therapists usually take two days off per week, while BetterHelp therapists can be available as often as seven days per week. Talkspace costs are usually slightly higher than BetterHelp as well. Regardless of the option you choose, it can be helpful to note that online therapy can be as effective as traditional in-office therapy.
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