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The choice to seek out an online therapy services like online relationship counseling and therapy can be intimidating, but starting couples’ counseling to work on a relationship may seem like an even more vulnerable experience. You should be proud as a couple that you’ve identified the challenges you are struggling with and that you’re willing to put in the work to repair things as a team through couples’ therapy.

Are You Interested In Starting Couples Therapy?

Various studies have focused on the effectiveness of couples’ counseling. Data indicates that couples who undergo pre-marital counseling have a 30% higher marriage success rate than those who don’t. Similarly, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists found that 97% of couples who underwent couples’ therapy said they received the help they needed, and 93% said they felt better equipped to deal with relationship issues, such as communication skills. Couples’ therapy is proven to be affective with the help of licensed therapists such as a ReGain therapist.

ReGain couples’ counseling was created to remove barriers that may stop couples from getting help, especially the discomfort factor. With ReGain, your counseling sessions are completely virtual. Where you may have felt uncomfortable sitting in a therapist’s office with your partner to air out your issues, you can now speak to a counselor wherever you are both comfortable and at ease.

Due to online couples’ counseling, you probably have many questions. How does it all work? Do you and your partner have to be in the same room to talk with your counselor, or is ReGain three-way calling available? Continue reading to find answers to all your general questions.

What Is ReGain?

Let’s define what ReGain is and what it might be able to do for your relationship. ReGain is an online couples’ counseling platform that provides the invaluable service of relationship therapy through the use of licensed therapists who present the best modern practices with concerns relating to relationship problems. Using either a tablet, smartphone, or computer, regain users can connect with a licensed therapist who can help you work through relationship matters. These licensed therapists are wellness professionals, and regain offers help through online counseling for relationship distress to get you and your partner on the same account.

You aren’t required to have a partner there to attend relationship counseling with ReGain. Individual talk therapy is an option for ReGain counselors, some of whom have master’s and doctoral degrees. The sign up process is simple, and you can sign up alone and privately work through relationship troubles with your therapist. Our counseling platform is discreet. At times this is of the utmost importance, especially for someone in an abusive relationship. If a person experiencing abuse contacts ReGain, help is available, but if the need is urgent, we urge you to contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE. Other professionals such as clinical social workers or a domestic abuse organization may need to be involved in these cases.

ReGain counseling is affordable, confidential, and convenient for many couples. While ReGain does not accept insurance, most marriage therapy is not covered by a health insurance plan, unless part of the treatment is for a partner’s diagnosed disorder. You can try to seek partial reimbursement from your health insurance, and in that case, ReGain would provide a detailed receipt. With that in mind, ReGain is very competitive in affordability. You can create a joint account when signing up (or do so later!) and share the costs of weekly sessions. When signing up, you, your partner, and your therapist will be assigned a chat room where you can message them anytime. Then you will schedule your weekly live sessions together.

Live Sessions: Couples’ Counseling

The core component of ReGain counseling and couples therapy is the live therapy session appointment each week. This is when you and your partner (or you alone or your partner alone) will connect with your therapist in real-time. Once you sign up for ReGain and match with a therapist, you will schedule this weekly session.

Does ReGain Offer Video Sessions?

The live sessions between you and your mental health provider can happen via:

  • Live phone calls
  • Live messaging
  • Live video

It’s all up to what you and your partner need out of the couples therapy. Many find that the live video sessions offer the most value, as it can be easier to connect with your therapist using that visual component. Many of our couples even say that after a few minutes of diving into the session, they completely forget they’re not face-to-face with their therapist.

Video Sessions And Unlimited Messaging

Let’s dive into more details about live sessions with your therapist, how they work, and what you can expect. One of your first questions might be, “How long are live sessions with ReGain?” ReGain live counseling sessions can be for 30 or 45 minutes.

Whether you have a 30-minute or 45-minute session is up to your needs and your therapist’s availability. Our counselors are independent providers, so it’s up to their discretion how they set their schedules in counseling review.

The unlimited messaging you receive with your therapist and the live weekly sessions is an amazing features of ReGain therapists and counseling you won’t get with traditional in-person therapy. A private and secure chat room will be created when you and your partner sign up. The private chat room is a way for ReGain licensed therapists and you to pursue individual counseling between sessions a few days a week.

This chat room will be shared with you, your therapist, and any other joint account member (i.e., your partner). Message your therapist during the week to check in or seek guidance. Messages are saved so that you can refer to them at any time.

ReGain 3-Way Calling

Let’s explain the logistics of ReGain live video sessions of the ReGain website so you know what to expect. As stated above, you and your partner will have the choice to partake in counseling sessions with a licensed therapist over live chat, live phone, or live video. You will schedule these 30-minute or 45-minute weekly sessions with your therapist once you get started.

If you sign up for ReGain with your partner, these live sessions will partake with you and your partner. You also can request a private live session with your licensed therapist if you need to discuss something alone.

Is ReGain 3-Way Calling Available?

ReGain does offer the option of a three-way phone or video session between you, your partner, and your licensed therapist. This means that you don't have to be in the same location as your partner for the duration of the live session.

In addition, you can both message your therapist in the group’s chat room from separate locations. Keep in mind any written communication can be seen by both you and your partner. You can also request a private live session with your therapist that can be conducted from anywhere you have internet access if you need more privacy.

How Do I Invite My Partner To ReGain?

If you join ReGain counseling with your partner and want to participate in sessions as a couple, you can share the account. This is simple and easy to do. You can invite your partner to your ReGain membership in two ways:

  1. Invite Them During The Initial Signup Process. If you start to ReGain already knowing you and your partner will be doing it together, this is the way to go. It’s quite simple: while filling out the initial questionnaire during signup, the prompts will give you the option to invite your partner. Please take this opportunity to fill out basic information about your partner to add them to the account. And you’re done!
  1. Invite Them After You Sign Up And Match With A Therapist. Maybe you want to sign up alone, but you and your partner decide to go to therapy together later. That’s just as doable! You can add your partner by signing into your account and clicking “Invite Partner” on your screen. This is when you’ll provide your partner’s email and phone number so they can receive a personalized invite to sign in to the app and chat room.

ReGain Membership: How It Works And Price

ReGain counseling is an online therapy platform that provides convenient, discreet, and affordable relationship counseling services. Signing up for a ReGain membership starts with filling out an initial questionnaire that goes over your basic information – you don’t even have to provide your full name if you want more anonymity.

Then you’ll indicate any relationship issues and needs and preferences for a therapist, such as specialization, a particular therapy approach, or religious affiliation. This initial questionnaire will also allow you to provide contact information for your partner if you will be jointly using the account and therapy sessions with them.

Once you submit the initial signup form, our algorithm will match you with a qualified, licensed, board-certified mental health provider. Once you match your counselor, a secure chat room via our online portal or app will be created for you and your therapist and any partner you’ve added to the account.

What’s Included in the Cost

ReGain therapy memberships are structured as a weekly subscription service. The cost of therapy through Regain ranges from $60 to $90 per week (billed every 4 weeks) and it is based on your location, preferences, and therapist availability. You can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason.

So, what do you get for this weekly price?

  • Weekly Live Sessions, Led By A Certified Counselor. Sessions are 30 minutes or 45 minutes long, depending on your needs and your therapist’s availability. These live sessions can take place over live chat, phone call, or live video – this is up to you and your partner’s preferences.

  • Unlimited Messaging With Your Therapist In A Secure Chat Room. One of the best benefits of online therapy is utilizing an anytime, anywhere connection with your therapist and struggling with a lot of anxiety today? Need some guidance on a fight you and your partner had? Shoot a message to the room with your partner and therapist. They’ll offer feedback when they’re available, and you can refer back to their advice at any time you need it.

Does ReGain Do Refunds?

ReGain wants you to be satisfied with the services we provide. If you are running into any issues or are unhappy, reach out. We will take steps to resolve the issue based on the situation, whether that means helping you find a new counselor, extending your subscription free of charge, or even issuing a partial or full refund.

We consider each unique circumstance on a case-by-case basis. If you have concerns, contact us immediately at

Are You Interested In Starting Couples Therapy?

What’s more, you can cancel your ReGain subscription at any time. Just log into your account, then click on the account icon in the top right corner of the screen. Once here, select “Billing Settings” from the dropdown menu, then click “Quit Therapy.” 

ReGain Vs. BetterHelp: What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering, “Are ReGain and BetterHelp the same?” Regain couples’ counseling is the sister site of BetterHelp online therapy. Users can expect similar experiences in how subscriptions are set up, the digital web tools, and the high quality of licensed mental health providers offering to counsel.

The difference is that ReGain is dedicated to relationships, couples, and marriage counseling. BetterHelp does have providers specializing in these needs, but BetterHelp serves a more broad array of mental health issues. In addition, ReGain subscriptions can be shared with a partner, whereas BetterHelp is a more individual experience. There is some overlap between the two in couples counseling, as well as more specific relationships like a legal guardian seeking teen counseling for parenting conflicts.


ReGain Couples Counseling is an online therapy platform that helps people overcome the challenges of relationships. Our licensed, board-certified providers are specialized in couples counseling and can assist you in cultivating a healthier, long-lasting, and loving relationship. Live therapy sessions can take place over chat, phone, or video.

ReGain now offers 3-way calling for live sessions so you and your partner don't have to be physically together when having a live video session with your therapist. Get started with ReGain counseling and improve the health of your relationship.

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