How Will Career Counseling Help You?

By: Julia Thomas

Updated February 04, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Rashonda Douthit , LCSW

At some point, most people find themselves lost or uncertain in reference to what to do with their lives. Maybe the career you're currently in isn't going anywhere, or maybe you're just not happy with it. Maybe you lost your job and need to start over, or you're thinking about going back to school but don't know what to study. Maybe you just want to make sure that you're making the right choice for your professional life. If any of these things sound like you, you may be asking the question: "How will career counseling help me?"


What Is Career Counseling?

A Career Counselor is someone that you can talk to about your professional plans and decisions to see if you're on the right track. A Career Counselor can help with decisions in regards to your career, education, and even your life. All of this is done by exploring the things that are important to you to try and decide if you are making the right career choices.

What Will Career Counseling Do?

Career counseling will allow you to discuss your future with a professional who can act as a sounding board for your choices and decisions. You'll be able to discuss the career path you're considering and why you think it might be good or bad. You can discuss your thoughts on education and whether you're considering going back to school, changing careers or anything else. They can help you work through your questions and concerns and help you make the right choice for you.


More than an objective sounding board, Career Counselors are able to objectively evaluate your interests, abilities as well as your values to help you decide if a specific path may be right for you. They'll do this by talking with you and working with you on various activities or just conversations to ensure you won't be diving in without knowing that you have the aptitude for your proposed career.

When you're ready to take the next step, a Career Counselor can help you locate resources or information about potential careers and educational paths. They'll even help you develop a plan for next steps. That way, you'll be on the right path when you make your decision about the future.

A Career Counselor will not tell you what to do or tell you a specific plan to follow. You will need to make those decisions on your own. They will simply help you along on your journey as you gain clarity on what you want most.

Who Needs Counseling For Their Future?

The truth is, anyone can use a little help determining what they want out of their future and their life. It's never too early to start working with a Career Counselor to figure out just what it is you want in life. For the high school student, even one in their freshmen or sophomore year, it can be a great step to start the counseling process early. Starting career counseling that early on doesn't mean you have to settle on all aspects of your future right away. Rather, you can start exploring your interests and aptitudes.

Once you've had a chance to discuss these things and make some decisions about what you might want out of your life, you'll be better prepared for making career decisions. Of course, it's important not to jump into anything just because you have an aptitude for it. If you're not interested, it might not be the right choice, and even if you are interested, there may be something else that is a better fit for you. If you're starting your counseling young, just know that you don't need to be locked into anything early on; you can change your mind over time.


For those who are getting close to finishing high school, like juniors and seniors or even those who are already in college, career counseling can be even more important. You want to make sure you're not wasting your time in college with classes that are going to cost you money but not help you on your future path or towards the things that you want to accomplish in life. You want to make sure you are working towards something that's going to be beneficial to you, after all.

Those who are already in the workforce may want to consider career counseling as well, especially if you're not entirely sure that the job you're in is going to be good for your future or you're not sure you enjoy the job. After all, you're going to be working for a very long period of your life, and you don't want to spend all that time on a job that you don't even like.

How To Start

If you already have an idea of what you might want to do with your future, it's a good idea to start there. You can work with your Career Counselor on things like how your interests and aptitudes align with that plan for your future, and you can work on whatever it's going to take to set you up for that future you're hoping for. A Career Counselor can be a great driving force if you've already made some of the decisions and need help with the execution phase or just getting the support to start on that new path.

If you haven't made your decision yet, or you're not entirely sure what is going to be the best path for you it's a good idea to start looking at the things that are important to you and the things you enjoy. A Career Counselor will be able to take these things and come up with ideas about what you can do and what would be the best way to use your interests and natural talents. Of course, it's going to be entirely up to you which path you decide to pursue.


Where To Find Your Career Counselor

If you're looking for a Career Counselor, the best thing you can do is find someone that you're comfortable with, which isn't always someone that is located near you. With BetterHelp you'll be able to find a counselor that can help you with any of your questions and get you started on the path to success, however you want it. That's because BetterHelp connects you with online counselors that are trained and ready to help you with whatever you need. You'll never even need to leave your home. What could be better than that?

BetterHelp runs entirely online, so you'll be able to get more information about any counseling help that you might need, whether it's for career counseling or anything else that might be going on in your life. Then you'll be able to connect with a counselor that can help you with whatever you want or need. Because there are so many counselors available as well, you'll be able to find someone that you feel comfortable with, and then you can start your counseling process on the right foot.

You'll be surprised just how quickly you can get on your way to success when it comes to career counseling because you'll be able to look at your life and see what you want out of it. There's no reason to settle for less than what you want in your life, especially when there's a way that you can get started on something better. Talk with a Career Counselor and start looking at not only your options but the things that you want in life. There's a whole lot out there for you to see and explore and with the right help you can find your ideal career path or educational path in no time at all.

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