Angela Funke


About Me

If you could let me inside your heart…
Oh, let me be a part of the narrative
In the story they will write someday
Let this moment be the first chapter
-Hamilton, An American Musical

As a therapist I work primarily from an blend of psychodynamic and experiential viewpoints. In this structure, therapy is primarily aimed at helping clients become aware of and make productive use of deeper thoughts and feelings under the surface. As humans, over the years we suppress and manage our emotions in order to cope with everyday life, however, it is only when we acknowledge and express these emotions, that we can rediscover a passion for life. Therapy encourages self-confidence and independence, a focus on the present, healthy expression of emotions, and a connection of the actual and the symbolic. Therapy can help us gain insight to take control of writing our own story instead of feeling like the world is happening to us as we struggle under our emotional burdens.

I earned my Masters of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling from St. Edwards University and am Licensed as Marriage and Family Therapist and Supervisor by the State of Texas (License 201661). I work with individual, couples, and families to help delve into the connections of the world to build insight under the surface of our emotions and build skills to help manage and maintain relationships and emotional balance.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Self esteem

I also have experience in LGBT, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Intimacy-related issues, Anger management, Career difficulties, Depression

Services Offered

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