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About Me

Greetings! You have taken the first step to better your health. Congratulations! It takes a great amount of courage to ask for help, and it would be my pleasure to assist you to find peace, well being, and a greater understanding of your needs and goals. I believe in empowering individuals to make changes in their life and use their strengths to become the best version of themselves. I want to help you to achieve the vision of yourself that you hold in your mind. You are that person that you envision!

I am a licensed professional counselor in Connecticut with over 9 years of experience working as a therapist and life coach. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, family conflict, parenting problems, career challenges, OCD, and ADHD. I have also co-led a support group for LGBTQ individuals and work individually with individuals who are transitioning. In particular, I believe my specialties include working with individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, parents experiencing conflict or confusion about how to best interact with and support their children, and LGBTQ individuals who are exploring their identify and transitioning.

My counseling style is warm and interactive. I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion, and I don't believe in stigmatizing labels. My approach combines a humanistic approach which believes in unconditional positive regard, as well as cognitive-behavioral, Adlerian, and solution focused theory. I will tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs.

I look forward to working with you!

Wishing you health and peace,

Laura Manderino, LPC


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • LGBT
  • Parenting
  • Self esteem

I also have experience in Family, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Sleeping, Anger, Career, Bipolar, Depression

Years of Experience: 9


LPC #003013 (Expires: 2018-02-28)


Written by D.E. on Sep 23, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, family, sleeping, and self esteem

Laura is patient, kind and compassionate and her approach has been conducive to me feeling at ease. She is very attentive and responsive and knowledgeable. I value her input and suggestions.

Written by K.A. on Aug 11, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 5 months stress, anxiety, and self esteem

It has been amazing connecting with Laura. She has provided the assistance I've needed navigating a new chapter of my life. She's very professional yet empathetic, always seeming to connect and understand how I am doing even from the other side of the world.

Written by M.A. on Jul 21, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks depression, family, trauma and abuse, and self esteem

Laura is a kind and empathetic woman with good listening skills and an ability to cut right to the heart of a matter. I can appreciate the fact that she spends time to give me questions to contemplate and continues to think about me between scheduled appointments.

Written by M.A. on Jun 24, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 7 months relationship, and intimacy-related

Laura spends her time dedicated to supporting you in exactly the way you need. She is kind and thoughtful but she also understands the need for 'tough love.' She will warn you when it's coming. She responds to messages quickly and adds a lot of ideas to help with each response. Thank you Laura for your on-going support.

Written by S.I. on Jun 22, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 5 months stress, anxiety, and self esteem

Laura is great - really positive and really knows her expertise. Highly recommended.

Written by E.R. on May 12, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks

Laura's warmth, kindness, and especially her focus has helped me work towards my goals and feel happier sooner.

Written by S.T. on May 12, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks lgbt

I have nothing but the highest of praises for Laura. I found her to be most helpful and insightful as I grappled with some very significant and difficult issues. Her responses to me were always timely and always brought me to the next level of understanding. She will probably never fully know how much she helped me.

Written by C.A. on Mar 09, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks stress, anxiety

Laura is great in helping me- I love that I can write to her at my convenience she is definitely helping me

Written by B.R on Mar 05, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 2 months intimacy-related, and self esteem

Laura is great and I find a really big help. She honestly seems to genuinely care. I really appreciate her help with my problem.

Written by M.E on Mar 01, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 2 weeks stress, anxiety

AMAZING! Highly recommend working with Laura. She is brilliant at what she does, especially in this setting. She's so kind and caring, and really works hard to understand what you're experiencing and work through it with you. She's helped me so much already and i'll forever be grateful.

Written by K.L on Feb 24, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 1 month relationship, and family

Laura is an incredible counselor. In all my sessions and communications with her I have felt completely safe, at ease, able to share whatever was on my mind, knowing that there is a kind, wise and extremely caring person listening attentively and ready to help me process and make progress with all my issues. She has given me wonderful and insightful advice on a range of topics, and I could never have imagined that a counselor could have this much positive practical impact on my life. I'm amazed at how much progress she has helped me to make over just a few weeks. I see myself and the world in new ways and feel so positive about the journey ahead. I'm so glad I was able to connect with her and work with her.

Written by H.S on Feb 23, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 1 month stress, anxiety, self esteem, and career

Laura is so wonderful to talk to, I always look forward to receiving her messages!

Written by M.A on Jan 23, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 2 months relationship, and intimacy-related

I love how she operates and gains a great deal of clarity and understanding of myself through the sessions I have with Laura.

Written by J.E on Jan 12, 2017 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, addictions, trauma and abuse, and self esteem

Laura has been excellent with me so far and also very patient. She comes across as caring and she also makes really useful suggestions to help me reach my next steps.

Written by H.A on Dec 28, 2016 after counseling with Laura for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, grief, eating, sleeping, self esteem, and career

Laura's been an absolute gem; I can't thank her enough! She's gotten me to drag myself out of bed and continue to strive to live every day. She's helped me out loads so far, and we're jusy getting started! Really, what more can one ask for?

Written by C.A on Dec 26, 2016 after counseling with Laura for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and career

Very warm and intuitive, with great suggestions. She has a style well-adapted to this sort of forum of therapy. I highly recommend her.

Written by B.E on Nov 17, 2016 after counseling with Laura for 1 week stress, anxiety, relationship, and self esteem

Laura is such a great therapist! She made me feel very comfortable sharing the challenges I was experiencing, right at the beginning of our first session. I have been making so much progress to improving my life, in such a short amount of time, with her help. It's always a pleasure speaking with her!