Are You Crying For No Reason? Find Out Possible Causes

By: Sarah Fader

Updated September 09, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Rashonda Douthit , LCSW

When you burst into tears out of no where, you'll likely wonder, "why am I crying for no reason?" You're full of emotion, and you can't seem to put your finger on the reason. Rest assured there is an answer, and you will find it. Uncontrollable crying happens for many causes, and you will find out the reason for it.

If you're living with a condition, it's important to be monitored by a doctor and let your provider know what's happening with you mentally and physically. These physical illnesses can impact your behavioral health. 

"A licensed counselor or therapist can help you understand your feelings and cope with them while learning effective strategies to protect your mental and behavioral health."

The best way to deal with this is to find the source for your stress, lessen it or eliminate it, if possible. Sometimes it's not possible to eradicate the source for your stress. But you can find healthy ways to relieve and manage stress such as exercise, yoga, or therapy. Or, if your stress is caused by difficult relationships within your family, you may try family therapy.

One of the most common reasons for crying for no reason is depression. People who suffer from depression have feelings of hopelessness and sadness that persist. Depression may be situational and temporary, specific to an incident or scenario. People who suffer from clinical depression may feel emotionally numb and empty. 

How to Cope With Crying For No Reason

The way you deal with stress can be largely affected by your previous life experience. Biological factors (for example, if someone in your family has experienced depression) can also increase the likelihood for depression. The empowering news is, there are effective treatment options available, such as online therapy. One study by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute found that people in online therapy significantly reduced their depression symptoms.

Therapist Reviews

"I've only met with Tonya once so far, but what really stood out to me was the fact that she gave me a safe space to just cry. And that meant everything to me!!! She gave me a different perspective on a few issues I was struggling with, which allowed me to see myself and the situations in a different light. I plan on continuing to see her for as long as I can. Thanks Tonya!!"

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"I put off finding a therapist for a long time. I dreaded my first conversation with Neil and all the awkward, clunky explanations I'd have to give about my depression and anxiety. All of the things that felt like dirty little secrets that caused me so much pain. But I was so pleasantly surprised by the way Neil accurately picked up on what I was saying and gave me more insight into how my brain was working. It made my issue feel so much less of a personal problem and more of a universal problem we could examine together. He always gives me a thoughtful response within a day or two any time I send a message. I actually think we've made more progress in between sessions just by being able to communicate things that are coming up in real time. Neil is intelligent and kind. I really appreciate his communication style and highly recommend him."

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it normal to cry daily?

Under extreme amounts of stress, some people cry once a day, and that's completely normal, but we can't undergo this level of stress for long before it starts to have some consequences. If you notice that uncontrollable crying or crying spells are occurring daily for an extended period for no reason, there could be something going on. You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue.

Everyone has emotions and feelings, and it's normal to feel them, but when they get so overwhelming that you can't seem to breathe or you're crying daily for no reason, that could be a sign that something is going on. Remember that all emotions are normal, but if you feel like your emotions are so overwhelming that they're impacting your ability to function, that's a different story, and it could be a sign for a mental illness or something else, so it's important to discuss this with a licensed therapist. A mental health professional can help you explore your emotions and coping strategies that you can use  to improve your mental and behavioral health.

What is a nervous breakdown? A nervous breakdown is when you experience a significant period of distress where you can't function as you typically would. The symptoms could include depression, anxiety, and extreme levels of stress. You may also experience insomnia, hallucinations, or have flashbacks. Not caring for your behavioral health can lead to symptoms like those of a nervous breakdown.

What triggers crying? Crying usually isn't for no reason comes on when you experience strong emotions. Some people cry when they're extremely happy as well. People who live with depression may experience crying spells more because they're overwhelmed with their feelings, and their body's reaction is to let them out. Note that people with depression may feel numb and not cry at all, let alone undergo crying spells or uncontrollable crying for no reason; it varies from person to person.

Can crying be good for one's health? While uncontrollable crying can lead to extreme depression, crying to release grief or something else can be good for your mental health. When you cry, you releases chemical that make you feel good and relieve pain. In addition, crying can lead to emotional balancing.

Conclusion: "Why Am I Crying For No Reason?"

Life can be challenging, and if you're emotionally overwhelmed and having bouts of tears, it's okay to reach out for help. Crying isn't a sign that there's something wrong with you, but knowing the source for your pain can help you heal. 

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