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If you're considering looking for relationship advice from a certified expert, you may have heard of sites like Relationship Hero. Many individuals have used this platform and provided reviews of their experience in building healthy relationships. While online therapy can be a professional option for advice, some turn to apps to look for a professional coach to listen to them and offer advice on dealing with problems with your partner, a friend, or family. Below you'll find a review of Relationship Hero and a list of its features, pros, and cons.

Learn about Relationship Hero

Relationship Hero platform review

Relationship Hero is an online service platform that was created to provide online support and advice for handling both simple and complicated relationship concerns. The app is designed to provide coaching and dating advice, and thousands of people log in daily to get help with their issues. It can be valuable for getting dating advice and finding professional resources for marriage counseling. It serves all types of relationships, including romantic, familial, platonic, and workplace connections. 

The platform creators understand that relationship problems can happen to anyone, not just during their business hours. If you sign up, you can talk to a trained counselor immediately, which is done via computer or smartphone and on any day of the week. Here is an in-depth review.

Cost of a relationship coach on Relationship Hero

Below is the pricing model and information regarding cost.

Paying for Relationship Hero

Relationship Hero may offer a free consultation when you sign up, which takes just a few minutes. This consultation consists of a free 10-minute session where you chat with a live coach. Your free consultation may give you an idea of what it feels like to call or chat about your questions with a professional coach. 

Complimentary session

A 10-minute free online coaching introductory session may help you to determine what path your relationship coaching sessions will take based on your current concerns. The goal of these coaches is to listen and provide you with advice and peace of mind. 

At the end of your complimentary first session, you may decide if you want to pay money and continue moving forward with coaching. Further coaching and dating advice sessions are paid for by the minute. With Relationship Hero, the coaches aim to help you explore what options are available for your particular concerns and they can help you think through your future steps. You'll be paired with an instant, affordable coach with experience in dating, marriage, breakups, and other related topics.


Unlike other counseling options that might be billed monthly, the app offers a price-per-minute option which gets more affordable per minute when you make larger purchases. The basic plan is 15 "anytime" minutes that you can use in whatever way you like, starting at $29. The Sage plan is the most popular; you get 60 minutes, or one hour, for $97. The Hero plan is the premium plan and includes 240 anytime minutes for $289, or $72.25 per hour. Minutes are offered over Zoom video chat, audio call, phone call, or text. The convenient price-per-minute option has helped thousands of people with their relationship issues – on their time.

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The pros

In the world of telehealth, it is a bit confusing to find quality resources, but Relationship Hero can be an affordable option for those who want to explore what it's like discussing their relationship questions with a professional coach. Many of the Relationship Hero reviews say that this coaching site offers valuable advice and a viable alternative to traditional therapy.

Signing up 

Signing up takes no more than 10-15 minutes. Connecting with a relationship coach via call or chat to begin discussing your questions and concerns can be straightforward.

The people you work with are coaches, which differ from counselors. These coaches offer practical advice you can apply in your relationships. You can also sign up for couples coaching to work through your concerns together. As with all forms of coaching it is important that you and your coach are a good match. 

In addition to offering coaching for romantic relationships, a certified coach may be able to offer solutions for work relationships. For example, if you are experiencing difficulty with a supervisor, a coach may be able to offer tools to help you skillfully navigate the situation. Also, if the coach you are matched with doesn't seem to fit correctly, you can switch your coach as needed.

The cons

Before using a coaching service, you might consider that a coaching platform cannot replace counseling services, such as those offered by licensed psychologists or therapists, for some relational challenges. For example, some negative reviews note that the coach may not be able to treat or discuss mental health symptoms. Instead, the coaches listen and help you find solutions to the relationship problems that you're experiencing, but they are not necessarily experts. 

For example, if you have a coworker that upsets you, Relationship Hero may be able to help with talking through that. However, if you want to discuss symptoms that may be related to a mental health condition, you may benefit more from a therapist in traditional therapy.

Similarly, if you have a mental health condition and need medication or psychiatric services, this platform may provide some guidance but will not be able to provide you with all the services you seek. 

Although life coaching can be beneficial, you may also not know your coach's background, and you may not be able to guarantee if their advice is beneficial. With a licensed therapist, you can be sure that your therapist has training in their methods and is experienced in treating clients with up-to-date research-based practices. A therapist can be the most effective type of coach and may provide more thorough relationship counseling. You can also find counselors online.

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Learn about Relationship Hero

Counseling options 

Relationship Hero can be a valuable service for anyone seeking help with their relationships. The many different coaches on the site are available to listen to you process your concerns, break-ups, marriage, and other related matters. The resource has helped thousands of people navigate difficult situations in relationships.

However, don't use a coaching site if you're experiencing mental health concerns. You can also attend therapy online through a platform like BetterHelp for individuals or Regain for couples. 

Research shows that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for numerous mental health challenges. These platforms can allow you to talk to a therapist from the comfort of your home and contact your therapist via in-app messaging in between sessions. You can also choose between phone, video, or live chat sessions with your licensed counselor.


Relationship coaching can be beneficial for those who want general advice on their relationships with anyone in their life. However, an internet-based counselor may be more effective and beneficial for those struggling with mental health symptoms or concerns. Both relationship coaching and counseling have helped individuals overcome problems. Consider reaching out through an online platform or searching for mental health counselors in your area for further guidance and information.
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