Does Regain Offer Three-Way Calling For Couples Counseling?

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Content Warning: Please be advised that this article mentions domestic violence and other potentially triggering subjects. Read with discretion. 

The choice to seek out online therapy services like Regain relationship counseling can be significant for many couples when facing relationship challenges. Being prepared for what to expect from an online platform can help you understand how sessions might function and how these functions can benefit you. The Regain website offers several features to couples using their services which can provide unique advantages that you might not find in traditional in-person therapy. If you're used to the structure of meeting one-on-one or in person with a therapist, learning more about Regain's policies and features could be valuable.

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Is Couples Counseling Effective? 

Various studies on the effectiveness of couples' counseling have indicated that couples who undergo pre-marital counseling have a higher marriage success rate than those who don't.

In addition,the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists found that 97% of couples who underwent couples' therapy felt they received the help they needed, and 93% felt better equipped to deal with relationship issues, such as communication.

Regain counseling was created to remove barriers that may stop couples from seeking support, including the potential discomfort factor. With Regain, your counseling sessions are entirely virtual. Where you may have felt uncomfortable sitting in a therapist's office with your partner to air your issues, you can now speak to a counselor wherever you are comfortable and at ease.

What Is Regain?

Regain is an online couples' counseling platform providing relationship therapy through licensed professional therapists trained in modern practices for relationship concerns. Using a tablet, smartphone, or computer, Regain users can connect with a licensed therapist to discuss any topic. The Regain licensed therapists are wellness professionals with a license to practice and over 1000 hours of clinical supervision experience. 

Can Regain Therapists Treat Individuals? 

Your partner does not need to be present to attend relationship counseling with Regain. If you hope to discuss your relationship-related concerns, individual talk therapy and mental health support can be possible with Regain counselors. Regain makes professional therapy more convenient to couples, the sign-up process is often simple, and you can register alone and non-public work through relationship troubles with your therapist. In addition, the Regain platform is discreet. You can receive support from home and use a nickname during your sessions with a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Can Regain Therapists Support Those Experiencing Domestic Violence? 

Regain therapists may be able to offer support after an individual has left an abusive or unhealthy relationship. However, if you are in crisis, do not use the site. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 for support. Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or text "START" to 88788. You can also use the online chat

How Much Does Regain Cost? 

Regain counseling can be affordable, discreet, and convenient for many couples. While Regain does not accept insurance, in-person marriage therapy is not often covered by insurance companies unless an individual is diagnosed with a mental illness. The cost of Regain can be split by two partners, making it significantly cheaper than many in person sessions.  

If your health insurance provider offers reimbursement for online sessions, you can receive a receipt from Regain to submit to the company for approval. However, Regain is not affiliated with insurance companies, so you may not be reimbursed if your insurance provider does not offer that option.

Despite this factor, almost any Regain counseling review will tell you that the service is competitive in affordability; what a counseling review may not tell you is the exact price. You can create a joint account when signing up and divide the costs of weekly sessions. Regain costs $60 to $90 a session, billed every four weeks. Financial aid may be available by contacting the customer service team, considered on a case-by-case basis. 

How Do Live Regain Sessions Work? 

Regain therapy often involves one live therapy session appointment each week. During the appointment, you and your partner or either of you individually can connect with your therapist in real time. You can schedule this session as soon as you're matched with a therapist, often within 48 hours of signing up. 

Does Regain Offer Video Sessions?

The live sessions between you and your mental health provider can happen via:

  • Live phone calling 
  • Live messaging
  • Live video chatting 

You and your partner can decide which form of therapy you prefer. Many find that the live video sessions offer the most value, as connecting with your therapist using a visual component may increase the connection between the therapist and clients. 

How Long Are Live Sessions? 

A live Regain live counseling session can be 30 or 45 minutes in length. Whether you have a 30-minute or 45-minute session may depend on your therapist's availability. Regain counselors are independent providers, so it's up to their discretion how they set their schedules. 

How Does Regain Messaging Work? 

The messaging feature you receive with your therapist may not be available in traditional in-person therapy. A safe chat room is created when you and your partner sign up. Through the chat room, you can send your therapist a message at any time. The therapist can then respond when they are able. 

This chat room may be part with you, your therapist, and any other joint account. Message your therapist during the week to check in or seek guidance. Through Regain, you have unlimited messaging and messages are saved so that you can refer to them at any time. If you use the Regain app, you might also be able to use a journaling feature and tell your journal entries with your provider.

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Does Regain Offer Three-Way Calling? 

Regain does offer the option of a three-way phone, chat, or video session between you, your partner, and your licensed therapist. Unlike the limited location options for in-person therapy, you don't have to be in the same location as your partner for the duration of the live session. Parties may attend counseling from two separate rooms, buildings, cities, or countries.

In addition, you can message your therapist in the group's chat room from separate locations. Keep in mind that any written communication can be seen by both you and your partner. You can also request a non-public live session with your therapist that can be conducted anywhere you have internet if you want an individual session. 

How Do I Invite My Partner To Regain?

If you join Regain counseling with your partner and want to participate in sessions as a couple, you can divide among the account. There are two common ways to do so, including the following. 

Invite Them During The Initial Sign-Up Process 

If you sign up for Regain knowing you and your partner will be attending sessions together, invite your partner during the sign-up process. While filling out the initial questionnaire during sign-up, the prompts may offer you the option to invite your partner. Fill out basic information about your partner to add them to the account. They will receive an email invitation after payment is made. 

Invite Them After You've Signed Up And Matched With A Therapist 

Some individuals might sign up for therapy alone and decide to attend therapy together later. You can add your partner by signing into your account and clicking "invite partner" on your screen. After doing so, you can include your partner's email and phone number so they can receive a personalized invite to sign in to the app and chat room.

How Can You Sign Up For Regain? 

Regain counseling is an online therapy platform providing convenient, discreet, affordable relationship counseling services. Signing up for a Regain subscription starts with filling out an initial questionnaire that covers your basic information. You can provide nicknames on the sign-up page if you don't want to include your full name. 

After adding your information, you can indicate any relationship concerns you'd like to discuss and preferences for a therapist, professionals with a certain specialization (including licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, and family therapists), a particular professional therapy approach, or an LGBT, BIPOC, religious, or same-sex therapist. The initial questionnaire can also allow you to provide contact information for your partner if you will be jointly using the account. 

Once you submit the initial sign-up form, Regain's algorithm can match you with a qualified, licensed mental health provider in as little as 48 hours. After matching with your counselor, a chat room via an online portal or app can be created for you, your therapist, and your partner. You can message your therapist from the chat room and receive invites to your scheduled sessions. 

Does Regain Offer Refunds?

If you are experiencing concerns with your therapist or are unhappy with your service, you can change your therapist anytime at no cost. You can also reach out to the Regain team for resolution and support. Regain considers each unique circumstance on a case-by-case basis. If you have concerns, contact the team at

In addition, you can cancel your Regain subscription at any time. Log into your account, click on the account icon in the top right corner of the screen, select "billing settings" from the dropdown menu, then click "quit therapy." 

Are You Interested In Starting Couples Therapy?

Regain Vs. BetterHelp: What's The Difference?

Regain is the sister site of BetterHelp, a platform that offers individual online counseling and mental health services. Users can expect similar experiences in how subscriptions are set up, digital web tools, and the quality of licensed mental health providers. However, Regain is dedicated to relationships, couples, and marriage counseling. 

BetterHelp may have providers specializing in these needs, but the platform serves a more broad array of mental health issues. In addition, Regain subscriptions can be divided with a partner, whereas BetterHelp offers individual experiences. It is important to note that therapists on BetterHelp and Regain may not prescribe medication; only licensed psychiatrists or doctors may do that.

Regain Vs. In-Person Therapy 

According to one study on internet-based couples therapy via video chat, couples felt the online format was more effective than in-person therapy. The study participants reported feeling emotionally connected with their therapist through the video-based format of sessions. They felt they could focus more on the therapeutic processes taught to them. 

Through platforms like Regain for couples and BetterHelp for individuals, you can receive similar benefits by discussing your concerns from any location with an internet connection. In addition, you can take advantage of features like three-way calling if you and your partner live in different locations, have opposite schedules, or have trouble addressing conflict in the same room. 


Regain is an online therapy platform that helps couples address their unique relationship challenges and goals. The platform's licensed providers are specialized in couples counseling and can assist clients in cultivating healthy, long-lasting, and loving relationships. Live therapy, including licensed marriage counseling, can take place over chat sessions, phone sessions, or video sessions. Consider signing up for the platform or reaching out if you have questions. 

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