TheraLINK: Is It Worth It?

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TheraLINK is a therapy service with a few potential differences from similar online mental health platforms. It can provide therapists with virtual waiting rooms and outstanding customer support. TheraLINK may also link therapists to potential clients. Potential downsides include the lack of telepsychiatry on the platform and the fact that it may not be compatible with all browsers and devices. While TheraLINK can be an excellent option for many therapists, there may be many other online therapy platforms to consider as alternatives.

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Online therapy is still viewed as a newer service, and for many, it has changed the way they view mental health services. Licensed, qualified therapists generally want to use their education to help others. However, brick-and-mortar practices are sometimes hard and often don’t have a quick turnover rate, meaning that it can be hard to establish a practice there. This can leave many therapists unsure of where to begin when they’re ready to establish a practice. TheraLINK can enable clients and therapists to connect with one another easily. In this article, we’ll discuss TheraLINK in detail.

What is Thera-LINK?
TheraLINK is an online platform that can support practitioners and small mental health businesses in managing their services and connecting with clients via encoded video chats. Registering with TheraLINK can be very easy. Providers generally list personal details including their email address, company practice, and name, then choose preferred clients and payment methods. 
Thera-LINK pricing

TheraLINK offers a free 15 day trial. After that, you'll usually be given a document in which you can choose the types of online sessions you want to provide. You can get customized support for your TheraLINK therapy sessions. In addition, you can work anywhere with an internet connection if you have the appropriate telemedicine software installed via an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, or other compatible device or operating system.

Thera-LINK’s interface can offer customized customer waiting rooms. Depending on your specialization, you can offer group or individualized sessions via your public directory listing. 

The TheraLINK basic plan generally starts at $30 a month with an average of five sessions per month. After that, you may have the option to add unlimited sessions, office management, and payment requests for $45 a month. The next tier is usually $65 a month, which includes everything listed above, along with messaging on all sessions and clients, safe file, and an advanced client scheduler. This final tier also generally includes a branded portal, API credentials, maintenance and session and client notes with information like session durations and the option to establish annual contracts with your clients.

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Thera-LINK advantages

Many consider the TheraLINK interface to be clean, with a quick and easy setup process. You will typically need the appropriate qualifications to service clients, but signing up, choosing a payment plan, and setting up your practice can all be done through the TheraLINK site. 

The TheraLINK customer support team is generally responsive and knowledgeable. They can answer customer support-related questions regarding how to conduct teletherapy online, and they can quickly walk you through updating and installing telemedicine software prior to scheduling your appointments.

Customer support specialists can assist you with how to use the client interface to set up your own custom waiting room, client profiles, and client payment systems. Once you log in, you'll typically go to virtual waiting room and music prior to creating new therapy sessions.

If you have questions about how to use the platform during the free trial, you can contact a participant of TheraLINK's responsive and knowledgeable tech support team prior to your next scheduled online session. The goal of the TheraLINK tech support team is generally to connect therapists and clients as seamlessly as possible and offer good support for issues like:

  • Accepting client payment
  • Video and audio quality
  • Using waiting rooms
  • Creating client notes
  • Adding mental health services
  • Answering free trial questions
  • Entering or closing an online session
  • Scheduling payments

Appointment reminders, electronic payments, and scheduling can be done through the app, along with the chat and messaging and, of course, the therapy services. They can also allow for multi-provider practices, so you can work with multiple providers if you are a client.

Thera-LINK drawbacks

Telepsychiatry is not a feature of TheraLink at this time. Therefore, clients will usually need to be referred to another professional for medication management. Also, some client reviews report that TheraLINK features can be limited. For example, it may not work on all devices and browsers. 

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Try Online Therapy For Yourself.
Other online therapy options

If TheraLINK isn’t the right fit for you, there may be other online therapy platforms to consider. Often, sessions can be held anytime, anywhere – including from the comfort of your own home. Users generally need an internet connection to get started, and from there, sessions can be conducted via phone call, video chat, or online messaging. Online therapy can also be more affordable than in-person therapy because clients don’t have to commute to and from sessions, and the therapists generally don’t have to pay to rent an office space or hire staff.

As this study explains, online therapy can be as effective as traditional in-office therapy in treating a variety of mental health disorders. 


TheraLINK can be one of the top sites for therapists looking for assistance with starting their mental health and wellness counseling business. People can get the help they need, and therapists can practice without having to worry about how to get payments or get to and from sessions. With the right tech support and customer support options combined with the right therapy, you may be able to create better results for your patients.

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