Alison Coffey


About Me

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Iowa. I have worked in a variety of support settings for over 10 years. My areas of expertise include depression, higher functioning Autism (Asperger's), and self-injury. I have also worked with young people and adults who have suffered from trauma, specifically sexual abuse.

My approach is client-centered and humanistic, but I can employ a variety of techniques that best fits each client and helps them grow, progress, and gain new skills. Some of the techniques I like to use are pulled from narrative therapy, journal therapy, art therapy, and interpersonal therapy. I firmly believe the client is the expert on his or herself and that my role is to serve as a partner and a guide.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Self esteem
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Relationship, Family, Grief, Parenting, Anger, Bipolar

Years of Experience: 11


LMHC #001485 (Expires: 2018-09-30)


Written by S.H. on Jul 04, 2017 after counseling with Alison for 5 months

Alison has a wealth of information and support and having her as my counselor has been an incredible experience. I can't thank her enough for the amazing impact that she has had on my life!

Written by H.E. on Jun 20, 2017 after counseling with Alison for 8 months stress, anxiety

Allison is an excellent Counselor!!!

Written by S.A. on May 27, 2017 after counseling with Alison for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related, parenting, self esteem, and anger

She did help me. It's a long road ahead but she has helped me see where to go to take the first steps. She is mostly letting me do the talking, which is good, and addressing the areas of what I tell her that can be most promptly adjusted, which is helping my outlook on the rest which will take significantly more work on my part.

Written by K.A on Dec 27, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 4 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, and family

Alison has been amazing at being there as a listening ear and a guiding voice through several recent situations. She responded quickly and made the whole BetterHelp experience seem very personal. I have recommended both BetterHelp and Alison to friends that have also been going through recent difficult times. She is truly caring and warm.

Written by A.L on Dec 04, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, and self esteem

Alison always responds in a timely manner and is very attentive. I like that she asks a lot of questions. She's great!

Written by P.O on Oct 31, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 1 month stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, anger, and career

Alison is truly caring and dedicated.

Written by J.E on Aug 06, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 3 months depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma and abuse

Alison is a great resource. She gets back to me in a timely manner and has good ideas. I am very happy to have found Alison.

Written by J.A on May 02, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, sleeping, self esteem, career, and depression

Alison is fantastic! In only a few chats I felt alot better. I have a long way to go but I have every confidence that she will provide me with the tools to get there.

Written by S.H on May 02, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 1 month

Alison is the best! I look forward to her messages. She is very kind and helpful.

Written by L.I on Feb 25, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 3 weeks

Over the past few weeks, Alison has helped me enormously through one of the hardest periods of my life. She's listened a lot, asked the right questions, reserved judgment, been patient, and advised me based on the situation once she knew more about it. One thing I especially appreciate is how Alison has been gentle when I've needed it but also firm with me when I've needed it. This has helped me to see the bigger picture and to work constructively on my goals. It's still a work in progress, but what I do know is that I'd be in a much worse position without having spoken to Alison this past month. Thank you!

Written by R.Y on Jan 09, 2016 after counseling with Alison for 1 week stress, anxiety, relationship, anger, and depression

I've been struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental anomalies for many years that left me feeling uncomfortable and unfulfilled. I tried seeking help in person, but soon lost faith in the process. When I saw an advertisement for betterhelp on Facebook, I figured I would give it another shot.

In the short time that I was able to talk with Alison, I've begun to change my own self image, identify key areas of stress and trauma that I need to work on, and generally have felt more in control.

Thanks Alison!

Written by J.A on Jun 19, 2015 after counseling with Alison for 3 weeks

Alison always replies within a reasonable period of time, and seems to really read and engage with the substance of what I write. She is good at pulling out the main themes and essential points of what is often stream of consciousness rambling on my part, and brings a spirit of honesty and compassion to her work. I'd definitely recommend this counselor.

Written by L.A on Dec 26, 2014 after counseling with Alison for 4 months stress, anxiety, relationship, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related, anger, and depression

Alison has been a very thoughtful and understanding counselor, even when I am surely very frustrating and repetitive. I feel like she really hears what I say and offers good feedback and suggestions for how to move forwards. I wasn't really sure if I could build a good rapport with someone online, but Alison has proven me wrong; working her over the last several months during a very difficult time in my life has really helped a lot.

Written by Z.E on Dec 11, 2014 after counseling with Alison for 2 months stress, anxiety, relationship, self esteem, anger, and depression

Helped me get through a rough patch. Thanks Alison.

Written by A.N on Jun 10, 2014 after counseling with Alison for 2 weeks relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, and intimacy-related

An excellent warm, caring, insightful and supportive person who is a pleasure to hear from every time!!