The Potential Benefits Of A Pregnancy Chat Room

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Pregnancy is a unique life experience that affects an individual both physically and emotionally. As with any major life change, it can be helpful to have people by your side who have been through or are going through the same thing. They can provide support, tips, and a listening ear for both the joys and struggles of such an undertaking. If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you may find joining some kind of online pregnancy chat room or group to be helpful in your journey. Below, we’ll cover how such groups can be beneficial and where to find them.

Support during pregnancy is important

What is a pregnancy chat room? 

A pregnancy chat room or group is an online space dedicated to pregnancy-related topics. Participation is usually limited to those who are currently pregnant, were recently pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant soon. Sometimes, a coach, midwife, or fellow parent might organize or run the group, perhaps by managing who can join, moderating posts, providing resources, and/or suggesting topics for discussion. 

Pregnancy chat rooms can be large or small, and they may be broad or specific in their focus. For example, you might find one that’s for pregnant people in your particular city with a focus on exchanging resources and meeting up. Or, you might find one that’s intended for parents or parents-to-be who have a common experience, such as those who are queer, people of color, first-time parents, single parents, polyamorous parents, and/or parents with a physical disability, for example. You may also find a pregnancy forum or group for those who are trying to get pregnant, who have recently experienced a miscarriage, or who have experienced certain, specific pregnancy-related complications.

Potential benefits of joining a pregnancy chat room

There are many potential benefits you could gain by joining an online pregnancy chat room or group. First, you might find comfort in receiving support and advice from others who are currently or have formerly experienced pregnancy. They might be able to answer questions, discuss personal stories, or provide encouragement. 

Next, you could also receive helpful tips from other group members.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that unless it’s led by a qualified medical professional, a pregnancy chat room is not a place to seek advice related to medical or mental health conditions.

If you’re experiencing a physical or mental health concern or have questions related to your health during pregnancy, you should consult with a licensed healthcare professional. That said, fellow group members can still offer useful advice related to topics such as items or practices they personally found useful during pregnancy.

Finally, a sense of community can be another valuable takeaway from an online pregnancy group. In some cases, pregnancy can be an isolating experience—especially if you don’t know other people who are facing the same types of challenges along the way. That’s the final reason these groups can be helpful, because it may be comforting to some parents-to-be to know that they’re not alone and to get emotional support from people who have been or are in their shoes.

What not to use pregnancy chat rooms for

Pregnancy chat rooms, groups, forums, and message boards can be excellent sources of support, encouragement, advice, and community for those who are pregnant. However, they’re not a replacement for the care of a qualified healthcare professional, and you shouldn’t take medical advice from them. For any health-related concerns, you should consult with a licensed healthcare provider. 

It’s also worth remembering that the content people post in chat rooms like these represent their personal opinions and experiences, and that what worked well for someone else and/or their child may not be right for you and/or yours. In other words, you can make the most of such groups while taking in the information you find there with a critical eye.

How to find an online pregnancy chat room or group

There are many pregnancy chat rooms, groups, forums, and other places where you can connect with people who are currently or have recently told the experience of being pregnant. Keep in mind as you go that anything posted publicly on the internet can be subject to criticism or unpleasant comments. Although most online communities do their best to moderate hateful comments or harassing behavior, it is important to be cognizant of online safety when participating in pregnancy chats and forums. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Support is available 24/7. If you are experiencing trauma, support is available. Please see our Get Help Now page for more resources.

If you’re looking for an online pregnancy chat room, forum, or group to join, you might consider starting with one of these:

  • Reddit. Reddit is a free, forum-based social media site that allows users to join and participate in niche-interest communities. The r/pregnant subreddit aims to create a safe online space for all who are experiencing pregnancy. Additionally, other pregnancy and parenting related subreddits can be found by browsing the site.

  • Facebook. The social media giant has thousands upon thousands of pregnancy- and parenting-related groups in various languages, which can be found by using the search feature. You can also find lists online that highlight popular groups.

  • The Bump. The Bump is a website with dozens of different forums intended for parents-to-be and new parents. There are message boards for each trimester of pregnancy, along with those for everything from breastfeeding to natural births to parenting over 35.

Getting support from a therapist during pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a variety of physical and emotional changes, and it represents a major, long-term life change as well. Coping with so much newness can be challenging, which is why many pregnant people find the support of a therapist to be valuable during this time. They can provide you with an outlet for your feelings, fears, and hopes, and they can help you build emotional skills that can help you in the future as a parent. If you experience any mental health challenges during your pregnancy, such as symptoms of perinatal depression or an anxiety disorder, they can also help you address these. 

Since pregnant individuals often have to attend many doctor’s appointments up until the birth of their child, they may hesitate to add in-person therapy appointments to their schedules. Those who feel this way may prefer the convenience of connecting with a therapist online instead. With an online therapy platform like BetterHelp, you can get matched with a licensed therapist who you can meet with via phone, video call, and/or in-app messaging from the comfort of home or anywhere you have an internet connection. Research suggests that both online and in-person therapy formats can offer similar benefits in most cases, so you can feel comfortable choosing the method that works best for you. See below for client reviews of BetterHelp counselors.

Counselor Reviews

“Ashleigh is a wonderful listener, a thoughtful provider of resources, and I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped me work through childhood trauma, issues at work, and postpartum anxiety and depression. I wouldn’t have made it through so many obstacles without her help”.

Support during pregnancy is important

“We have just completed our last session together and I was honestly happy but sad at the same time. Joy has not only impacted my first year of motherhood but has been an efficient, kind, and down-to-earth counselor. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor during these past 2 months. I genuinely looked forward to our sessions together that we had weekly because she honestly felt like a friend. She responded in such a timely manner and was there when I needed her the most. She did her best to accommodate me and my schedule to ensure that I got an appointment time that was best for me. She offered multiple resources for me, including articles, worksheets, and videos. Thank you, Joy”.


Pregnancy is a time of many changes, and joining an online pregnancy chat room, forum, or group may provide support as you navigate it. Remember that they should generally not be used as sources of medical advice. If you’re looking for additional support during your pregnancy, you might consider meeting with a therapist.
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