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Far too many people are stuck along a career path that actually makes them unhappy, but have invested too much in obtaining the needed training and gaining experience in their field to simply quit and start over. If you or someone you know are satisfied with your career choice thus far, taking the time for a little professional career counseling can avoid costly mistakes that can affect the rest of a person's life.

All personality types are not suited to every kind of work. A qualified career counselor can help you find out what jobs are suited to your skills and personal characteristics, which will end up making you not only be more productive at something you will be good at, but also find fulfillment in an activity that you'll be spending almost a third of the rest of your life on.

I Know I Deserve Better, What Am I Afraid Of?

There is a promotion opportunity at your place of work. You know you are qualified for the job, but you also know that there are three other people who are in line for the...

Embarking on a new career is not something to be undertaken likely, and obtaining professional advice is certainly something to consider. A qualified career counselor has the needed perspective and training to point out pitfalls and opportunities that may not be obvious to you.
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