Problems With Internet Chat – Bored And Vulnerable Users

By Toni Hoy

Updated December 06, 2018

Reviewer Audrey Kelly, LMFT


People chat online for various reasons. They wish to retain contact with old friends and classmates. They are looking for answers to specific questions. They enjoy reaching out to an international community. It's a great way to develop new relationships. It staves off feelings of being chat bored.

"I Just Feel Numb!"

Interactive robots that make cute faces, avatars you can build and manipulate, photo and video sharing, and yet, you still feel bored in the chat room. It seems the cheerier everyone else becomes, the more alienated you feel from them. You don't care that hearts and flowers pop up on the screen and cascade down the sides. You don't want to discuss the latest celebrity scandal or discuss the latest, made for television movie series.

You're not just flat-lining out on the chat room, you're depressed. You're simply not making the connection. You might argue that it's because a virtual connection isn't real. Of course, it's real!

Your Virtual and Physical Reality


It's true there is a great deal of freedom in creating an Internet persona. You don't have to use your real name, age, or gender. You can make up your own background and experiences. But with the Internet savvy of today, it better be good. Most people, however, grow tired of pretending eventually. Their purpose is to form new contacts. Their motivations are the same as they would be in the physical world; curiosity, congeniality, the desire to share information, a longing for understanding, loneliness, and a need for others.

If you've withdrawn from communicating with your friends online, the chances are, you've withdrawn from those around you as well. When you are depressed, you feel that no matter how much you talk, nobody's really listening, so it becomes pointless to talk much at all. If you do tell people you're depressed, they're going to give you good ole home remedies in the form of cheery quotes and flowery phrases. It's not what you want. In fact, it's very difficult for you to state what you want.

Interestingly, a report from the New York Times stated that now more than ever, most people (up to 40 percent of the population) feel isolated and withdrawn from everyone. Social separation, as it's called, is a dangerous place to be in.


The Vulnerable User

Chat rooms are designed to give a real encounter experience to the Internet user. They are a twenty-four hour a day party you can walk into and out of with ease. How you interact will be much the same as your real life experiences. If you have a quick wit, it will be immediately apparent. If you are gregarious, everybody knows you. If you are shy, eventually people realize it.

Most chat users are sympathetic toward the more reticent members and will try to draw them out in a discussion. However, every party has its share of trolls. Trolls are the same as bullies. They prey on those with the least amount of confidence, the most fragile, and the easily intimidated. They prey on fears and anxieties. Internet scandals have included reports of Internet users who were bullied into suicide.

Chat Bored and Yearning for Help

There are so many different types of chat rooms, they can be compartmentalized to cater to your tastes. Some chat rooms deal with specific types of counseling services, including chat rooms for anxieties and depression.


If you're bored because nothing seems to make you feel good, no matter where you are or what you're doing, you are probably depressed. Find someone who knows how to deal with depression, join a support group and contact those loved ones who have really been trying to reach out to you.

Our staff of licensed therapists at BetterHelp are trained to help people of all ages deal with their depression and feelings of isolation. Don't wait too long…call now and start talking to someone who cares.

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