The Potential Benefits Of A Pregnancy Chat Room

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Pregnancy is a deeply and unique experience for everyone who experiences it. While receiving prenatal care from a healthcare professional is typical during a pregnancy, additional support from those who have been pregnant, are pregnant, or are currently parenting can be both helpful and eye-opening. 

Though support from friends and family is valuable, it is not always available. Additionally, your experience with pregnancy may be different from the people in your immediate circle. 

Thankfully, online communities have created a multitude of opportunities for those who are pregnant or expecting to communicate, swap stories, and tell advice. 

In this article we will explore the benefits of online pregnancy chat rooms and forums, as well as a few resources for those looking to join an online pregnancy community. 

Support During Pregnancy Is Important

The Benefits Of Online Pregnancy Forums

Pregnancy tends to affect every person who experiences it differently. While common symptoms such as missed periods and morning sickness are largely well-known, there are a plethora of other symptoms that can be both confusing and concerning. Along with symptoms, navigating your unique pregnancy situation requires a considerable amount of thought and planning. 

Online pregnancy chat rooms and forums create spaces where pregnant people and expecting parents can discuss their symptoms, get advice from other expectant parents, or even seek guidance regarding family planning resources.

In an article published by the Washington Post , Dr. Faye Reiff-Pasarew details her personal experience with online pregnancy communities from the standpoint of a medical professional. 

“I began to see these virtual vignettes as something much more than the shady medical websites I was accustomed to discouraging my patients from using,” said Dr. Reiff-Pasarew. ”I found real comfort in this virtual world.” 

While she emphasizes the important reminder that medical misinformation tends to spread widely in online communities like these, she goes on to say, “I felt humbled by the empathy and support that crossed borders and socioeconomic lines. These voices, so frustratingly absent from public discourse, flourished online.” 

Though taking medical advice from unverifiable online sources or forums is not advisable, pregnancy forums may help to demystify certain aspects of pregnancy. Oftentimes people with similar experiences to your own can help guide you in the matters of research or consulting a physician.

Online pregnancy communities can foster a sense of friendship. Many of these chats and forums simply create a welcoming place to discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy and parenting such as creating a nursery, finding childcare, helpful items and much more.

Online Pregnancy Chats And Forums

Finding a helpful online pregnancy chat room or forum will likely come down to what you are looking for specifically. It is important to keep in mind that anything posted publicly on the internet can be subject to criticism or unpleasant comments. 

Though most online communities do their best to moderate hateful comments or harassing behavior, it is important to be cognizant of online safety when participating in pregnancy chats and forums. 

There are certain pregnancy forums that allow you to maintain anonymity. Some forums and resources include:  

  1. Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood is an organization that delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide. Along with tele-health options, Planned Parenthood offers an online chat feature that invites people to reach out to trained health educators at no cost. Additionally, they offer a free text line by texting 'PPNOW' to 774636 (PPINFO).

  2. Reddit

    Reddit is a forum-based social media site that allows users to join and participate in niche interest communities at no cost. The r/pregnancy subreddit aims to create a safe online space for all who are experiencing pregnancy. Additionally, other pregnancy and parenting related subreddits can be found through browsing the site.

  3. Facebook

    Facebook has remained one of the most popular social media websites since its 2006 rise to popularity. There are countless pregnancy and parenting related groups available on the site. A recent article published by Parents lists 20 mom groups that may be worth exploring. 

Pregnancy is undoubtedly an intense and profound experience that typically comes with a wide array of emotion. In addition to online community support, support from a mental health professional can be extremely helpful when navigating pregnancy and parenting. 

The Benefits Of Online Therapy

As an expecting parent, you may be aware of the many benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or “talk-therapy”. 

Still, the preparation and care required when it comes to pregnancy and parenting can be overwhelming, discouraging many from taking on additional healthcare commitments.

Thankfully, much like online communities, online therapy offers mental health care from the comfort of your own home. 

The Effectiveness Of Online Therapy 

According to research, online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or “talk therapy” is proven to be equally as effective as in-person therapy when it comes to the reduction of symptoms of certain mental health conditions including those that may be related to pregnancy.

“Ashleigh is a wonderful listener, a thoughtful provider of resources, and I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped me work through childhood trauma, issues at work, and postpartum anxiety and depression. I wouldn’t have made it through so many obstacles without her help.”

Support During Pregnancy Is Important

“We have just completed our last session together and I was honestly happy but sad at the same time. Joy has not only impacted my first year of motherhood but has been an efficient, kind, and down-to-earth counselor. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor during these past 2 months. I genuinely looked forward to our sessions together that we had weekly because she honestly felt like a friend. She responded in such a timely manner and was there when I needed her the most. She did her best to accommodate me and my schedule to ensure that I got an appointment time that was best for me. She offered multiple resources for me, including articles, worksheets, and videos. Thank you, Joy.”


If you are pregnant or expecting, online communities can offer support, advice, and a sense of community. If you are unsure about participating in virtual pregnancy communities, take your time, do your research and no matter your situation, remember that there are many people ready to tell their experience, strength and support.

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