Childhood Articles

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Childhood amnesia is quite common. Here are ways to help you remember.

Childhood is a special time where we learn a lot about the world, people, friends, family, and ourselves. Children learn from their parents and often model after them.  Whether you have children or you’re considering having them, learning about child development is important. You will gain insight into how the mind of a child works, and how your own childhood experiences may have impacted your life. Childhood can be idyllic or traumatic or possibly a mixture of both. Learning about this period of our lives can be enlightening and even surprising. The articles in this section aim to show you more about this developmental period of our lives. Once you become an adult, putting yourself inside a child’s mind can be inherently challenging. Reading about how a child’s mind works and learning what to expect during particular developmental phases is important.

Explore how childhood influences behavior

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