Talkspace Review: How Does It Hold Up?

By Marie Miguel

Updated September 09, 2019

There are many different online therapy options out there, but one of the ones people consider is of course, Talkspace. Talkspace is an online app, and it only costs a little a month just to communicate with a therapist, which is cheaper than most other counseling services out there, both offline and online. But, what's so great about it? Is it worth it? Read on to find out in our Talkspace review.

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What is Talkspace

Talkspace is an online counseling service, and it allows for you to type out your problems to a counselor, rather than talking to someone face to face. Talkspace allows for you to get the counseling you need, but in mobile app form, rather than through a personalized appointment. This is a good one for those who are looking to have someone that is simple to discuss problems with, but also won't judge them for the issues at hand.

For those looking to find a therapist that will listen to them, Talkspace might be the answer. There are many Talkspace reviews out there, and most of the popular Talkspace therapy review options that you can read will agree that it's pretty simple, and worthwhile if you need something right away.

Most of us don't want to sit in a counselor's office for a while, and with appointments usually being an hour, that's a couple hours a week just for therapy alone. While many can manage, sometimes just talking out your problems will allow for you to create a more worthwhile experience, and one that will help you get the answers you need first.

Talkspace is wonderful for those who are on the go too, and if you have kids and a job that requires your attention most of the day, this is the answer.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently, Talkspace allows for three standard plans for therapy, and the most popular one is the unlimited messaging, and it's a premium one that offers one live session each week through their communication features. On average, this one is about $236 a month, but if you do commit to it for three months, you can actually take 20% off the rate. The Talkspace costs oftentimes are a bit more expensive than other options, but they are still cheaper than the market ones out there.

However, one of the basic plans is $49 a week, which allows for unlimited messaging but no live video sessions. It's a good way for you to get the most that you can out of this, and it is still a decent plan.

When most sessions cost at least $250 out of pocket at a counseling office, this is a great alternative for those who want something that is a bit more usable, and the best part is you can save on gas as well.

So, talk space costs are pretty reasonable, given the type of app it is and the features that are there.

The Services Offered

Typically, Talkspace services are standard therapy services that you can get online. You can get a counselor that's in your area, or in a different area. The counselors are pretty much around every day except for two days during the week, which may or may not be a weekend day. You can typically find a counselor that works with your schedule relatively easily, and they offer a lot of generalized counseling that lets you figure out for yourself what to do about situations. Overall, the therapy services are similar to what you'd get from a counseling session that's in-person.

Some think it's not as effective because it's primarily mostly just talking via text minus a session a week, but the reality of it is this: therapy sessions are typically effective even without talking face-to-face. Some people are more inclined to talk about their problems online than at an appointment that's in-person. Some of us are better at typing out our issues that communicating with words. In the digital age, talk space allows for people to talk to counselors in a way that's easier for everyone, and simple as well.


The Good

It's a wonderful therapy service that lets you work with a counselor that works for you. For example, if you get paired with a counselor that is not the type that you want, you can switch at any time. The best part, anything you've touched upon with the previous counselor won't have to be repeated. It's a wonderful option and is good for you.

It also is very convenient. You don't need to sit in an office talking to someone, and hers' less of that social awkwardness that comes with in-therapy appointments. If you and the counselor don't hit it off right away, then you just choose a new one. Simple, right?

It is all done through a mobile app, which is easy to use. In this Talkspace therapy review, I tried it out with my busy schedule in mind, and it worked swimmingly. The other person I was working with did help me out, and we really connected. I was glad, because I could talk to them whenever, and they'd message me back quite readily.

A lot of these counselors are available at weird times. I'm talking late at night, or in the morning. If you don't want to deal with waiting on a response from a therapist, there are counselors that work with your schedule, which is something that I honestly love about this site. It's very easy to use, and very effective.

Finally, if you do feel exhausted from talking to a therapist, or you can't afford a payment for the month, you can freeze your Talkspace account for up to 30 days, and you can take a nice break. You will be able to keep contact with your therapist too even if your account is frozen, which is something that ultimately did surprise me. I didn't feel like I was being pressured into having to keep my account open for the sake of talking to a therapist, which is cool.

The Not So Good

So, what's not so great about this?

The biggest issue is this is incredibly trial and error. If you like immediate results, you might not get that. This process can be daunting no matter how many times you do it, and it's that aspect of therapy sessions that we sometimes wish we could take away, but you'll run into this wherever you go.

There is also the fact that sometimes you just get really bad advice. In a lot of Talkspace reviews, some of these counselors are robotic, and parrot off the same thing you hear from every other counselor, which may work initially, but not so much after you've heard it two or three times. They do have both good, and bad counselors on there.

If You're Weighing Your Online Therapy Options, We're Here To Help
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There is also the therapist evaluation surveys, which you have to do once a month to determine how your treatment is going. It might be something that is important and helpful for everyone who uses this, but it comes with the downside that they are very annoying, and they can be very intrusive. Plus, the questions seem a little insignificant when compared to what they could ask you.

My Talkspace therapy review has been relatively positive, but the biggest downside the counselor quality. Sometimes, when I was first starting out, I'd get this wonderful counselor that would be great, but then they would have a schedule change that wouldn't fit me. What they don't tell you initially, is that the counselors take off two days each week, but those days don't have to be weekends. One of my counselors worked during the weekdays, and when we first started that was fine, but over time, it just didn't work for either of us, because they would only be available on one of my free days for a live session, and I felt like I didn't have as much freedom to talk to them. So, it's better if you get a counselor that not only is useful but fits your schedule.

There is also the fact that your message may not get answered right away. The counselors I've had thus far have been great in terms of how useful they could be, but I noticed that they do take a while to respond. If you're in a crisis, this may not be ideal.

The Verdict

The Talkspace reviews that are out there are generally good, and I had a decent experience. I also noticed that, in my own personal talk space therapy review that I did have a few issues. But, if you want a decent counseling app, this is a good one to try, and it's one that you can use in order to create a better, more wonderful experience for yourself. Online therapy is the new and one of the most helpful things out there, and this site does it pretty well.

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