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Childhood is a special time where we are learning so much about the world, new people, friends, family and ourselves. Children learn from their parents and often model after them. Whether you have children or you’re considering having them, learning about child development is important. You will gain insight into how the minds of children work, and how your own childhood experience has impacted your adult life. Childhood can be an idyllic time or it can be traumatic or possibly a mixture of both. Learning about this period of our lives can be enlightening and even surprising.

The articles in this section aim to show you more about this developmental period of our lives. Once you become an adult, putting yourself inside a child’s mind can be inherently challenging. Reading about how a child’s mind works and learning what to expect during particular developmental phases is important.

Preparing For The Stages Of Early Childhood Development

Childhood should be a journey, not a race. This has been the mantra of early childhood educators for years. It seems that now as expectations and state standards change, the...

Signs And Symptoms Of Childhood Schizophrenia

Childhood schizophrenia is extremely rare, and difficult to diagnose. Most children go through several misdiagnoses before they are diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia. It is...

What Is Early Childhood Intervention, And Should I Consider It For My Child?

When an infant or toddler seems to lag behind others their age, parents naturally worry. After all, if the child is slow to develop, they may have special needs that need to be...

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Adulthood?

For better or for worse, every living adult has lived through their childhood. More often than not, the quality of one's childhood impacts their adult life, relationships,...

4 Ways That Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Adults

What Are Childhood Adverse Experiences? Adverse Childhood Experiences take their name from a pivotal study conducted at Kaiser Permanente between 1995 and 1997. More than...

Childhood Depression—Prevalence, Symptoms, And Treatment

Childhood depression is a very real problem that often goes unnoticed or untreated. While it is normal for children to become upset, sad, or get the blues, childhood depression...

Cognitive And Physical Early Childhood Development

Parents frequently lament that their babies are growing up too fast, and there is some truth to this sentiment. Early childhood development from birth to about age eight is...

What Is Project Safe Childhood And Why Is It Important?

Have you ever heard of Project Safe Childhood? If you haven’t, you might be wondering what it is and why it’s so important. You can tell by the name that it’s a project that...

What Is The Childhood Of A Leader?

Some people seem like they’re born to be leaders. In the schoolyard, they’re the ones hyping the other students. As they grow older, they become class presidents and then the...

How And When Does Childhood End?

When you think of your childhood, what do you imagine? Do you only include the events in your prepubescence? Do you include your teenage years as well? Some may even include...

The Best Childhood Synonym: How To Define The Meaning Of Childhood

The meaning of childhood seems quite obvious, but when you think about it, you may realize that your childhood is more complicated than you think. If you look at the synonyms of...

What Is Childhood Apraxia Of Speech & How It Affects Children

Many speech difficulties can arise during childhood. Some of them are minor and can be fixed with time, while others are more difficult to change and can last into adulthood...


Childhood can be an idyllic time. You are learning about the world, bonding with your parents, spending time with your friends, and everything is wondrous. The innocence of childhood is a spectacular thing. Children have a point of view that is truly special and unique. The world of a child is precious and delicate. When raising children, it is important to remember that you are making an impression on them and who they are. Kids have a lot to say, and they may have insight into different areas of your life. You’re teaching them, but they are also teaching you. Whether you have your own kids or you are working with them as a teacher or in some other capacity, children have a lot to show us through the way that they perceive the world and we can learn a lot from them.

Childhood Trauma

While childhood can be a special and beautiful time, some people experience childhood trauma, which includes abuse. Physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse during childhood are things that many people have dealt with. It is difficult to look back on someone's childhood and realize that they have been through such pain. People who have been abused are scared, at times, to develop new relationships. If the abuse goes all the way back to childhood, their trauma and what they experience as a result of that trauma is extremely deep. If you are a survivor of childhood abuse, it’s essential to seek treatment for these problems so that you can heal.

What We Learn As Children

If you’re a parent of a child, remember that you are watching a younger person explore, learn about themselves, and learn about the world that they live in. They are different from you, but you likely have things in common with them. After all, you are living with and raising this person. Whether you are a biological parent or you have adopted a child, you have a tremendous influence on this person’s life - more prominent than anyone else’s. One of the most wonderful things about being a human being is learning, whether you’re a child or an adult. We are always learning, no matter how old we are. That’s what keeps us mentally activated as we age - keeping yourself open to the possibility of learning new things. Children know this intuitively and continue to seek out knowledge. That’s why kids are in school - to learn about the world and how to live in it.

Remember What Childhood Felt Like To You

If you have kids, nieces and nephew, cousins or you’re a teacher in a preschool or perhaps an elementary school teacher. Even if you interact with children every day, doesn’t mean you remember what it was like to be a child. If you want to help your children, one of the crucial things you can do is emphasize that you understand what they’re feeling emotionally. You child will feel heard, There are many times in life when we don’t feel heard. That’s why valuing children’s opinions is a beautiful thing. Listen to what kids tell you. They’re fascinated about the world, and they want you to show them things, teach them how to ride a bike or comfort them when they cry out of frustration. Children are e

When Your Child Needs Help

Sometimes, children struggle to get through psychological issues, just as adults do. You may be the parent of a special needs child. Perhaps, you are the mother of a child who is dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) or ADHD. If you are having difficulties with what your child is experiencing, online therapy can be an excellent resource for you to talk out those issues. There’s also something called parent counseling, where you and your child can attend counseling together. Search the online network of BetterHelp counselors and see if there’s anybody in the database that you connect with that you can use to work through your challenges surrounding parenting. Childhood is one of the most distinctive times in our lives and when you are raising children, remember that your child is important, beautiful, and valuable to the world.

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