The Requirements For Online Speech Therapy: Do You Make The Cut?

Updated February 18, 2021
Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

Aimed to help those with speech impediments and language problems, speech therapy has been found to be an effective method for those struggling with vocal expression to speak more clearly, and online speech therapy is just as effective. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met for one to utilize the benefits of speech therapy.


Why Online Speech Therapy?

It was said in "How Online Speech Therapy is Transforming Speech", that taking speech therapy online is more convenient than doing it in person. The reason some might prefer online speech therapy over face-to-face speech therapy is because face-to-face therapy is more expensive and are more restrictive in terms of scheduling.

In addition, most people who utilize online speech therapy may find it more entertaining or fun to learn through a computer. In fact, it may even draw children into committing to the speech therapy. Yet, it should not always be assumed that everyone has a computer or immediate access to one.

The Requirements for Online Speech Therapy

Not only is one required to have a computer with high speed internet to take online speech therapy, but they will also need a webcam and a headset with a microphone. While online speech therapy may be cheaper than face-to-face therapy, it does not mean that the equipment necessary for the therapy is inexpensive.

Though, it may be true that most who need online speech therapy may not be able to afford the necessary equipment, there are other means of taking online speech therapy.


For children, it is very possible that they can use the computers at schools, libraries, or other learning establishments and districts who encourage the teachings of language. Other possibilities to use online speech therapy is through hospitals and clinics.

Some of these same facilities can also lend you a headset and microphone if they have some available for check out. If not, however, these may be products that must be purchased.

Other things that might be needed for online speech therapy are an email account, good lighting, and a quiet environment, which are free and are available in all the listed facilities.

Other Online Therapies


While BetterHelp does not offer online speech therapy, it does provide online therapy of other sorts.

Just like online speech therapy, one needs a computer or a mobile device and high speed internet to utilize it, but BetterHelp is easier to access because it does not always require a webcam, headset, or microphone unless you are interested in speaking to a therapist through video chat.

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