7 Meaningful Psychology Facts About Love

The Psychology of Love is Something We're All Curious to Know More About
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The psychological side of love is an amazing, mind bending, roller coaster of emotions, behaviors, and biological processes. We do not have control over these emotions and processes, so it is only natural that we want to learn everything we can. Love is something we all experience, but it is not something we fully understand. These 7 meaningful psychology facts about love will blow your mind, and if you are looking for love, these facts may help you find it!

What is Love?

Love is chemistry; it is compromise; it is one of the strongest emotions humans possess; love is compassion; and love is universal (everyone, everywhere, experiences love). Although these statements are true in some respect, they are also mundane and boring. They are mundane and boring until you really break them down and give them life

Love is chemistry - the actual biological changes that take place when we fall in love are quite amazing. The chemistry of love can relieve pain and literally break the heart (heartbreak is a real condition in which the heart is compromised by the pain of losing a loved one).

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Love is compromise - sharing a bed with someone is a compromise. Sharing just about everything you own with someone requires huge amounts of compromise.

Love is compassion - compassion is necessary if love is to survive and thrive, consideration of another's feelings, and empathy for another is the basis for a long-lasting relationship.

Love is universal - no matter where you are from, love is understood in all its many facets.

The Psychology of Love is Something We're All Curious to Know More About
Work On Your Romantic Relationships In Online Therapy

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Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction may not be the glue that binds two people together in a long-lasting relationship, but without it, the relationship wouldn't even exist. There are many theories and much research about how and why we are attracted to each other sexually. Everyone is different, what one person finds sexy, another may find unattractive. The following is a list of well researched reasons behind sexual attraction:

  • We are more attracted to people we choose to pursue and less attracted to those who pursue us.
  • Body language is the number one way we attract each other (smiling, flicking the hair, eye contact, etc.).
  • The pitch of your voice affects attraction, women with high voices attract more men, and men with low voices attract more women.
  • The symmetry of the face.
  • Hormone levels, i.e., high estrogen levels attract more men, and high testosterone levels attract more women

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7 Meaningful Psychology Facts About Love

The psychology of love is something we should all learn more about. The biology of sexual attraction, and theories on what love is only explain half of the picture. Human love is more than sexual attraction, and more than all the adjectives used to explain it, it is also a psychological condition. The mind is where love takes root, when we fall in love our minds change, and when we lose someone we love, the emotional devastation can bring us to the lowest point in our lives.

The meaningful psychology facts of love brings us to the many effects that our mind experience when we are in love

  • Cuddling with the one you love triggers the brain to release oxytocin, this chemical relieves stress and promotes a feeling of wellbeing and happiness
  • Seeing a picture of the one you love can lower stress levels, pain levels, and help you heal faster if you are injured or sick
  • Less than a second after looking at the one we love, the brain releases chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine providing a sense of intense happiness and wellbeing.
  • Kissing helps us choose who we love and it is a big player in maintaining long lasting love
  • Long distance relationships work because partners talk about intimate feelings and thoughts more often and they seem to have a more idealized view of their partner
  • Love lasts longer when both partners are actively working toward self-actualization
  • Love lasts longer when both partners are actively working toward self-fulfillment

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