Your Options In Receiving Counseling Help

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During taxing times, you may wonder if you should be eligible or qualified to receive counselling help. In truth, counselling help is available to anyone regardless of their mental state or situation. However, some may require it more than others.

How Do You Know If You Need Counselling Help?

Your Emotions May Be Getting The Best Of You

According to "8 Signs You Need to See a Therapist", you are most likely in serious need of counselling help if you:

  • Are overwhelmingly emotional
  • Troubled with a loss in terms of family, love, or career
  • Have inexplicable and reoccurring pains or numbness of any body part
  • Suffering from substance abuse
  • Are overloaded with negativity and rejection
  • Do not enjoy the things you used to love
  • Are having trouble with any one of your relationships
  • Have friends who have expressed concern for you

If you find that one of the points from the list above applies to you, receiving counselling help may be something you should look into.

Counselling Help Options

Do not be afraid to explore your options regarding counselling and giving therapy a try. Counselling is a leading factor to recovery in any emotional, mental, and even physical ailment.

In general terms, there are two different types of counselling or therapy. Whichever type of counselling you choose will depend on your situation and issue.

Psychodynamic therapies are a type of counselling that focus on the thoughts behind your behaviors, or your unconsciousness. In this counselling, you will be expected to talk about what you have been thinking or feeling during certain situations.

It mainly focuses on the past as you and your therapist determine what has happened that causes you to think, feel, and act in the present. This can certainly be effective as you have the option to make this type of counselling service long-term. However, it can be short-term as well.

Cognitive or behavioral therapies concentrate more on your present thoughts. For this counselling service, you and your therapist will be identifying dysfunctional patterns in your thinking process and work with you so that your thoughts can became more realistic. This type of therapy is often short-term, rather than long-term.


Your Emotions May Be Getting The Best Of You

A more specific option is BetterHelp, a website that offers a variety of counselling services. You will surely find the right therapy and therapist for you here and you will be able to carry out these sessions at any time you please.

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